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When you walk the Camino, and suddenly a pandemic appears
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  1. volleyjanice

    Your one picture that captures how you feel about being on the Camino!

    Oh yes, we had some very spooky early morning walks there in late August 2015!
  2. volleyjanice

    The Candle Lady on the Camino Frances

    Thank you for sharing that. The warm memories of family who have passed and the love for your wife. Lovely.
  3. volleyjanice

    We are grateful. Again!

    Oh goodness, what a start to your Camino! Best wishes for continued healing and no further "incidents."
  4. volleyjanice

    Camino not for me?

    Wonderful advice!
  5. volleyjanice

    Rest time during Stage

    Someone far brighter than I commented that it is important to let one's toes out every so often so that they can see where they are. I quite like that advice and used it in conjunction with a suggestion from a camino friend on our first trek, who told us that once she began changing her socks...
  6. volleyjanice

    A Million Steps

    Friday! Well you must be at that pre-travel point where your mind is already half way there and you are of no use to anyone. Buen Camino!
  7. volleyjanice

    A Million Steps

    How exciting! Wishing you happy feet and safe adventures along your way. May you find some hidden gifts as you travel.
  8. volleyjanice

    A Million Steps

    What part(s) of Canada are each of you from? (Asked the Victoria, BC gal)
  9. volleyjanice

    Danger for pilgrims walking between Roncesvalles & Zubiri

    Practical Planning - The advanced Course!
  10. volleyjanice

    The albergue near a brothel?

    Well of course that is exactly what I looked like as I trudged along in the August heat (and the August wind and rain).
  11. volleyjanice

    Non-thinking Pilgrims taking Short-cut!

    Great post. I was also bothered by the number of people who felt that it was okay to help themselves to any fruit/veg/grapes growing alongside the Camino in what were clearly gardens, vineyards, or private property. Such a sense of entitlement! I can't imagine trotting by someone's yard at...
  12. volleyjanice

    Two pilgrims lost and found in SJPP-Roncesvalles

    I sheepishly admit to a lot of laughter as I read through this. I agree with the concept that it is in fact possible to get lost in any conditions. The issue here is two people who need to take some personal responsibility for their actions. There is no shortage of information available about...
  13. volleyjanice

    LIVE from the Camino Rain, fog, mud ... and a wonderful Camino thus far

    I love that you maintained a sense of humour about it! In my opinion it is one of the essential items to pack for a successful camino. Orisson truly is a wonderful place to meet people and share the start of your endeavour. Wishing you a Camino filled with just enough misdirection to keep...
  14. volleyjanice

    Muxia or Finisterre?

    Oh yes to Bella Muxia! We stayed in a private room but took advantage of the communal kitchen to make lunch, then treated ourselves to dinner at the restaurant you mention.
  15. volleyjanice

    Muxia or Finisterre?

    Hello and best wishes for your upcoming travels! We walked from Burgos to Santiago in August and then walked on to Finisterre followed by Muxia. If I had to choose between the two Muxia would come out on top. To be honest the lighthouse at Finisterre was not the experience we had hoped but...
  16. volleyjanice

    You know it's too heavy, but you pack it anyway

    I need orthotics in my hiking boots, and even my spare shoes need to have decent support, but my oversized feet don't allow for many options. Hence a big hefty pair of Birkenstock sandals. They take up a lot of space and they are rather heavy but I can't imagine how bad my feet and legs would...
  17. volleyjanice

    LIVE from the Camino Camino Ditch Pigs Cleanup: 2015!

    Thank you all for both an entertaining read, and all of your hard work picking up pilgrim rubble. Most unfortunate that it is even necessary!
  18. volleyjanice

    Camino death - Monday, 5 Oct

    My May I add my condolences to those already expressed. I can only imagine the heartache that you and your family are experiencing. May there be comfort in your memories of John. Although the Camino is where his life ended, he was blessed to be sharing a dream with someone he loved.
  19. volleyjanice

    Returning to the "real life"

    Thanks Tania, we are sitting in the Toronto airport right now awaiting our next flight. We walked St. Jean to Burgos two years ago, and I agree with your advice. Having said that, it's hard to stop the mind from working overtime pre Camino! Looking forward to getting boots on the ground and...