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  1. Jim

    COVID French QR Pass Sanitaire Rec’d

    Please post to keep us updated on your situation. Blessings that it all works out as I’m sure it will be! Buen Camino!
  2. Jim

    COVID Entry to Portugal from Northern Ireland

    This might rate as a new topic, but here goes my situation. I have tickets to depart the USA to Paris, France, and have just secured my return flight which will leave from Paris. Will be traveling to Italy to see extended family before flying to Lisbon to start the Portuguese route. Intend on...
  3. Jim

    Refuge Orisson most unresponsive!

    Or try the farm at Huntto about 2 or 3 km below Orisson. Stayed there when I couldn't get into Orisson one year and found it to be very nice. Dinner (repas) is also served in addition to breakfast the next morning and it was very good. My feeling about Orisson: they operate with a skeleton...
  4. Jim

    COVID Travel from USA to Spain update

    A similar advisory was issued by the CDC late yesterday regarding all travel to Portugal.
  5. Jim

    Voluntario Program restarting in June 2021

    Prayers for you as you battle to rid yourself of it once and for all!
  6. Jim

    COVID PCR test for crossing from Spain by bus or taxi to France for SJPP?

    ...and where does one access getting this test while hiking in the boonie border areas of France and Spain (I suppose adding Portugal to the mix would also be appropriate given the popularity of the Portuguese route) ??? I think that would be my biggest concern.
  7. Jim

    Flight booked! Praying to the lucky rabbit's foot...

    I'll second that! ALSA bus line has that route. Very comfortable buses.
  8. Jim

    A slight change in the air?

    I feel that there will be some risk for quite sone time yet. The degree of risk one is willing to accept will be a personal choice. For those who feel they have had enough (and enough is enough), wishing you a Buen Camino and I recommend only looking forward. For those wanting to wait...
  9. Jim

    Graffiti removal

    I wish those people wold simply stay off the trails! Equal for those who have to mock those who are walking for spiritual reasons-- they don't think about those having spiritual reasons include those who have lost a loved one! From conversatiosn I've had with many who are walking, this is a...
  10. Jim

    Transport from either Pamplona or San Sebastian airport to Saint Jean pied de Port

    Yes, the TGV from Hendaye to Bayonne runs year round. Tracks are not usually hampered by any snowpack. I did experience some problems in that area (I was going to Lourdes that year instead of SJPDP) when a river with proximity to the tracks overran its banks due to sudden snow pack melt. That...
  11. Jim

    The Sudarium of Oviedo, or Shroud of Oviedo,

    Yes, I saw it in 2009 on an odd day in mid-November, nothing to do with any major or special religious feast day. With stamped credential (I am also a senior citizen, so it might have been that discount or an additional one- don't remember how handled), there was a minimal fee of 2 or 3 euros...
  12. Jim

    A tiny light

  13. Jim

    The Beauty of Ruins

  14. Jim

    Sarria to Santiago

    Buen Camino to you, SWright! Wishing you well and I'm hopeful that your journey will be very meaningful to you!
  15. Jim

    Finisterre the end of the way for me,for now

    Loved your pix! Congrats on a wonderful camino! God bless!
  16. Jim

    COVID Any North Americans flying to Spain?

    American Airlines has flights departing from Santa Ana CA (connect at Chicago) on Apr 20th, 2021 and return flight early June from MAD to LAX for about $1100 for economy, just over $1200 for Econ + and $2700 for business class. United Airlines has flights available for spring 2021 also.
  17. Jim

    Cycling the Via de Plata This Summer

    Mostly cyclists seem to prefer being on the camino route though where they can. I’d say in many instances it might be safer too. Yes, but many bikers seem to be inconsiderate of walkers. The sounds of a bell in the distance behind them means little to those elderly walkers, or those walkers...
  18. Jim

    Orisson's Cancellation/Refund Policy

    About 10days ago I canceled train reservatios for train booked to get from Lisbon north where I wished to start my camino journey. Rec'd note from CP trains that I would be given a refund and it came through on PayPal within an hour of receipt of the notice. from CP trains-- I had contacted...
  19. Jim

    Next camino not for a lark. My sis passed away 6 wks after being diagnosed with cancer &...

    Next camino not for a lark. My sis passed away 6 wks after being diagnosed with cancer & godfather passed away at age 96. Sis expressed interest in doing a minimum camino "someday"-- in cleaning her room, I found trappings of a true Camino aficionado. Have lock of her hair. Godfather's parents...