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  1. KJFSophie

    I Need starting advice from Porto

    That's exactly what I did! Just go to the river, keep it always on your left and walk... I found it rather lovely.
  2. KJFSophie

    Will I Be Disappointed?

    I've celebrate the last 6 of my birthdays on the Camino...sometimes acknowledged ( because companions knew the date, or hospitaleros noticed the date on documents ), and sometimes quietly. I doesn't matter, or shouldn't matter what your friends think about your plan to walk unless they have some...
  3. KJFSophie

    Traveling The Camino Portugues While Blind?

    I walked the Camino Portuguese from Porto along the coast this past September 2018 and found the temps to be wonderfully warm and breezy. Not one day of rain in the near two week walk. I'm responding because I walked this route with a tumor in my knee and found it quite easy to navigate without...
  4. KJFSophie

    Bag transport coastal route

    I see someone has quoted 6 EU per pick up, but we paid TuiTrans different amounts on certain days. ( Sept 2018) Most times they told us 7-8 EU and one day it was 10 EU. We walked short stages because I had a tumor in my knee. We were told any stop that was out of the ordinary with typical stages...
  5. KJFSophie

    luggage transfer Portuguse coastal route

    Had to use a transport service on this camino, as I was walking with a severe knee injury and warning from my surgeon to not bear weight... TUITRANS...not one incident, but beware, if your accommodation is just a hair off of their usual stops, they will charge 10 euro instead of 7euro in...
  6. KJFSophie

    From Porto to Santiago running

    I highly recommend the private Albergue Corredoiras ( 16EU ) in Padron...It is the most well thought out, modern albergue on the entire trek AND THEY WASH,DRY, FOLD YOUR LAUNDRY, included in the price! It's all individual bunks that have real mattresses and real linens with privacy curtains...
  7. KJFSophie

    From Porto to Santiago running

    I've just returned from walking the Portuguese route from Porto two days ago. It was unusually crowded this September, as even the alburgue and other staff in accommodations will agree. There was a tension present each day regarding bed availability and we encountered some that were turned...
  8. KJFSophie

    People starting Camino Portugués in September 2018

    Beginning from Porto on Sept 13th...walking ( crawling ) very slowly now with an injured knee...but hope to meet some of you along the way. Casa Fernanda on 9/22... Walk with Joy!
  9. KJFSophie

    15 days on the Camino Portugues

    Thank you @jcruz1027 ...I've heard the same of that stretch...with that confirmed, I'll need to make a Plan B for that section. Thank you again.
  10. KJFSophie

    15 days on the Camino Portugues

    I'm leaving to walk from Porto on the 13th of September and have a new knee injury. Is there any specific section you can think of that was particularly difficult? We are planning to walk the Coast for a few days, then go inland. Would appreciate any help.
  11. KJFSophie

    Forest fires

    I've never understood the pilgrims who smoke as they walk and there are many ! It simply makes no sense. Let's hope they are more cautious with their hot ash/discarded butts/matches than they are with their own health.
  12. KJFSophie

    Forest fires

    Thank you @Rainerbernd for this news. Friends walked last year at this time and fires were reported. If not on the immediate pathways, it affects air quality for all. Have you thoughts if fires are as common in Sept/Oct ? I'm sure television coverage and the advice of the locals will help guide...
  13. KJFSophie

    Brierly or no Brierly..

    When I read responses to guidebook questions that tell others not to worry, and that there isn't a need for a guidebook or app, I'm reminded of how fortunate I am, as I might be able to do that. But, I also think others neglect to consider that not all pilgrims can 'wing it'...Some are elderly...
  14. KJFSophie

    Brierly or no Brierly..

    I recommend Book V of the Codex Calixtinus, a Guide for Pilgrims (obviously kidding). I've used Brierly, Wise Pilgrim, Village to Village and others. None were completely accurate with distances and some better than others with listing accommodations, some others still better at 'fluff'/...
  15. KJFSophie

    Companion to walk the Coastal Route from Porto

    Will be in Porto on the 9th, but awaiting a friend who arrives on the 11th , to begin walking the 13th. This camino will be a 'mosey' for us, so not walking 20-25K except for a few days. has accommodations at reasonable rates, but I've found lots of B&B's and hotels to be filled (...
  16. KJFSophie

    Solo women on Camino Portugues- advice please

    Will be walking Porto to Santiago this September and can simply say to be prepared for the uneasiness of a few of the worlds undesirables. I met exhibitionists in Italy, was pinned against an alburgue wall in the night by a drunk pilgrim in Spain, was grabbed and kissed right on the mouth by a...
  17. KJFSophie


    Most banks will put a daily limit on cash withdrawals from ATM's if requested ( some impose a limit that can be changed with a phone call ). It may be wise to place a daily limit and check your balances daily. If fraud is evident, it won't drain your entire account before finding out. I travel...
  18. KJFSophie

    Taxi from Porto Airport to City Center

    I've got that bookstore on the list of things to see in Porto !
  19. KJFSophie

    Taxi from Porto Airport to City Center

    Well, I'm not a 'we'. I'll be traveling alone and arriving about 7:45pm. Could get myself downtown, then have to navigate unknown streets at the end of a long day alone...not really a fan of that plan. I'm resolved to taking a taxi, just to get to exactly where I'm meant to be without stress...
  20. KJFSophie

    Taxi from Porto Airport to City Center

    Since my flight will be arriving at dinner hour, I prefer not to take buses and navigate streets alone with my backpack. Are taxi fares generally regulated and can I expect easy , fair service from the airport. Heading to The Poet's Inn on 9/9 , it looks like approx 7 miles ...I realize there...