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  1. Jimliz83

    COVID Plans later in the Year? It is "Who knows?" Time

    We were meant to be starting on the 23rd of April but at this time we have both been told to self isolate we are on day 5 of 14 days isolating, I don't think we will be doing it this year so it looks like next year if this has all cleared up, who knows as they say the camino will come to us when...
  2. Jimliz83

    Now I understand...

    100% Arabeca sorry
  3. Jimliz83

    Now I understand...

    In a lot of Spanish coffee they have a % of torrefacto which is sugar burnt onto coffee beans this is thought to have been popular during the spanish civil as they had a coffee shortage. If you look for 100% coffee in spain you look for 100% Mezcla.most bars wont sell 100% though.
  4. Jimliz83

    Refilling Prescriptions

    Hi I'm also on a load of medication for Fibromyalgia and other Conditions some of my meds are Opiate. My doctor will give me two months supply which i intend to carry with me which works out a lot, right know my main concern is how best to carry them, I live in Scotland but i wouldn't take any...
  5. Jimliz83

    Hand Luggage (Backpacks)

    Thank you yes we booked everything through KLM, we are going to leave poles etc and pick them up over there thank you
  6. Jimliz83

    Hand Luggage (Backpacks)

    Hi its the Osprey 48 the frame size is 65cm by 35cm thanks
  7. Jimliz83

    Hand Luggage (Backpacks)

    Hi thank you i have the same backpack as yours, i bought it as that's what i thought i needed and as we payed the extra to put luggage in the hold we thought there wouldn't be a problem, as iv said it was only after a few email back and forward to KLM and their answer of Your bags should make it...
  8. Jimliz83

    Hand Luggage (Backpacks)

    The backpacks were bought as we have booked for them to go in the hold, it was only after buying the tickets and talking with KLM that we didn't feel confident of their answers to our bags making it with us. thanks for the reply.
  9. Jimliz83

    Hand Luggage (Backpacks)

    As iv said both are 10cm longer than KLM allow i was just trying to find out if anyone has used KLM and how strict they are thanks.
  10. Jimliz83

    Hand Luggage (Backpacks)

    yes done this both are about 10cm longer than what KLM state for hand luggage
  11. Jimliz83

    Hand Luggage (Backpacks)

    Hi iv check the dimensions and both packs they are about 10cm longer than the hand luggage size,i was just trying to find out if anyone had used KLM with their packs to see how strict they are thanks
  12. Jimliz83

    Hand Luggage (Backpacks)

    Yes they are all with KLM and we booked directly with them
  13. Jimliz83

    Hand Luggage (Backpacks)

    Hi we are doing our first Camino Francis in April/May 2020, we fly from Glasgow to Amsterdam to Bordeaux then onto SJDLP, our change over is 45min in Amsterdam we are worried that this is not enough time for our baggage in the hold to be transferred onto our connecting flight. We are flying with...
  14. Jimliz83

    1st time camino franch in may

    Have look on youtube loads of people that have done it show you what they took and what worked and didn't work for them.
  15. Jimliz83

    Do albergues refuse the pilgrims who don't carry their packs

    Im a bit lost by this debate on here i thought it was about being able to send your bag on if you choose to while walking your camino, but its turned out to be about people getting buses taxis etc, I with my wife will be doing our first camino Francis April/May we both intend to carry our pack...
  16. Jimliz83

    Luggage transfer to SJPP

    We are also doing our first one at the end of April, We have a couple flights and only 40min change over i don't think this is long enough for our bags to be moved to the next plane we are thinking of just checking in our sharps poles etc and taking our bags on this is a bit stressful. no help...
  17. Jimliz83

    Medical issues, short distance per day, pension and transfer questions

    Hi I'm doing it with my wife in April /May 2020, I too have fibromyalgia also 52 years old ill let you know how i get on with the fibro doing it, we are doing the full Camino from SJPDP hopefully! but you have brought up some good points i should look into good luck.
  18. Jimliz83

    From one first-timer to another

    Thank you, that was a very good read
  19. Jimliz83

    Doing the Camino Frances with Fibromyalgia

    Thanks for the advice JAMM, yes i only intend to carry the basic needs as you said, i also find it a bit easier out walking than in work etc. Hopefully if i don't push to hard ill be fine i to don't always get a good sleep in my own bed at times never mind in albergue, I'm more concerned about...