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  1. volleyjanice

    Comment by 'volleyjanice' in media 'First Spanish Lamb (Zubiri) - But far from the last'

    Oh that looks delicious! I'm guessing that was not a pilgrim menu item?
  2. volleyjanice

    Pilgrim stabbed and attacked at knife point after Sacavem, was able to escape

    Your account of this horrendous nightmare had my heart racing. I am so sorry that not only were you attacked on the Camino, but you faced further abuse by the very people who should have provided assistance and comfort. @Yolan I can’t even begin to fathom your experience and the lingering...
  3. volleyjanice

    Poll Where do you come from?

    Wow, you've been a few places! How wonderful to appreciate the unique nature of each.
  4. volleyjanice

    Poll Where do you come from?

    I hope you get to put checks next to them soon. We are a little closer to Illinois than than Santiago de Compostela!
  5. volleyjanice

    Poll Where do you come from?

    I'm late to the game but chiming in never the less! I am from Victoria, British Columbia on the south west coast of British Columbia. Victoria is on Vancouver Island which confuses the heck out of many a tourist because the city of Vancouver is across the Strait of Georgia from us. Victoria...
  6. volleyjanice

    Comment by 'volleyjanice' in media 'Selfie, Jen and Rob'

    I'd recognize you anywhere! Seriously though, that is an amazing photo.
  7. volleyjanice

    Free medical treatment for pilgrims?

    Most certainly true! My husband was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation just a couple of months prior to our first Camino. I expected that we would have to pay a hefty premium when we walked into BCAA to obtain insurance. We were completely honest about the situation and were shocked when they...
  8. volleyjanice

    Is there any elitism between pilgrims taking different routes?

    We found ourselves grumbling about a happy skippy group with fresh feet, and without packs, who were singing their way up a hill. We actually had a good laugh about it in the end.
  9. volleyjanice

    Free medical treatment for pilgrims?

    I can't imagine anyone travelling outside of the area of their own healthcare coverage without obtaining travel insurance or being prepared to pay the fees for whatever care they might require. I am constantly astonished at the idiots from my own country (I am Canadian) who do so and then...
  10. volleyjanice

    The Difference between water and beer on Camino

    We had tinto verano in the south of Spain and it was more of a Sangria spritzer. Very refreshing and less headache inducing in the August heat!
  11. volleyjanice

    The Difference between water and beer on Camino

    Dehydration is your friend when there are no bathrooms to be found. Just sayin'!
  12. volleyjanice

    The Difference between water and beer on Camino

    I envy those people who can stop for lunch and enjoy some alcoholic beverages. I would be asleep under the table and done for the day!
  13. volleyjanice

    Is there any elitism between pilgrims taking different routes?

    I have to admit to some occasionally judgemental behaviour regarding the last 100k of the Frances, or those who don't carry their packs. It hadn't occurred to me that the same thing might happen regarding different routes although I tend to admire those who walk at times, or on routes that I...
  14. volleyjanice

    Comment by 'volleyjanice' in media 'Muxia'

    In our opinion, the best place to finish our Camino in 2015!
  15. volleyjanice

    Comment by 'volleyjanice' in media 'Almost to Monjardín in early February, Bacalao and Patatas await in Los Arcos! San Blas!'

    Great photo but I share your wife's opinion, except that you wouldn't even get me there in winter. It was actually a bit chilly in mid August when we arrived there in the morning! (No need for mittens or plastic bags though ;) )
  16. volleyjanice

    Your one picture that captures how you feel about being on the Camino!

    Oh yes, we had some very spooky early morning walks there in late August 2015!
  17. volleyjanice

    Pilgrim office statistics for 2018

    I can attest to the fact that the August statistics are slightly inaccurate as it is missing two Canadians who began in Porto. It appeared that the 60,000 + who arrived that month were all hanging around the Pilgrim's office on the day we arrived because the line up was so long that they were...
  18. volleyjanice

    The Candle Lady on the Camino Frances

    Thank you for sharing that. The warm memories of family who have passed and the love for your wife. Lovely.
  19. volleyjanice

    Don’t Feed The Dogs

    Beautiful dog! I feel like that is likely him. It was 3 years ago though and I searched for a photo but alas I don't seem to have one of him. My later experience was traumatic at the time, more so because the people in the immediate vicinity, as well as the dogs owner ignored our requests...
  20. volleyjanice

    Don’t Feed The Dogs

    Wow - these stories of Leon are very similar to the dog we encountered in Las Herrerias. He was hanging around the street and I asked about his breed and who he belonged to. I was told by the volunteer hospitalero that he was a special breed for protecting the livestock from wolves and that he...