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    The Camino Ingles is not 100 km. Does anybody have a way to get it to 100 km so that one can obtain the Compostela in Santiago? Larry
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    Coastal route vs inland

    Which is easier for an old road biker, from Porto, the coastal route or inland? Which has less hills? It looks like the distance are about the same. Thanks Larry
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    Easy 200 Km

    Looking for an easy 200 km ride to SDC. Am thinking about flying in to Porto and renting a car to Chaves. Bike to Verin and then the Via de la Plata to SDC. 200 km exactly. Any ideas? Larry
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    For my 10th and final Camino en bici, I would like to make it easy. The question is, does anybody believe that a documented beginning in A Coruna. direct to Finisterre, and terminating in Santiago would get me a Compostela? I calculate that it would be about 210 Km. Is there any way that...
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    Camino Ingles in 200 km

    Does anybody have a way to stretch the Ingles to 200 km by bike so that I can get a compostela at Santiago de Compostela?
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    Somewhere I saw the template to make your own credencial. Does anybody recall where it might be?
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    Gregorian Chants

    I know that I have seen it before, but can't find it anywhere on this board. I am looking for free downloads of Gregorian chants. Not just excerpts. Does anyone know where I can find them?
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    Animated Pilgrim Walker

    This may be a bit off subject, but, I have seen, somewhere on this site, a little animated pilgrim walker. I want it. Does anybody know where I can download it?
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    Bilbao to Burgos

    Does anybody have experience walking or biking from Bilbao to Burgos?
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    Coastal Route

    I am planning on biking the coastal route from Porto in May. Has anybody been on it in the past year? Any suggestions? I don't particularly care for alberques and plan on cheap hotels all the way. All information welcome.
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    Bike from Salamanca to SDC

    I just returned from part of the Via de la Plata, Salamanca to SDC and have a few observations that may be of interest. It is my third Camino. 1. Delta charged $150 for the bike from Louisville, Kentucky to Madrid. 2. Iberia charged nothing from SDC to Madrid. 3. Delta chasrged nothing...
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    Salamanca to SDC

    I have placed some impressions of my short Camino in "Santiago Bicicleta" Yahoo Group if you would care to have a look. Larry