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  1. Donna Sch

    3rd time on Camino. . .struggling to decide. . .

    The VDLP is a fantastic route for appreciating the Moors, the Romans especially Trajan and seeing the Roman cities of Italica and Merida. Salamanca is my favourite city in Spain with modern heroes such as Unamuno. Recommend reading Tony Kevin's book "Walking the Camino". You get a great feel for...
  2. Donna Sch

    Memorable food on the Levante?

    I was on another Camino forum where someone was on the Sanabrés and let her know that Rionegro was where I had my best camino meal. Turned out Teo does a really good vegetarian meal as well if required.
  3. Donna Sch

    Salamanca or Zamora start in October

    Salamanca is my favourite city in Spain so far. The stage to El Cubo is a bit long but it is on dirt alongside the road and it just was a day for listening to audiobooks and music. The days between Salamanca and Zamora are not overwhelmingly memorable but they are not hideous either and I would...
  4. Donna Sch

    Memorable food on the Levante?

    We need a food thread. Whether it's that little tiny cafe tucked away in some obscure town that does an amazing breakfast, or a fancy Michelin starred marvel or the best spot to get marzipan closest to the Camino. Or that speciality you can only get in one place so it is not to be missed. One...
  5. Donna Sch

    Winter gear (Feb/March) - Am I missing anything obvious?

    Planning a long Camino (Levante/VDLP/Invierno) starting in early February. I figure the weather could do pretty much anything although I would expect temps to be between 0-15 C most of the time. However in the last couple of years they have had blizzards and unusual hot temps. I'm at hot weather...
  6. Donna Sch

    My stages on the Vdlp

    The Calvary Hill just before Almaden. Hard enough to walk up!
  7. Donna Sch

    Mosquitos, ticks, snakes, etc.

    Lots of flies in chestnut areas of Galicia. Otherwise nothing else that was a nuisance. Saw some deer, boar and lots of rabbits on the Sanabres. I'm hoping to see lots of beasties next year on the Levante because my partner loves to photograph wildlife and has snake catching skills.
  8. Donna Sch

    Why are people and some pilgrims so rude in the cathedral?

    Just go and take your chances. If the botafumeiro swings, great. But surely there is more to the service than just that. The Camino provides what you need, not what you want.
  9. Donna Sch

    My first-time Camino: a review of the good, the bad, and the cows!

    Think about adding some exercises that work your core which will make dealing with a pack easier.
  10. Donna Sch

    How would you rank the Caminos by difficulty?

    I saw your Invierno ranking when I had another skim through the posts. My Levante experience next year will be a bit different as I am starting in February and my fiance has decided to join me on this for his very first Camino. Not sure who is the more bonkers of the two of us, me for dreaming...
  11. Donna Sch

    How would you rank the Caminos by difficulty?

    1. Finisterre 2. Sanabres 3. VDLP
  12. Donna Sch

    How would you rank the Caminos by difficulty?

    I want to know why the Levante tends to end up as the hardest for those that have done it...and I'm waiting for an Invierno ranking!
  13. Donna Sch

    Gerald Kelly VDLP Guide

    Is there an e-book version of the 2018 guide coming out?
  14. Donna Sch

    Life expectancy of trail runners

    Depends on the terrain. At home I walk a lot so use Pearl Izumi trainrunners, Brooks Glycerin runners, Merrell FST shoes or Vasque hiking shoes. The hiking shoes are a little heavier but last a lot longer. I have a weird heavy gair and I can get about 600 km our of a pair of runners tops. Vasque...
  15. Donna Sch

    Suggestions Rain Gear June/July Porto/Santiago

    I walked the VDLP in June/July and bought a poncho, a windbreaker (the Arc'teryx Squamish) and I was carrying a silver hiking umbrella as well. It rained on 2 occasions with the heaviest being a drizzle and the Squamish was fine for this.
  16. Donna Sch

    Stages and experiences on Camino Sanabres

    2 sellos daily from Ourense onwards. Didn't stay there (but I would if I do the Sanabres again) but visited the place, did the tour...well worth a visit.
  17. Donna Sch

    Any books out there about the Levante?

    There are plenty of books about people doing the Frances but are there any about the Levante? Or other books that are located around the Levante?
  18. Donna Sch

    Good books of people's experiences on the Camino

    I've just started reading this and it is so beautifully written (and good job on the translation Rebecca!)
  19. Donna Sch

    Packs that lessen pressure on shoulder

    https://www.aarnpacks.com/ Definitely worth trying on.
  20. Donna Sch

    Hot days on the Via de la plata

    https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/my-vdlp-from-june-2015.32196/ is the thread that I wrote while on the camino during June and July. It mentions how much water I carried on some stages to give you an idea. However judging by the colour of my urine I was probably a little...


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