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  1. Jacobus

    Ribadeo Bridge

    Congrats! In 2011 I took a simiilar approach focusing on the road side fence. Arms by my side in natural walking rhythm. I also counted my steps as I took them up to 100 then started back at zero. Seemed to help. Don’t ask me the # of steps I took. I was so happy to be across! Also my pace...
  2. Jacobus

    Your favorite camino hat!

    The Tilley airflow for sun protection and durability. It is guaranteed against all hazards and I mean ALL hazards including theft and loss.
  3. Jacobus

    My Camino regret!

    a brief quote about regret that I adhere to when I am strong enough.
  4. Jacobus

    Spanish language question

    Can vale said once with proper inflection mean ok? Like in is that all right? Lets start walking ¿vale?
  5. Jacobus

    What to do and not to do in a Refugio/Albergue

    That happened on the first stage of the Inglés. Several experienced pilgrims removed the articles with the help of the hospitalero..
  6. Jacobus

    What to do and not to do in a Refugio/Albergue

    Further to the ATM note; only ise an ATM when the bank/business is open.
  7. Jacobus

    FREE St Patrick's Day Book Give-Away!

    No problem getting your books on looking forward to reading them! Thank you
  8. Jacobus

    Arrows and a subtle reminder

    Hi! While grocery shopping in a large supermarket the other day I was reminded of the camino in a very subtle way. The aisles of the store were marked as one way due to social distancing requirements. While I had no problems following the arrows most everyone else just ignored them. In fact I...
  9. Jacobus

    What a week!

    Your great great grandchildren will be telling this story! Hope your family is safe and happy!
  10. Jacobus

    The Pilgrims Road to Santiago by Millan Bravo Lozano

    The French book available on Amazon is an 8th edition 2002. The original run was in all four languages so I am assuming they ran all 4 languages for each edition. Even though I speak read and write in french I think I’d prefer the Spanish over the French and use it as a learning tool for the...
  11. Jacobus

    The Pilgrims Road to Santiago by Millan Bravo Lozano

    Good afternoon! I am looking for the most recent edition of this book in English. Amazon has versions in Spanish German and French. I have a copy of the 5th edition in English 1999. If anyone familiar with that kind of research could assist me I would appreciate it. The publisher is Everest...
  12. Jacobus

    How do you wear a hat with a backpack?

    Tilleys no matter how they are configured have floppy wide brims that bend easily. They are expensive but are guaranteed even against loss. Some of the survival stories in Tilley lore are astounding. They also make a variety of shirts, shorts, pants, underwear socks and vests. I am a Tilley...
  13. Jacobus

    Comment by 'Jacobus' in media 'Option B - Mansilla de las Mulas via the 'Senda''

    Turns out they planted the trees on the wrong side of the path😂😂😂 shade would be a blessing in the heat of the summer months😊
  14. Jacobus

    Comment by 'Jacobus' in media 'Ciruena to Santo Domingo'

    Excellent photo. I remember it well.
  15. Jacobus

    Getting Cash on the Camino?

    Maybe stating the obvious here but make sure you use atm’s only when the bank is open in case you have issues that can’t be resolved with the machine and it keeps your card as security. BC Jim
  16. Jacobus

    Don't grow up: It's a trap.

    I may grow older but I will never be mature!
  17. Jacobus

    Pilgrim "customs"?

    I think collecting stamps is more of a lodging requirement than a tradtion or custom. It is part of the infrastructure of the albergue shelter system. Rules governing the collection for stamps originate in the church somewhere. It also helps prove that you have walked the last 100 k and didn’t...
  18. Jacobus

    Pilgrim "customs"?

    On my first Camino in 2008 I went to my Parish Priest and asked for his blessing for my trip. He refused initially until I explained what it was I was about to undertake. He knew what a pilgrimage was but nothing specific to Santiago. It was quite awkward as my expectation was that it would be...