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  1. Simon Shum

    If you have/are walking this summer... Would you do it again, knowing the restrictions/challenges?

    Hi Tom, I don't mean to derail this thread, wife and I plan to walk the Olvidado in late September this year. I wonder if you found there is enough pension, cafe, etc. open in the Olvidado?? Did you meet a few pilgrims too? We are in our late 60's and meeting a few pilgrims would make us...
  2. Simon Shum

    LIVE from the Camino Live from Camino Aragones

    Yes, it is a fantastic camino. Hope you have time to see Monasterio San Juan de la Pena, and also the Foz/ Lumbier gorge ! Buen Camino
  3. Simon Shum

    Pressed for time: suggestions for stages to skip between Cahors and Aire Sur L'Adour

    I couldn't remember. I think it just runs between Figeac and a bit beyond Rocamadour. I just search the Rome2Rio, it lists train only, every 2 hours, for a 40 minutes ride, for example: 07:22⇢07:56, TER 70150, 34m 09:55⇢10:28, TER 70152, 33m And more schedules, so please...
  4. Simon Shum

    Pressed for time: suggestions for stages to skip between Cahors and Aire Sur L'Adour

    The bus is from Figeac, in the morning. Here's the note that I had about taking the train: can take the train from Figeac to Rocamador. but the train station is 3.5 miles (the train and bus station?). It's along an exposed road, you get a stunning view of Rocamadour on the way in. I...
  5. Simon Shum

    Pressed for time: suggestions for stages to skip between Cahors and Aire Sur L'Adour

    Hi Scott, we walked the Le Puy route in May/June 2019. We didn't walk to Rocamadour, but took the bus and stayed there one night, not to be missed! We also walked the Cele Variant and visited the Grottes (cave paintings), not to be missed! Bon Chemin!
  6. Simon Shum

    Camino del Norte July 2021

    I looked into my files, here's more info on leaving Lourdes, as posted by others on the forum: Lourdes to SJPdP - this is the stages part of the Voie du Piemont vppyr site @jsalt posted: Annie's nice website and direction to get out Lourdes to the...
  7. Simon Shum

    Camino del Norte July 2021

    Hi Luis, Lourdes is a nice place with lots of pilgrims (not the type of walking the Caminos) and is worth staying there couple nights! There is also an albergue, or gite as called in France: In Lourdes: about 10 euros, Accueil Jacquaire, Jean-Louis Doux, 21a, rue devPau, 65100 Lourdes, tel...
  8. Simon Shum

    Shopping (some regret)

    You could check out their website: You could also join as a member, they also have credencials as you can see in the website.
  9. Simon Shum

    A short but very steep descent on the Olvidado

    Yes EUREKA is right! Thanks so much Laurie for your perseverance in finding the video! What a beautiful walk -- the Salvador Camino is beautiful, but this is supreme! The steep descent demands heightened care, and worst to worst, it is OK walking down on our butts with what a peregrino...
  10. Simon Shum

    A short but very steep descent on the Olvidado

    Thanks Laurie! I do have a question that might be easier tpo ask here than in the Zoom meeting. when I read your post trip writeup: "Vegacervera to Buiza. For an hour or so from Vegacervera you follow the Coladilla river up its increasingly narrow gorge. At the village of Villar del...
  11. Simon Shum

    COVID New start dates?

    We cancelled ours for April, but I truly hope things will be back to normal and do my camino in Sept/Oct this year, and then more camino for 2021.
  12. Simon Shum

    Baños de Montemayor - Should we stop here?

    We walked VdLP in April 2017, after visiting the wonderful Caparra, we stayed at Hostal Asturia, enjoyed the hospitality and the stay. Next day when we walked pass Baños de Montemayor, we came across a colorful street festival with guys dressed in full Roman soldiers costumes with armours...
  13. Simon Shum

    Maybe Levante for 2020, guidebook?

    Muchas muchas gracias! hope to see some of you in the camino in April/May, and I will also be able to use that for the Invierno and Muxia portions in Sept/Oct when we are walking the Olvidado and Invierno and Muxia! Buen Camino!
  14. Simon Shum

    Maybe Levante for 2020, guidebook?

    Hi @Kiwi-family, might it be possible to send me your spreadsheet too? or be tter yet, post it here like your walking instruction. I suspect there are other pilgrims like me that are planning to walk the Levante some time! Thanks very much. Buen Camino!
  15. Simon Shum

    Bus from Jaca to San Juan de la Pena Info

    We were there in Sept/Oct 2019, staying at Jaca Albergue. The very friendly and helpful hospitalero there could provide you all info of the bus. We were done visiting both monasterio around 2 pm, and when talking to the driver of the bus, they said they are leaving at 2:30 pm back to Jaca but...
  16. Simon Shum

    1€ Bus tickets from Spain to Portugal & France available now!

    I used Flixbus couple times, and the last time I used it to go from Bayonne to Bordeaux was nerve wrecking! Couple hours before departure time I received a message saying “delay with unknown new arrival time, please just wait at the departure location”. I waited three for three hours and ready...
  17. Simon Shum

    Hostel Bayonne

    I had also stayed there in September for two days this year. Veronique can also show you if you like how to walk to Biarritz, or even to Irun or SJPdP. Her location is right in old town and the cathedral. Enjoy!
  18. Simon Shum

    question for spiritual pilgrims

    Hi Gwaihir, welcome to the world of “knowing mind”! Through your experience, now you KNOW you can use Facebook as a tool without causing you passion or aggression, now you know you can feel good when not your mind in not thinking! Your precious “knowing mind” will get stronger and stronger –...
  19. Simon Shum

    Help Albergue Santa Cruz in Sahagun

    Donated! Glad to be able to help! Hope to stay there in a year or two!
  20. Simon Shum

    New routing for the Camino Olvidado

    Hoa Peregrina, my wife and I plan to walk the Olvidado and then Invierno in May 2020, hopefully it wouldn't be too cold then! Thanks for your updates, blogs etc that help us so much in planning! And I am really grateful to Ender for all his work! I thoroughly enjoyed the San Salvador five...