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  1. flickchic98

    Camping-- Concern

    I walked the gr-65 from le Puy in 2017, made it all the way to Moissac (was going to finish it in 2020) and my biggest regret was not taking a tent. In France yes, you can camp out in camping sites, plenty of them in GR-65. you can alternate with staying at hostels or b&b's though they are more...
  2. flickchic98

    Spanish food at home?

    I've made this tortilla espanola and it's really easy -- except when it's time to flip it. I've destroyed several trying that. But once you get the hang of it, it's a delicious main dish or side dish and will be very popular at potlucks. Try it! Bring a little bit of Spain into your home. Here's...
  3. flickchic98

    Fear of heights and the Way from Le Puy

    I walked half way to Moissac and do not recall any scary parts - and I suffer from really bad vertigo. But I went in 2017 - I wonder if your friend took an alternate route? I stuck with GR65 the whole way. For me the scariest part was walking through a cow field (among the cows) and they were...
  4. flickchic98

    Discouraged in Florida

    Got there mid may and ended at the end of june . the weather couldn't have been more perfect (not 100% but 90%)
  5. flickchic98

    Discouraged in Florida

    OMG 8 miles is more than plenty! Just give your self time with a few days off here and there - you have to rest. So if you want to do the whole thing (500 miles/8miles a day) that's about 62 days. So take 2 months at that pace without days off! Or take the bus for a few stages. You might find...
  6. flickchic98

    Favorite Spanish recipes post /pre camino you’ve made at home

    I tried this recipe and added tiny pasta to it to give it more body. It came out thick like a stew. So we added chicken broth for the second reheating and voila. Superb lentil soup!
  7. flickchic98

    Le Puy-en-Velay town

    Apologies - the foreign language site is DUOLINGO.COM.
  8. flickchic98

    Le Puy-en-Velay town

    DOH! Thanks for the correction!
  9. flickchic98

    Compiling a list of refugios that accept tents

    Fantastic list!!!! Thank for compiling.
  10. flickchic98

    Le Puy-en-Velay to Conques - Question about water

    When I went they had somewhat of a heat wave and I remember there was a day where I would have sold my kingdom for some water in the Aubrac region where you go by cow fields (warning - you walk in THEIR fields and they are HUGE) I only carried 1L of water. I would suggest carry 1L of water every...
  11. flickchic98

    Le Puy-en-Velay town

    Yes the Dodo guide is fantastic for France. Do yourself a favor, before you go try to learn a few phrases that will get you through on the phone as you try to make a reservation. I am an extremely slow walker and found that the municipal albergues were full by the time I got there. There aren't...
  12. flickchic98

    COVID Governmental guidelines albergues

    wow they have to clean the bathrooms at least 6 times a day! I imagine the number of volunteers will decline :(
  13. flickchic98

    What clothes do you wear after shower

    I wear tomorrow's walking clothes *and yes I sleep in them too. But if you're going in the summer time when it's super hot then a light cotton dress that could double as a night gown might do the trick to get you to the next day. Remember you're carrying all of this on your back. no one expects...
  14. flickchic98

    Beginning a flight search — my New Year’s Day tradition

    Have you ever tried I've had a lot of luck with that website. They check for flights from different carriers and airports so you may leave from one airport and arrive at a different one. But then my hub is NYC. That might be worth exploring. Taking a train or cheap flight to NYC...
  15. flickchic98

    Clothes lines

    I carried a piece of Bungie rope for that purpose and used it as a clothesline on the Frances (rainy day). On the Le Puy, I found multiple uses too. On a windy day, I used it as a belt to wrap my poncho around my waist. I also used it to hold up a makeshift shelter on another rainy day. I think...
  16. flickchic98

    Rocamadour too many tourists?

    I took the Rocamadour detour from my lePuy walk and it was worth it. I had to stay at someone's house a good 30 min walk to the town because the hotels in town book months if not years in advance. I found them on Once you see the town you will know why. You can walk there but I...
  17. flickchic98

    Struggling on the Le Puy

    dear truenorthpilgrim, I know EXACTLY what you're went through. I walked the Lepuy in 2017 and decided to return to the States when I made it Moissac (or rather a big fat blister decided for me). I do plan to return to go from Moissac to SJPD. The language barrier is tough. Very few english...
  18. flickchic98

    What to wear in bed?

    I took 2 sets of clothes (with an extra pair of underwear and socks just in case) and this was my routine. I would arrive at the albergue, shower, change into set #2, wash set #1. I slept in the clothes I would walk on the next day. I would recommend to stay away from anything cotton because it...
  19. flickchic98

    What Is The Most Useful & Usless Item You Packed

    Most useful - bandanna (which can become your towel if you lose yours!) Least useful - second book with maps and albergues. For Spain Caminos take a John Brierley guide, in France take a MiamMiamDodo (and learn enough French to book a room over the phone)
  20. flickchic98

    I was the peregrina that was assaulted close to Sacavem on Camino Portugues

    "Although realistically if they want to rob you they know what to do, where to look, more so if there is no one around and feel they have time to do their thing" So true! I just watched your facebook video and I have to tell you I found you inspiring. It takes much generosity and courage to...