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  1. Rajy62

    My impressions and stages of Norte/Primitivo May 25-June 27, 2014

    Yes. Thats exactly what I did. Took the train from Bilbao to Pobena overnight and then a bus in the morning to the trail that reconnects at a beach. The walk from Pobena to Urdales is spectacular.
  2. Rajy62

    Norte vs Frances for an autumn walk

    I have walked the norte in June last time. Only light rain over the mountains before Bilbao. Poncho was sufficient. This time I am starting Sept 29th hoping for a cooler and less crowded walk. Go for the Norte. I might see you on the way... Buen camino.
  3. Rajy62

    List of recommended Albergues, Monasteries and Convents on Camino del Norte/Primitivo

    Great work. Saved me a of of time. Now I have to visit Gronze only when the info in this list is inaccurate. Thanks.
  4. Rajy62

    Mochilla service campaign

    Hi, Do they pick up and deliver or we have to take the pack to the postal office in every town.
  5. Rajy62

    Which shoes should I wear in September \ October?

    I 2nd a good trail shoes. If you don't enjoy walking with wet feet, some waterproof trail shoes (Gtx or eVent) would be beneficial. I have walked the Norte/Primitivo and Frances with boots as I needed ankle support. However, I have managed to wean off the boots and am now using Trail shoes with...
  6. Rajy62

    Upper back pain

    I develop the same upper back pain after few days of walking. I now have my pack transported. And carry a day pack.
  7. Rajy62

    A gentleman's undercarriage question regarding chafing......

    Since discovering merino boxers I cut out the mesh from all my shorts. And vaseline on the chaffing spots works great, inner thighs for me.
  8. Rajy62

    Spanish Language School?

    Yes. In 2015 I got injured at the start of the VDLP. My return flight was some 6 weeks away. So to kill that time I went to Valencia and enrolled at "hispania" Spanish language school. Ended up doing Level1 and 2 over 2 months. Wonderful school. I even rented room through them. I highly...
  9. Rajy62

    Suddenly solo on the VdlP

    Yes. If the reasons for choosing vdlp still holds, other than your partner, I say go for it. Unlike Frances or Norte, vdlp has long stretches without much people or break spots. But, It is easier to walk in terms of trail condition/elevation gains. With a good map/guide and staging, it is not...
  10. Rajy62

    Camino del Norte on Google Maps

    Great useful info thanks.
  11. Rajy62

    Physical difficulty of the primitivo

    I would guess 40% pavement.
  12. Rajy62

    Are there are any parts of the Norte Stages that people consider dangerous ?

    None. There is a steep descent and an ascent through the primitivo. Otherwise a normal coastal route.
  13. Rajy62


    I second the Hoka hiking shoes. Most of my life I have worn leather boots. Since discovering the Hoka tor tech mid shoes, never go back to heavier boots. The benefits of a mid cut is that it is easier to keep the Water, mud or debries from entering.... This model also has an eVent layer that...
  14. Rajy62


    Looks good. But, where is the fish?
  15. Rajy62

    My impressions and stages of Norte/Primitivo May 25-June 27, 2014

    The coast is a well developed region, popular even among Spaniards for its beaches, food and cooler climate. Most of the route interconnects fishing/farming villages along the coast. So, expect to walk through smaller paved roads. I am not sure if you have walked the Frances, i would say the...
  16. Rajy62

    Best Spanish language apps

    I use duolingo. It is an interactive tool. Very easy to use. Need WiFi.
  17. Rajy62

    How Hard is El Norte Really..?

    I went through the same dilema. Chose the Norte and experienced the best Camino ever. I would say the Norte is harder than cf in the sense that you will have about 500-600 meter elevation gain every day before Bilbao and then through the Primitive. The rest of the walk would be similar to the...
  18. Rajy62

    PLEASE HELP! last minute decision/opportunity to do the camino.. in 9 days!

    Have you had any winter hiking experience before? In addition to gear suggestions above, I would recommend taking "kahtoola microspikes". They are mini crampons for hiking (not mountaineering). I hate slipping and falling in icey/snowly trails, specially over uphill/downhill. I am sure they...