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When you walk the Camino, and suddenly a pandemic appears
130 + stone dwelling. Restored outside, all mod cons inside. €80,000 o.n.o.

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  1. An Tincéir

    How do you plan your route out?

    Have you looked at wise pilgrim (Wisely). They have a system where you can move your start point along as you go and it will show you th3 distance to the next albergues down the trail.
  2. An Tincéir

    COVID Ultreia!

    Go dé tú slán
  3. An Tincéir

    COVID What happens if you test positive in Spain?

    As regards your final point, irrespective of the laws of either Spain or the USA, if one tests positive before a flight I would expect the airline to refuse boarding. The liability ($$$.....) of an airline who knowingly allowed an infected passenger to board would be astronomical.
  4. An Tincéir

    LIVE from the Camino The Camino Needs You.

    Nice distinction. Neither the routes or the means of transport define the pilgrimage. They are merely a reflection of history testifying to the longevity of “La peregrinación a Santiago”. It is the pilgrims, the hospitaleros and the albergues who, in their intent and motivation, create the...
  5. An Tincéir

    COVID What happens If one has a Positive test!

    If you bought and paid through Air France then your contract is with them and you should contact them initially. Also as an EU airline your protection may be better under EU regulations
  6. An Tincéir

    Describing trail experiences accurately and responsibly: Terminology

    I prefer the picture, sometimes I fall off the cliff
  7. An Tincéir

    Describing trail experiences accurately and responsibly: Terminology

    Josephus, I totally agree. As a native English speaker, and professional, I abhor technical language. If one can’t express ones meaning in simple words of one syllable then Imho one does not understand the subject. The KISS principle makes total sense.
  8. An Tincéir

    New digital Credential is introduced from the Cathedral.

    It does have some advantages, particularly in reducing the length of the queues in the office in Santiago. Personally I would like both - the paper credential for remembrance and the e-credential for efficiency. It might also be possible to find a way to print out the electronic one...
  9. An Tincéir

    Mini video camera to record my walk - thoughts?

    There is a lot of advice on exactly this on u-tube, mostly by US long distance hikers and also by a few Camino pilgrims. A dash cam might be the simplest answer?
  10. An Tincéir

    COVID Are you travelling to Spain? (Check current restrictions)

    This site seems to ignore vaccinated travellers, are their requirements entering Spain any different?
  11. An Tincéir

    Camino Del Mar almost official

    If you check back on the "Trepidaceous Traveller" blog by "Magwood" you will find maps of her route. This was a few years ago.
  12. An Tincéir

    Should we or shouldn't we?

    "is not inadvisable". Please clarify😳
  13. An Tincéir

    COVID Covid digital vaccine passport being prepared (for EU citizens)

    I have not been asked, but I have been required to present it entering other countries. Circumstances have changed dramatically in the past 15 months world wide. The extension of the yellow record to include Covid seems to be an obvious and necessary interim solution to the current problem...
  14. An Tincéir

    COVID Covid digital vaccine passport being prepared (for EU citizens)

    Why not just add it to the existing yellow booklet
  15. An Tincéir

    COVID Covid digital vaccine passport being prepared (for EU citizens)

    The idea of vaccine pass ports is being treated as something controversial and new. They are new only in name and not at all controversial. Proof of inoculation (vaccination) against various diseases has been a standard requirement when travelling to/from many countries for decades. With a...
  16. An Tincéir

    Entertainment... How to look at a painting of ... Velazquez again.

    The light sources in the picture are contradictory. The natural light should be coming from a low sun through the window behind the black man’s head thus creating that shadow. But that would also create shadows on the right hand side of all the other elements. If the light emanates from the...
  17. An Tincéir

    How do you wear a hat with a backpack?

    How tall is your back pack? A Camino sized back pack sitting properly on your hips should not interfere with the back of your hat. How do you wear your hat? If you wear your hat tilted back on your head this could be the cause. In addition it will deny you the maximum protection on your face...
  18. An Tincéir

    Good map apps for El Norte?

    Check out the “Trepidacious Traveller” blog. Magwood has some very good alternatives to the standard route.