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  1. Irenie

    Madrid Barajas Layover on Way to Porto

    Hi, Friends. I'm getting ready to walk the Portuguese Coastal Camino from Porto around September 20. (Just finished Central from Valenca to Santiago in July and can't get enough). Does anyone have experience or knowledge about the layover procedures at the Barajas Aeropuerto? I've read...
  2. Irenie

    Spanish Immersion and the Camino

    Hola, amigos. I'm looking for help in finding a Spanish Immersion class in Spain, close to the Camino or possibly near the ocean. I've read some older posts, so hope to have some updated information and recommendations. I would like to take a conversation class in August/September 2018, for...
  3. Irenie

    Camino Training in California

    Hello Pilgrims, I’m sharing my “Walking Through the Ages” blog post “Training for a Camino ...” about the walking trails and hostels on the spectacular Northern California coast. I know it’s a long way from Santiago, but if you live in California or nearby or come to visit, you won’t want to...
  4. Irenie

    Training for Your Camino on the Northern California Coast

    Happy New Year, dear friends. I'm sharing my latest blog, Walking Through the Ages, "Let's Hike and Preserve California's Coastal Trails," with a trip to the Northern California Coast. The California Coastal Trail runs along our breathtaking coast and is a great place to train for your Camino...
  5. Irenie

    Sharing Pilgrim Stories: Was Your Camino Life-changing?

    Greetings, friends, Here's my blog, Walking Through the Ages and the many stories pilgrims from this forum shared to answer my question. Thank you all for taking the time to reply with your unique experiences. I had so many that I have printed excerpts of the longer responses and linked them to...
  6. Irenie

    "Was Your Camino Life-Changing?" Stories on my blog

    Hi, Camino amigos. Recently I asked the question, "Was your Camino life-changing?" and many of you replied, posted your stories, personal experiences and comments. Thank you all. I posted four stories on my latest blog, WALKING THROUGH THE AGES (formerly "Beyond Borders on the Camino") and will...
  7. Irenie

    Was Your Camino Life-changing?

    Hi, friends. I'm sharing my blog, Beyond Borders on the Camino, and hope you'll contribute a comment about your experiences of Coming Home and if and how your Camino was Life-changing. You can click here Beyond Borders on the Camino , (also at end of this note) read my post and write a comment...
  8. Irenie

    Need Last Minute Help with solo "Itinerary"

    Dear Friends, I will be on a plane in six days, Northern California to Madrid, for three weeks on the Camino. Filling in the Smart Traveler app has made me think twice about my solo Camino. I couldn't finish the application because I had no emergency contact in Spain. The Camino has provided...
  9. Irenie

    Camino Ingles Guide Questions

    Quick questions, Camino friends and Johnnie Walker. 1. I purchased the Kindle version of the latest "A Pilgrim Guide to The Camino Ingles" which is so helpful. I would like a paper copy of some of the pages, but the Kindle app won't let me print any pages. Is it possible? I would be happy to...
  10. Irenie

    Asking advice re: FB message about lost/found ID Card on Camino

    Hola, Friends. I feel like I'm in a strange situation and would be grateful for suggestions on my next step. I just received a Facebook Message from a man in Spain who found my American driver's license that I lost last August or September, 2016. At the end of my Camino, in Santiago, my...
  11. Irenie

    Maps for a Blog before I begin...

    Hello, fellow travelers. I am setting up a simple travel blog, TravelPod, that supposedly enables me to post from my phone, my only camera. I would like to post a few Camino maps and wonder if there are sites that allow me to use their maps without copyright questions. My mini-blog, "Irenie's...
  12. Irenie

    Question about Roncesvalles Reservation Payment

    Hi, friends. I would appreciate any advice or your experiences. Using the "Favorite Albergues" download, I booked Beilari in SJPdP for August 16. I emailed Orrison, but haven't heard yet. That leaves Roncesvalles for August 18. I received a response in Spanish that I translated from The Real...
  13. Irenie

    Planning for August, 2016

    Hola amigos. I’m Irene and this is my first post. I have lots of questions. Please tell me if I should repost them separately in different forums. A friend and I will be celebrating our 70th birthdays by hiking on the Camino. I am planning this walk as a coming of age journey and pilgrimage...