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  1. Lydia Le

    Bakery in Los Arcos ...Warning.

    I don't mind paying tourist price when I travel. I consider it tax for the infrastructure that I am using in the country.
  2. Lydia Le

    Towel - Help!

    How about this? 100% cotton. I plan to bring one on my next camino.
  3. Lydia Le

    I need help with a map

    "Map is in your mouth" is an expression I grew up with. It means to ask someone when you you don't see the yellow arrows. A couple of times I missed the arrows on the CF and went the wrong way, a local appeared and redirected me without me realizing I took the wrong turn.
  4. Lydia Le

    A Flâneur in the times of Covid

    When I travel I take advantage of jetlag and get up extra early to walk around the city when it is quite and empty and watch the city waking up.
  5. Lydia Le

    Ass Pads - A Serious Topic!

    I use the Amazon Prime envelop. You can keep your lunch cool and use it to sit on. Maybe it is not as durable, but with care, it can last your whole Camino.
  6. Lydia Le

    COVID Status of the Camino de Santiago as of June 10th 2020

    Washing it with soap for 20 seconds will should also work because that is what is recommended for washing hands.
  7. Lydia Le

    COVID Status of the Camino de Santiago as of June 10th 2020

    Hopefully disposable masks don't ended up littering the trail. I am finding masks on local trails at home here. Unfortunately they have a way of falling out of pockets and packs.
  8. Lydia Le

    What would you like to ask John Brierley?

    The paper could be lighter. I feel terrible about ripping the pages out, but i need to lighten up the load :-)
  9. Lydia Le

    While you're not doing anything else ... help identify this church!

    That looks like it's on the Camino Portuguese.
  10. Lydia Le

    Cooking/Eating too much while in quarantine !!!

    Put on a face mask and practice social distancing from your refrigerator.
  11. Lydia Le

    What to pack for my First Camino?

    Your phone is your flashlight. Add 4 big safety pins to use as cloth pins. You are a bit heavy on the first-aid stuff. You can get almost everything there. A short cord with a carabiner is useful for hanging your pack at the end of the bunk. Keep the pack off the floor is a good thing.
  12. Lydia Le

    Daily Backpack transport Lisbon to Porto

    I walked in Sept 2017 and did not see any sign of pack transport from Lisbon to Porto section. I did not see too many pilgrims neither.
  13. Lydia Le

    Frustrating, irritating, and annoying pictures on this forum.

    Why take all the fun and mysteries out of life? If someone wanted to know where a picture is taken, they can walk around and find out? :p
  14. Lydia Le

    Camino Must See

    Could not agree more.
  15. Lydia Le

    Luggage Storage

    Ask the tour operator that booked your accomodation. They might be able to find a place for your luggage.
  16. Lydia Le

    October weather?

    Perfect when I walked in 2107. I had about 3 days of rain in Galicia, but the trail is not muddy like the CF.
  17. Lydia Le

    LIVE from the Camino It’s Hot!

    How do people sleep in the heat? Albergue do not have air conditioning and I did have to share room with people who do not believe in sleeping with open window. I ended up with private room for most nights when I walked in 2015 in Sept and Oct.
  18. Lydia Le

    What Other Cuisine would you Like to See on the Camino Frances?

    Pho, the Vietnamese beef noodle soup on a cold rainy day.
  19. Lydia Le

    Bed bug eliminators

    There is hope in the not far future ...