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  1. J

    Credential — dual pilgrimage

    Having received the Dual Pilgrimage pin (and certificate) in Japan in October 2019 I can tell you what we did. We took a credencial from one of our caminos in Spain with us and used the credencial you have shown in the original post for our walk on the Kumano Kodo. We also took with us a...
  2. J

    Current status on the Olvidado — late May 2021

    Thanks Laurie - it looks wonderful. Ah - the dreams continue!
  3. J

    Current status on the Olvidado — late May 2021

    Thanks Laurie - I still dream of the Olvidado, but it will have to remain a dream for me for quite some time I suspect for us in the antipodes! Sadly I clicked on the photo link but was taken to something that I don't have access to. Thanks again - will still dream, and plan, but act ?- who...
  4. J

    COVID Lockdowns

    This did make me smile!. As an Australian we can only dream of a camino - we are not allowed to leave the country yet (perhaps for the rest of the year!), Only rigorous paperwork, along with a very specific reason - often involving something rather sad such as a dying family member or similar...
  5. J

    Recommendation for British pilgrimage route with short stages.

    And check out this fabulous site - chock full of information.
  6. J

    Ass Pads - A Serious Topic!

    Let me say that I have found my "sit upon" particularly useful, I keep it folded in a side pocket of my pack and use it frequently, especially when the only place to sit is wet, or a bench is covered in bird droppings etc. It is at it's most useful in snowy conditions, allowing one to have a...
  7. J

    Forum Book Club - 1.2 - To the Field of Stars (Kevin Codd)

    I regularly quote a portion of the introduction to this book, both in writing and in speeches, because to me it sums up just how the camino captivates us, often quite unwittingly. I actually got permission from Kevin to quote this as part of my introduction to a book of pilgrim quotes and...
  8. J

    Five British Walking Pilgrim Trails (Guardian article)

    Walking in the winter will generally mean that the mud is frozen and you can walk across the top of it. It also means there is very little traffic on the lane ways if you have to step out onto them in the event of floods and such like. However, if the sun comes out after a freeze the ground...
  9. J

    Five British Walking Pilgrim Trails (Guardian article)

    The British Pilgrimage Trust referred to in the article has a fabulous website, as is the book referred to. If you want to see the dozens of pilgrimage paths crisscrossing the UK have a look at the (interactive) map on their site: - I have planned JoGLE...
  10. J

    On the Camino: One Day at a Time, one Photo at a Time 4.0.

    There are several great things about a winter pilgrimage. One is that with bare trees you get to see a lot more, the other that the mud is often frozen and so instead of sinking into it you can walk across the top of it. Another thing is that often the weather is dry, but cold, except of...
  11. J

    On the Camino: One Day at a Time, one Photo at a Time 4.0.

    Astorga on the 9th Jan 2014 O Cebreiro 13th Jan 2014 Getting close to Saria in wet Galicia 15th Jan 2014
  12. J

    Return of Compostela

    The post is VERY difficult from Spain. I know that Ivar has been unable to send things via the normal post for much of the year. The other issue is that overseas planes are not frequent and so that also takes times. I know that even within Aust the post is taking weeks longer than it was pre...
  13. J

    Murray to Mountains Rail Trail

    Since seeing your query Bob I have done some research too. A friend and I might attempt it, if borders remain open. Having come from Adelaide we would not want to go all the way without going to Beechworth and so this is a possible itinerary including that leg. We are governed by the fact...
  14. J

    On this date in November...

    St Cuthbert's Way - one of the many pilgrimage routes in the UK. This was part of a much longer walk for me and I was lucky to have my niece meet me and share the journey for a week. The photos below are in chronological order from Nov 1st to Nov 5th. I can recommend this way. Nov 1st, St...
  15. J

    On this date in October...

    I have been on more pilgrimage journeys than those below, but these are the places I have been on October 2nd / 3rd. On my first Camino in 2005 I was walking in Galicia when I noticed the very strange shadows being cast - not double crisp and clear but a sort of double shadow. It transpired...
  16. J

    Tour de France visits the French side of the Aragones route!

    Oloron Sainte Marie is delightful
  17. J

    Col du Grand Saint-Bernard details

    I crossed Gran San Bernard on May 31st. Having said that, I stayed a couple of days at the Hospice. When I give talks about the VF, and indeed about anything to do with pilgrimage, this is the place where I tell people I have never felt more "loved". The care given me, an injured pilgrim...
  18. J

    Pilgrimage in England: Winchester to Canterbury

    On my last JoGLE journey I walked part of that trail, following the Camel trail and the coast path to Perranporth, stopping at the Oratory along the way. I had to go to this as my son (far away from there - here in South Australia) was named after Saint Piran. Our local Cornish Association...
  19. J

    Pilgrimage in England: Winchester to Canterbury

    In 2014 / 2015 I spent just over 3 months walking JoGLE (the UK "End to End"). In those days there weren't as many pilgrimage paths known. Doing this walk was an unplanned alternative to another that had been cancelled and so I planned my route , with a pile of guide books and numerous cups of...
  20. J

    Starting to plan and need a guidebook to the Kumano kodo routes

    Over coffee this morning Neil reminded me to let you know that the Kohechi path is definitely a grade 5! I might add, as are parts of the Nakahechi, due to the narrow uneven path, steep and uneven steps and slippery stone paths. Above is a narrow path on the Nakahechi route - a highway...