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  1. Buz Radican

    I saw you started a post with "Howdy". Are you an Aggie?

    I saw you started a post with "Howdy". Are you an Aggie?
  2. Buz Radican

    COVID French QR Pass Sanitaire Rec’d

    Great, thanks. This is certainly different than what is on the other French websites. I appreciate the info.
  3. Buz Radican

    COVID French QR Pass Sanitaire Rec’d

    What document or pass did you apply for? And where?
  4. Buz Radican

    COVID French QR Pass Sanitaire Rec’d

    Muchas gracias. I appreciate the quick response.
  5. Buz Radican

    COVID French QR Pass Sanitaire Rec’d

    I am more than a little confused about the requirements for entering France. After reading this threat I went onto the source of all info, the Google Search. First stop was the Consulate General of France in New York, If You Are Vaccinated section. From a Green Country (The US is currently...
  6. Buz Radican

    Question about raintrousers

    I’m in the rain trousers camp. Lots of section hiking on the Appalachian Trail, plus three Caminos. Took an Atlas poncho on the first two Caminos in addition to the rain pants. Personal choice but having tried both, I am firmly in the rain pants camp.
  7. Buz Radican

    "Toe Socks"

    Like you, I learned about, and started using, the toe socks on the AT. I used them on my three previous Camino, and if conditions allow, will use them again in October when I start out on my 4th CF.
  8. Buz Radican

    Weather? Ski Jacket vs Rain jacket

    We all have opinions and mine is leave the ski jacket at home and follow the good advice, above. I ski five days a week during the season (Ski Patrol) and have a collection of ski jackets for all conditions. I have also hiked the Camino Frances three times, once in October - November, when it...
  9. Buz Radican

    Valcarlos route

  10. Buz Radican

    COVID Americans vaccinated allowed to France in May

    As a retired cruise ship captain, I sure hope you and the rest of the cursing world gets back to work very, very soon.
  11. Buz Radican

    Which Camino for my 80th year?

    I agree with you. God and the government of Spain willing, I will step off on the CF in October, a few days past my 77th b’day. I looked at alternatives, especially the elevations, but settled on the CF (again) since I know the route, it is the distance I want, and offers opportunities to...
  12. Buz Radican

    April too early?

    Doctor, I hate to respectfully disagree with you but I must. You do not have an obligation to assist me or advise me unless I am your patient. If you get into your car and I get into mine how I drive could impact your life, or how you drive your car can impact me. But that is not the issue...
  13. Buz Radican

    April too early?

    My age...
  14. Buz Radican

    April too early?

    I had a scheduled flight from the US to Madrid on 13 April, moved from May 2020 to Oct 2020. Yesterday I received an email from United advising me that my flight had been cancelled. Rescheduling for October.
  15. Buz Radican

    Got my first Covid-19 shot!

    I agree we, in PA, are somewhat behind the power curve...old aviation saying...I am in Monroe County and as an active EMS responder got my first shot yesterday. Hopefully you will be called soon.
  16. Buz Radican

    Got my first Covid-19 shot!

    Received my first one yesterday. No side effects at all. As a health care provider I have attended three online seminars on COVID and the development of the vaccine. I hope Spain will open its borders to those of us who have received the two shot protocol.
  17. Buz Radican

    April 2021

    I was originally scheduled for May 2020. Changed the flight to October 2020. Just changed to April 2021. Arriving SJPdP 16 April. Will be going via Valcarlos this time. Went to Napoleon route last time. Buen Camino to all.
  18. Buz Radican


    I too am changing, from October to April. With prayers and crossed fingers.