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  1. Stroller

    Bakery in Los Arcos ...Warning.

    We spend thousands on kit, thousands on air fares, and, in some cases hundreds on paradors and restaurants but complain about a few extra euros in a cake shop. Wake up and smell the coffee, a little perspective is needed here.
  2. Stroller

    Osprey Kyte 36 or Tempest 34

    Which fits best when loaded? That's the one!
  3. Stroller

    The queues in Santiago

    I think you missed the lessons the Camino tried to teach you even at the very end
  4. Stroller

    If You Don't Like Cow Poop- Stay out of the Countryside

    Give me the rural sounds rather than the bloody idiot on a slow noisy motorbike who wakes me at 05:30Hrs every day.
  5. Stroller

    Walking from UK to Santiago

    I too have thought of walking or cycling from home to Santiago and have amassed a rough plan of much of the French route. Unfortunately cancer followed by Covid have thus far stopped me. If you would like to share what I have please PM me. It is rough and sketchy but is the start of a plan.
  6. Stroller

    Is the camino a ritual for all spanish people?

    One of which is fiction from start to finish, the other part fiction. Don't base research on either of them.
  7. Stroller

    Coping with heat on the Camino

    Start early, finish early, walk in shade where you can. If you cannot finish early find shade, take a siesta and walk when the heat has passed. The hottest part of the day is often from about 13:00Hrs to 15:00Hrs so a late slow lunch can be in order if not a siesta. Take it slow.
  8. Stroller

    Which hat looks better?

    If you wear A it won't look as good as that when you get back!
  9. Stroller

    When did you first break-free from your guidebook?

    Before I started. I walked as far as I wanted or till somewhere looked interesting then stopped.
  10. Stroller

    How to Pack a Backpack for Backpacking

    Pity but thanks
  11. Stroller

    How to Pack a Backpack for Backpacking

    OK Rick of Rick and Peg what's the first track on your video?
  12. Stroller

    My Camino regret!

    Not taking more time, there was no rush but.........
  13. Stroller

    What's Your Go-To CF Shoe?

    You will get a vast number of suggestions here, some quite adamant that their recommendation is the holy grail, all of which work for the person recommending them but they don't have your feet. So even with these recommendations it is still trial and error and better trialed before you go. Also...
  14. Stroller

    Griffon vultures along the Camino

    Odds are me, it was a hot day
  15. Stroller

    Griffon vultures along the Camino

    Crossing the Pyrenees I stopped for lunch and dozed off in the warmth, on awakening there were about a dozen lazily circling above me.
  16. Stroller

    Religious, doubter, seeker, atheist, don't care, tourist, or whatever? Why are you walking?

    I have no idea why, but this is about as close as I can get: And that's why I have to go back to so many places in the future, there to find myself and constantly examine myself with no witness but the moon and then whistle with joy. ambling over rocks and clods of earth, with no task but to...
  17. Stroller

    Pre-Camino walking regimes - are they worth it? Do they work? Are they needed?

    When I worked I had to drive 3Hrs a day to get to and from work, followed by the usual 8 - 12 Hrs of work at a desk, a total of up to 15Hrs a day. Not that unusual for many office workers forced to commute. So a regime of exercise was essential to get any level of fitness and help to keep weight...
  18. Stroller

    The In-Between Places

    Count me in. There were places I walked through just because it was "to early to stop" even though there was no daily destination, I make no bookings. It would be good to set a daily upper limit of say 10kM and then stop.
  19. Stroller

    Pre-Camino walking regimes - are they worth it? Do they work? Are they needed?

    Try this if you are starting from scratch. I suggest you walk at your natural pace and ignore stroll, easy and brisk. The important thing is to walk.