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130 + stone dwelling. Restored outside, all mod cons inside. €80,000 o.n.o.
Rent a house in Santiago (1 month minimum)
300m from the cathedral and around the corner from the fresh food market in Santiago. Perfect place to tele commute from (1GB symmetrical connection).

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  1. Irenie

    COVID My COVID Passport

    No worries, Bob M. You can never have too much fun. Once you’re on your Camino, the “real” Camino, the past is prologue. ¡Ultreia!
  2. Irenie

    Update on Anniesantiago

    Gratitude to you, Annie, for sharing your journey and the good news. You have helped so many people along the Way and we will continue to hold you in the light and send good Camino energy. You are in good hands. And one of the best parts of your story is how you have a team, family, friends...
  3. Irenie

    Minor Glitch Hopefully - Asking for Prayers

    We’re walking this Camino with you, Annie. Sending love and prayers.
  4. Irenie

    Senda Litoral Route

    Thank you for sharing your Camino. Your blog is a fun read and well detailed. I love the Litoral and walking on the beach and it’s wonderful to see the pictures again and read your stories. Buen Camino, amigos. 👣
  5. Irenie

    Late-season Camino Frances 2018 - pics and thoughts

    Thank you for sharing. Your photos are stunning. I loved “walking” again, revisiting so many wonderful memories. 👣
  6. Irenie

    I didn't walk the whole Camino Ingles....

    Theresa, what stunning art and what I love is that it was created on the Camino. You truly walked your Camino, your way, as for each of us. Thank you for sharing. Ultreia, Irene
  7. Irenie

    Madrid Barajas Layover on Way to Porto

    Thanks so much for your reply, Jill. I bet trying to return in time with a five hour layover would be a stretch. And I'm definitely concerned even with seven hours, especially when I don't know what the exit and return procedures will be. A lot is unknown about that time in between. There must...
  8. Irenie

    Madrid Barajas Layover on Way to Porto

    Hi, Friends. I'm getting ready to walk the Portuguese Coastal Camino from Porto around September 20. (Just finished Central from Valenca to Santiago in July and can't get enough). Does anyone have experience or knowledge about the layover procedures at the Barajas Aeropuerto? I've read...
  9. Irenie

    A selection of favorite albergues on the Camino Francés

    Great guide. We are at Albergue ALEA in Ponferrada. Lovely. The proprietor asked to add her mobile phone to the favorite guide when you update. 660 416 201. When she isn’t in the Albergue no one can answer the other number. So please publish both. Muchas gracias. I’m grateful for this guide...
  10. Irenie

    Spanish Language School?

    @trecile, Muchas gracias! So good to hear your experiences, especially how you attended more than one school and also moved to different villages. It’s helpful how you compared schools and teachers, especially since you are sharing a recent immersion class in Guatemala, where I’m considering a...
  11. Irenie

    Spanish Language School?

    Hi, @trecile, are you back now from your Guatemala Spanish classes? I may be in Guatemala this coming summer before I return to the Camino and maybe I will add a Spanish class to my journey there instead of in Spain, as I originally planned. I would love to hear about your experience...
  12. Irenie

    Spanish Immersion and the Camino

    Gracias, @Desert Bruce. I will be working on the details of language immersion, like a part of my Camino, Step by Step. Thank you all for your suggestions. Buen Camino. Irene
  13. Irenie

    Spanish Immersion and the Camino

    Gracias, @MJB. I'll check it out!
  14. Irenie

    Spanish Immersion and the Camino

    Buen Camino, @Desert Bruce. I hope you find a class to take that fits with your volunteer time. That’s the challenge I’m finding, to take a language class, walk and volunteer in that order. Good luck. Ultreia, Irene
  15. Irenie

    Spanish Immersion and the Camino

    Gracias, @Prentiss Riddle, I’ll check these classes on line. Lots of choices. Buen Camino, Irene
  16. Irenie

    Spanish Immersion and the Camino

    Hi @Lizanne801. Thank you for your reply. The Pyrenees Experience was one of my choices, but the timing isn’t good for me. I hope it works for you. I may try the Responsible Travel for a beginner class and some walking on the Norte. I’m also planning to apply to work in the Pilgrim Office in...
  17. Irenie

    Spanish Immersion and the Camino

    Thank you, @AZgirl I’ll check out Apple. I’m seriously considering Responsible Travel that I mentioned in my post. Lots to consider especially most programs require pre-payment. Good luck. Thank you, @Antonius Vaessen. I’ll check out language transfer. Buen Camino
  18. Irenie

    Spanish Immersion and the Camino

    Hola, amigos. I'm looking for help in finding a Spanish Immersion class in Spain, close to the Camino or possibly near the ocean. I've read some older posts, so hope to have some updated information and recommendations. I would like to take a conversation class in August/September 2018, for...
  19. Irenie

    List your pilgrim blog URL Here - we want to read your story

    Come read my blog and join me on my Camino walk and talk, Walking Through the Ages, I celebrated my 70th birthday on my first Camino in 2016, returned for more in 2017 and now share my walking posts, a little philosophy, walking research, opinions and information and...
  20. Irenie

    A Gentle Mugging....Morality on the Mountain

    Gerard, you are a master storyteller. I was on the edge of my seat, waiting and you didn’t disappoint. Not only a happy ending, but an example of Camino kindness. Thank you for sharing.