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  1. Sue127

    Hazard Emergency rescue QR code before Zubiri descent

    I was amazed last year when three older gentlemen cycled down there, I'm glad I was on foot!
  2. Sue127

    In Canada a new trail inspired by the Camino

    Sounds lovely.
  3. Sue127

    Two stamps from Sarria to Santiago????

    I ran out last year, but picked up a second in a tourist office (villa franca). Not to difficult to get two per day, accommodation and dinner. Bonne continuation.
  4. Sue127

    LIVE from the Camino UK Pilgrims on Portuguese Camino

    Normal camino knees, then? I like the bench arrow, that would be hard to miss (unless, of course, the bench was full). Enjoy the next leg of your camino. I've now booked my flight to Porto, can't wait.
  5. Sue127

    Remote working from the Camino Frances

    @SantiagoCruzB well you certainly had a variety of responses, but, having read them all, the concensus is, go do ! It Is your Camino and you obviously have the call to go now - I understand that and am yearning for my second - you will adjust your pace to suit your needs as you go along...
  6. Sue127

    Remote working from the Camino Frances

    That I understand. I mainly worked in the communal area or behind a towel over my bunk to stop the light shining. Not ideal, but unlike the OP, I didn’t have to work for 6 hours during the night. If he/she goes ahead with the plan, I wish him strength, stamina and some free time to make some...
  7. Sue127

    Remote working from the Camino Frances

    I had to work and walk, but luckily not as intensively as @SantiagoCruzB. I needed to be in contact every 48 hours and only needed to spend as much time as was necessary to assess some work. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to speak, so no annoyance to others. Yes, I would have preferred to take...
  8. Sue127

    Molinaseca to Rabanal?

    Thanks for the warning. I’ve just invested in a new poncho and it’s massive; I hadn’t thought about the sail effect.
  9. Sue127

    Camino Ingles August 2021

    Thanks @Albertinho. It is the Ingles that I really needed to know about slopes, so that's helpful, thank you.
  10. Sue127

    Del Norte ? Frances ? Or Portuguese ?...Oh no it’s Ok I think I’ve made up my mind

    Hi @James X - I plan to be walking the Portuguese, but the coastal from around the 11th, so maybe our paths will cross if you zigzag around. Buen Camino
  11. Sue127

    LIVE from the Camino UK Pilgrims on Portuguese Camino

    Hope to be following soon - are you walking the coastal or central or a bit of both? Buen Camino
  12. Sue127

    Lost interest in PLANNING next Camino…

    Have a great time - I know that you've been planning for a while. Buen Camino.
  13. Sue127

    Pack it in, pack it out

    Totally agree, @davebugg. Sometimes good to have a place to voice our feelings. Any ideas anyone on a solution to the problem?
  14. Sue127

    Pack it in, pack it out

    Totally agree with @jazzhorse it was the one thing that disappointed, and in fact, disgusted me about the francés. We can all get taken short but, if you can't Bury it, please take a bag like a doggie poo bag and take it with you to a more suitable place.
  15. Sue127

    Purchasing Train Tickets

    Faith and patience won through.
  16. Sue127

    Camino Ingles August 2021

    Thank you @OTH86 , that is really useful information. I’m hoping that we will be able to complete the Inglés together. If not this trip, then another. I will be walking the Portuguese from Porto first and then we’ll meet up and either do the Ingles or go back into France to walk, but not a full...
  17. Sue127

    Camino Ingles August 2021

    Thanks @Elle Bieling. That will certainly help, although we may have to break up some of the longer days. I’m waiting for my copy of Camino Inglés to arrive this week and then I’ll be able to add to your plan.
  18. Sue127

    14th September 2021 - Starting from Porto

    Anyone starting a bit later, around 11Oct?
  19. Sue127

    Camino Ingles August 2021

    Thanks for the encouragement @OTH86 , slow and steady will be the way. My OH will make the decision a bit nearer the time. Roughly how many km/miles did you walk each day? We're looking at around 10km, if there is suitable accommodation.
  20. Sue127

    Underway to Spain today (Sept 3, 2021)

    Buen camino. I understand your excitement, I walked my first Camino last year and am counting down my days until my next, in October.