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  1. Thomas1962

    An alternative system for Albergues

    In Galicia an association is working on an app for booking albergues, it will be an own alternative for the very expensive booking dot com company. For sure, next year everyone will hear more about that.
  2. Thomas1962

    Bypassing Sarria to get to Santiago

    Happy to hear that the bed pressure became much lower in the past week. About your calculation: I think it is nearly right, but what happens this year is that there (nearly) were no pilgrims till july. So this year all come in one half a season.
  3. Thomas1962

    COVID Albergues and covid measures

    A very nice description of how things are, Laurie. Thank you. In most albergues there is indeed a 50% maximum capacity of beds. If you feel like, check when you make reservations of before you enter, how the particular albergue does handle the rules. As a hospitalero I see day by day how...
  4. Thomas1962

    COVID is a covid test required at each albergue in Portugal?

    Galician albergues did have a maximum of 30% capacity which was nearly going up to 75%, with the rule that albergues had to ask for a test of proof of vaccin. At the last moment this new rule was not put in operation, in the end the capacity went to 50% without the tests. So in Galicia you can...
  5. Thomas1962

    Bypassing Sarria to get to Santiago

    Can you explain in what way exacty it is not crowded at this moment? There are indeed less pilgrims then like 2 years ago, but because of the bed restrictions of 50% there was a very serious shortage of beds. How is your experience in that now? My experience is that the pressure on the beds are...
  6. Thomas1962

    Bypassing Sarria to get to Santiago

    That is a pity! It was the perfect available stop in this part of that camino. I will try to check later if there are any other likewise options. Thanks for letting me know.
  7. Thomas1962

    Bypassing Sarria to get to Santiago

    If you want to avoid the last part of the Frances, there is indeed a camino which goes from O Cobreiro to Lugo on the Primitivo. From there you can go to the Northe, and from there, there is a bypass which brings you back on the camino Frances only at the airport, 15 kms before Santiago. You can...
  8. Thomas1962

    Camino Primitivo

    Thanks LTfit for spreading the word. At this moment I have the feeling that the situation is indeed even beyond booking ahead. My advice at this moment is: just don't go any more this august-holiday month, or at least stay on other smaller camino's out there and enter Galicia only next month.
  9. Thomas1962

    Sleeping Bags still required?

    A sleepingbag is stil required in most albergues, also private ones. You might get (need to pay for) a blanket and sheets, but don count in that. I do see that more people just go without, they can be a burden to many hospitalero's.
  10. Thomas1962

    Camino Norte or?

    Here another option, just to make things more easy... :-) You can also start in Lugo on the primitivo. Lugo is exactly 100 kms from Santiago. After 50 kms it joins the Frances in Melide, but if you want you can also take a different route that brings you to the Norte. On this map you can...
  11. Thomas1962

    Spiritual Variant GPS (KML) tracks

    The spiritul is also inclused in the Spanish tracks of the Dutch confrernity. There the spirital is in red :)
  12. Thomas1962

    Help Downloading GPS Tracks From Dutch Confraternity

    Thanks Deborah for your feedback and suggestions. About your first: we have been thinking a lot how to offer all the tracks. Finaly we indeed made the decision to offer them per country. There are a few reasons for this: - one does not need to scroll down a lot of listings to see which one...
  13. Thomas1962

    Help Downloading GPS Tracks From Dutch Confraternity

    Just saw this topic. I put the files online and I'm also part of the working group making them. Good to see people using them, and also good to see what are still the difficulties getting them on a phone. Deborah, did it all work out now with the help of Jens or is there something I can do? If...
  14. Thomas1962

    I need help with a map

    Maybe you are looking for this file in the resources of this forum: and/or this one...
  15. Thomas1962

    Spain reopening in June -- are the albergues open?

    At this moment, many albergues are already open or will be open soon. For sure by september all albergues who can be open (which is nearly all of them), will be open. Not known yet is the percentage of beds which will be allowed to use by then, and how busy it will be.
  16. Thomas1962

    MAPS.ME vs Google Maps vs competitor apps

    Look at the top of this page, there is a manual also in English, how to put tracks in On that downloadpage you can also find all the downloads you need:
  17. Thomas1962

    News about the Invierno

    Thank Laurie. Nice to see that the Invierno is in a positive way a lively thing also amongst the local press. I do seriously doubt about these 1000 reservations, especially on this route. According to my own experience in our albergue, and what I hear from others, my guess is there is a typo...
  18. Thomas1962

    Crazy not to reserve in 2021 Holy Year?

    For our albergue on the Primitivo we hardly have any bookings for this year. There is no need to book so much ahead. And except that, most of the early bookings we get, are cancelled anyway.... My advice would be to book your first 1-2 nights. Then you will see how busy it is and you can book...
  19. Thomas1962

    COVID Santiago closes down today (Fri Oct 30) from 15.00

    The news was spread around that pilgrims could go in to get a compostella, but had to leave the same day, without sleeping in SdC. Could anyone confirm if that is the case or not? Thanks!
  20. Thomas1962

    Pilgrims being advised not to walk this Camino for a few weeks

    Sorry, can you specify which camino? It is still not clear to me