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  1. Pierre Julian

    Mozarabe (from Malaga) by bike in June questions

    Hello, I'm arriving in Malaga on Wednesday. I wonder if anyone could anyone please give me any information about the following: Any ideas on bike hire in Malaga? What it's like cycling the Mozarabe from Malaga to either Cordoba or Merida? Is it possible to take bikes on buses or trains after...
  2. Pierre Julian

    Volunteering opportunities over the next few weeks / months?

    Many thanks both of you for your time in replying, I'll follow those up.
  3. Pierre Julian

    Volunteering opportunities over the next few weeks / months?

    Hello, can anyone please point me in the direction of any people / organisations / albergues / associations which might need some volunteer help? I'm hoping to get to Spain over the next few weeks and do some walking, but also want to spend time somewhere that I can practise Spanish as much as...
  4. Pierre Julian

    Monte de Gozo - statue commemorating visit of pope has been removed

    I saw the monument again a few months ago, it was very dilapidated and fenced off. I find it ugly and would like to see it removed from it's present location. However, it does also have lots of associations with the Camino for many people, it would be sort of nice to have it preserved somewhere...
  5. Pierre Julian

    A short (7-10 day) Camino over Christmas - which route/section?

    Hi Jozero, Covid makes things very different, however at normal times on the routes I mentioned I couldn't see many problems. It may be advisable to double check albergue opening in advance, especially for Christmas eve / day and public holidays, but I wouldn't think shops and bars would close...
  6. Pierre Julian

    A short (7-10 day) Camino over Christmas - which route/section?

    I did Pamplona to Santo Domingo in winter and it was lovely. But, the Via de la Plata, or Mozarabic from Malaga or Almeria would be my first choices as the weather in the south is so pleasant, and they're beautiful caminos. If you chose to walk from Almeria, the association there is incredibly...
  7. Pierre Julian

    Four Categories of Pilgrims

    Hi Terry, I like what you wrote. I agree about the general categories from my experience on the Camino. What you said was thoughtful, respectful and insightful. I'm sorry that some (it's only a few) other members aren't able to express differing opinions in respectful ways. Maybe you could...
  8. Pierre Julian

    News Related to the Future of Credencials

    Brusque - I agree, and not even a thanks to all the people who offered suggestions after. It's a forum about a country which speaks a different language, and it's not difficult to use an online translator.
  9. Pierre Julian

    Starting stamp

    At Asturias Airport I go my stamp from the Guardia Civil. They were really helpful and friendly, and I think they do it there a lot. I guess other airports would be the same.
  10. Pierre Julian

    Plea for patronising the albergues between the Gronze stages

    Isca I don't think you quite get the point of my post ... it was meant to be encouraging and positive to support struggling albergues. I disagree, there are enough people walking to make a difference.
  11. Pierre Julian

    Plea for patronising the albergues between the Gronze stages

    Which is why I'm encouraging future pilgrims to stay in these places over the next few months ... Many of them probably won't make it to next year if we don't make an effort to pass the word around. I also did Pamplona to Burgos a couple of weeks ago and was very saddened to see so many closed...
  12. Pierre Julian

    Link to resource about the new official route to Lavacolla avoiding Arzúa, St Irene & Pedrouzo

    I did it last year. It's a long day but really lovely. Plus - you avoid the litter, trail of used toilet paper, graffiti, noisy-party-pilgrims, groups of cyclists, cigarette smoke, hippies (and their guitars and mangy dogs) for one extra day. Surely worth it! By the way, I stayed at the...
  13. Pierre Julian

    Plea for patronising the albergues between the Gronze stages

    I have just been walking a section of the Northern Camino. Unfortunately, so many people follow the Gronze "official stages", which means that the albergues in between have very few visitors. This is a terrible shame because if this continues they will surely go out of business. In my opinion...
  14. Pierre Julian

    Poll Do you prefer tags or the search function?

    I have similar difficulties scrolling through every section and thread and post to find an answer. I often just end up starting a new thread with my question. When I try to use the "search", it doesn't seem very comprehensive. Searching for information is really what I use this site for most...
  15. Pierre Julian

    Getting a credencial in Bilbao

    That's my back up plan!
  16. Pierre Julian

    Getting a credencial in Bilbao

    Hi Arthur, I'll definitely check that out. Thanks for letting me know v. I've been here many times - but struck by how quiet it is this evening. Just masked locals walking around. So lovely to be back. Though I'm still not sure which Camino I'm doing!
  17. Pierre Julian

    Getting a credencial in Bilbao

    Thanks, that's what I thought, but with so many places shut and everything so uncertain these days I wasn't sure. The cathedral is shut this afternoon and doesn't open till 11 tomorrow. Maybe someone might know somewhere else? Thanks
  18. Pierre Julian

    Getting a credencial in Bilbao

    Hi, does anyone know where I can get a credencial at Bilbao tomorrow (Monday) please?
  19. Pierre Julian

    Northern Camino or Olvidado and Invierno?

    Thanks Jill and VN, great advice.
  20. Pierre Julian

    Navigating my way around the forum, and questions

    Thanks, I've only walked out of Bilbao on one route, the east side of the river. I actually didn't mind it because there some interesting river buildings and old docks to look at, it was fun walking along that wall by the side of the road too, and I loved crossing the moving bridge into...