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  1. amorfati1

    "Live is a Walking" Native American

    This morning I felt a deep longing for the great spirit of the great lands I left behind 3.5 years ago and then, when opening up the y_tube site, this i found showing up as 'recommended' "LIFE is a WALKING" 3:15min Video needless to say - am in tender tears now - feeling that i am still a...
  2. amorfati1

    BBC article: Templar Hermitage - Iberian Peninsula - includes 6 min video

    good evening - I enjoyed this brief travel by proxy. saluti C ~~~ BBC - Templar Hermitage article Lying at the foot of dramatic limestone cliffs and caves, the hermitage of San Bartolomé is rich in cryptic Templar symbolism. By Nacho Larumbe // 6 November 2020...
  3. amorfati1

    Deep_Puncture_wound_right foot. What helped you w/ similar experience?

    Greetings and Ola' I researched the forum postings - hoping to find insights /shares by someone who experienced a deep-puncture wound and what had helped, how strong pain-level, time to heal, etc. As I wasn't lucky finding collective pilgrim wisdom and hope to be forgiven to pose a question on...
  4. amorfati1

    Dinner party menu from Pilgrim, Liverpool Get a taste of the Spanish Camino

    ....with "My Million Pound Menu "winner, Pilgrim.... (pardon if this is a repeat posting . hope this link works - saluti - C) After its own million-pound renovation, Duke Street Food & Drink Market in Liverpool is now home to Pilgrim, the winning idea from 2019’s My Million Pound Menu series...
  5. amorfati1

    BBC article: Road 1000 years old ...

    BBC article on Via Francigena Thirty years ago, few people had ever heard of the Via Francigena: a 2,000km medieval pilgrimage route that snakes a path from Canterbury all the way to Rome. By Breena Kerr 4 December 2018 I was...
  6. amorfati1

    Roman Roads // Camino connectors

    Greetings - researching yesterday reg the Via Claudia Augustus (from the south through the Alps, nowadays Italy through Austria to Germany) which took 60 years to built, I found the sites below which might be of interest. During the camino I often walked over or across or alongside Roman roads...
  7. amorfati1

    Poem: “Finisterre”

    with best and warmest wishes to all for a Blessed New Year New Day each day, 2018 - C. “Finisterre” BY DAVID WHYTE (@WHYTEDW), SPECIAL CONTRIBUTOR The road in the end taking the path the sun had taken, into the western sea, and the moon rising behind you as you stood where ground turned to...
  8. amorfati1

    Pilgrimage from Vienna to Marrakesh - Pilgern von Wien nach Marrakesch "Beten mit den Füßen"

    german article and fotos - (9) about a chap who walks from vienna to marrocco - currently somewhere in finisterre -
  9. amorfati1

    swiss newspaper article "Jakobsweg verkommt zur Partymeile" Jakobsweg verkommt zur Partymeile Balgereien um Schlafplätze, Abfall und Hipstercafés: Über 280'000 Pilger erreichten letztes Jahr Santiago de Compostela. Die Anwohner verlieren darob ihr...
  10. amorfati1

    NYT: For Exercise, Nothing Like the Great Outdoors who knew? (insert: irony );) and with titles as those - has me wonder...
  11. amorfati1

    The Southern Charms of Spain and Portugal - FrugalTraveler NYT article perhaps to explore pre- or post- camino ?! :) buon viaggio!
  12. amorfati1

    "The Sacred Path Is the One We’re On"

    this popped into my mailbox this morning and thought it well worth sharing - might be of interest ...
  13. amorfati1

    BBC article regarding Spain's late mealtimes ...

    might be of interest - Many travellers believe Spain’s late mealtimes are a reflection of the country’s laidback attitude, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.
  14. amorfati1

    The ancient path through Palestina

    so many gorgeous paths, such a short glorious life ... sigh... :-) best wishes - C ~~~~~~ Infamous for walls and checkpoints that keep people apart, the Palestinian Territories are united by a walking trail tracing...
  15. amorfati1

    She re-created a medieval trail in Germany, drawing thousands of hikers via Regia - might be of interest - in the category: bridging divides': Esther Zeiher launched the endeavor after she came across an old map. She calls the...
  16. amorfati1

    Science of ShoeLaces --- becoming undone, etc

    article in todays newsblog - thought it might be of interest (who knew?) :) A new study by mechanical engineers at UC Berkeley finally shows why your shoelaces may keep coming untied. It’s a...
  17. amorfati1

    Fátima Siblings Near Sainthood as Pope Francis Approves Miracle

    Might "affect" upcoming Pilgrimages to Fatima -
  18. amorfati1

    Survey on Pilgrimage & Cathedrals - (By York Minster ) Dear fellow pilgrims - last September I was able to visit again the very fine Minster of York - especially during the times of Evensong. What a treat those are... When leaving, I noticed a Guest-table with questionaires regarding Pilgrimages...
  19. amorfati1

    " The Well" by David Whyte (in Pilgrim)

    The Well - by David Whyte - (in Pilgrim) Be thankful now for having arrived, for the sense of having drunk from a well, for remembering the long drought that preceded your arrival and the years walking in a desert landscape of surfaces looking for a spring hidden from you for so long...
  20. amorfati1

    conversation w/ Paulo Coelho — The Alchemy of Pilgrimage

    just got this 'in' (via a weekly newsletter I receive called "OnBeing" with Krista Tippet - you might enjoy it as well. saluti...