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  1. kelleymac

    Local Camino...Got my pack out of the attic today...

    I got my pack out of the attic, and am saying hello to my camino gear-- and setting most aside. I am packing for a day trip tomorrow with a pack half empty. I'll be walking with five scouts and three adults on a 20 mile (32km) hike to finish up their Hiking Merit Badge. We'll start at the...
  2. kelleymac

    Article in the Washington Post: I walked 500 miles across Spain... Life is overflowing with demands. Everything urgent; every minute feels like it is booked. And yet, there’s no sense of direction. The what...
  3. kelleymac

    Walking again, re-starting in Burgos... Advice needed.

    On May 3rd, 2017 my younger son and I stopped our second camino at Belorado because of illness. On April 11th, this year, we are planning on re-starting from Burgos (maybe Belorado). My older son, who has never walked the Camino, is going to join us. Here are my questions: --Can my younger...
  4. kelleymac

    Easter in Santiago

    Good morning, My sons and I will be walking the 100 miles we haven't walked yet (Burgos to Leon), beginning April 11th. My younger son would like to take transit from Leon to Santiago de Compostela to be there for Easter. Will the cathedral be closed? Is there an Easter Vigil Mass in...
  5. kelleymac

    Wa. Post Article lists Camino as one of the world's most crowded tourist destinations

    An article in the Washington Post lists Camino as one of the world's most crowded tourist destinations and recommends walking St. Cuthbert's Way, a 62.4 mile trek, in Northern England instead.
  6. kelleymac

    Camino effects at home -- years later

    Driving home in the dark a few weeks ago in the pouring rain, my 17yo son asked if I would pull over so he could walk. We hadn't been getting along for a few days and our drive had been silent. We were about 3 miles from home. "Here?" I asked. "Yes, here." he said. So I pulled over, and he...
  7. kelleymac

    Carrying my stuff--

    My niece walked the Peace Walk a few years ago, and we were swapping walking stories, when she told me that she didn't carry her pack. The nice people in the towns offered to drive it to the next place for only $4, and she would have been stupid to torture herself and carry it. She's in her...
  8. kelleymac

    Should I take the alt. Route to bonneville abbey tomorrow?

    I am currently in in Nasbinols and am headed to Aubrac tomorrow morning. I am considering walking to condom and then to bonneville abbey the next day. The weather should be good, but it looks a little isolated - I am a 55 yo female walking alone--also I'd miss saint-Comt-d'Olt. Ideas...
  9. kelleymac

    Walking poles in Le Puy? -- last minute question

    Good morning all-- I am frantically repacking, leaving for the airport within the hour-- I have been supposing that I can buy a hiking stick or pole at Le Puy, as I can in SJPP or should I pick something up in Paris in the hour or so I have there? thanks!
  10. kelleymac

    Donkey friend from Le Puy to Figeac?

    okay-- This is probably crazy. But I was mucking out the stalls tonight (we own horses) and talking to my equine pals and thought, "Hmmm... if I walked with a donkey I'd have a pal, and many of these gîtes have a place for a burro." I admit, I've never worked with a donkey, but I've worked...
  11. kelleymac

    Where should I stay in Le Puy?

    This Tuesday, I am arriving at CDG and heading straight to Gare de Lyon and catching a train to Le Puy (three trains actually). I will be arriving at 19:00, and will be tired. I am thinking of staying two days in Le Puy. So advice, stories, recommendations are welcome! I am looking for...
  12. kelleymac

    Surprise Chemin!

    Well, I stumbled upon a great price for a round trip ticket Toronto to Paris, for two weeks at the end of September, and now I am joyfully trying to figure out where to walk. :) I arrive in Paris on Sept 26 and fly back on Oct 10th. So I don't have much time. I have walked the Camino...
  13. kelleymac

    Beautiful and moving Camino article in America, a jesuit news service

    Hello everyone, I read this article this morning, and it just made me want to go walk again today. Happy reading. Ultreia- Kate...
  14. kelleymac

    At home now, and how crazy have I become?

    Hello all-- My husband is telling me that I'm acting kind of crazy, and so I'm writing to find out if any one else out there is crazy like me. (My husband did not walk the camino with me.) Here is the situation--, I was at mass last week, and really couldn't focus or perhaps more accurately...
  15. kelleymac

    Cold medicine?

    I'm in Santiago (yay!). But I have a cold and am congested and am worried about my ears hurting on the flight back home. Can I buy a decongestant here? Something like DayQuil? I went to a farmacia when my throat hurt a few days ago and ended up buying some honey tablets that cost me 9...
  16. kelleymac

    Orisson question--

    If we stay the night at Orisson, and then the next morning Napoleon's Route is closed, do we have to hike all the way back down to pick up the Valcarlos route?
  17. kelleymac

    Orisson Paypal link

    Hi everyone-- Ten days after I wrote Orisson, I received an e-mail response ( saying my son and I could stay there on April 23rd, and that we should pay via paypal, but there was no link to paypal, and I'm not sure how to put a deposit. I did write back, but have not...
  18. kelleymac

    My 14 yo son is asking to return to the Camino

    Over the last 3 weeks, my 14 year old son has been asking that we return to the Camino and this time, walk from St. Jean. (We walked from Leon in early Spring last year.) He has brought this up with me at least four times, and I feel I should honor the call that he feels. I am not sure how to...
  19. kelleymac

    Looking for photo book/story of a pilgrim in Spanish

    Good morning all, In January I am traveling to the Dominican Republic to stay in a small city and work with a group of nuns there. I will be staying with a local family, and I have been trying to think of an appropriate gift to share with them. Can anyone recommend a book on the Camino in...
  20. kelleymac

    Our service project on the Camino-- Picking up trash

    My 13 yo son and I walked from Leon to Santiago last Spring. We walked not only as pilgrims, but also as scouts. As long as we were walking 200 miles, we decided to get our "50 Mile Hiking Award", We needed to include a 10 hour service project on the way and so decided to pick up trash for...