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    The last untouchable in Europe - History of the Cagot People in the Pyrenees

    An interesting profile in The Independent of the last woman who identifies as a "Cagot", which were an untouchable caste of peasants in France and Spain prior to the French Revolution Includes a nod to the Caminos as a likely migration route for these populations, whatever their origin. The...
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    Monastario de Zenarruza is lovely, now has 21 beds

    (from earlier this week) A whole group of us were very anxious to stay at the monestary for the night and were concerned some of the later-arriving people in the line would be turned away, since the guidebooks seemed to think there were only 11 places for pilgrims. But no, they have expanded...
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    Stamp Suggestions in San Sebastian

    Just finished a delightful first day on the Camino de Norte... Very foggy but cleared up for beautiful views of San Sebastian by the end. I have a very "first day" question - where do I get a stamp if i'm staying at a non-camino hostel. I'm spending my night in San Sebastian in a pretty typical...
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    Camino Frances/Salvador/Primitivo/Finisterre-Muxia...Possible to visit The Cross Of Christ

    Perhaps you might like to start on the Norte, walk the Vadiniense down to the Frances (passing the monastary on the way, 2-3 days after you leave the Norte) and then finish the route to Santiago on the Frances. If you can read Spanish (or google translate), this link shows the Camino Vadiniense...
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    Camino Frances/Salvador/Primitivo/Finisterre-Muxia...Possible to visit The Cross Of Christ

    This older thread may be helpful to you:
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    Roll call Camino Norte

    Starting in Irun May 28!
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    Norwegian is the worst!

    Oh I'm so sorry that's happening. I actually love Norwegian and have travelled with them frequently. Why was the flight cancelled?
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    Solo woman on Primitivo in August

    I am a young woman planning to walk this + a bit of the Norte solo in June!
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    "Sizing Up" in Shoes??

    This is extremely helpful, detailed advice. Thank you, Dave. I will go with what feels comfortable to me while wearing my hiking pack/socks/walking downhill, with the knowledge that there needs to be ample room in the tow area.
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    "Sizing Up" in Shoes??

    Hello, I have seen several commenters here give the advice that, since one's feet tend to swell over the course of a long camino, people should consider buying hiking shoes/boots that are 1/2 size to a full size up from what they normally wear. I am confused by this advice, since I have always...
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    Primitivo Variations

    MichaelC why not do the first part of the Norte and then bus to Oviedo? That is what I have decided to do in May, based on other people's descriptions of which parts of the Norte they liked best.