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  1. NorwegianWalker

    Camino Frances is done, but I know sometime I will be back, but what should be next?

    Those are questions I can not answer right now, but sooner rather than later I hope to :-)
  2. NorwegianWalker

    Has anyone had a haircut on the Camino?

    Oh yes, I had my hair cut " commando style" 5 Euros is what I paid and I used a mixture between English and mute language, it worked out just perfect :-)
  3. NorwegianWalker

    Camino Frances is done, but I know sometime I will be back, but what should be next?

    What an awesome experience and what a wonderful way to get to meet so many different types of beautiful people. But one day I will be back, Camino Frances gave me exactly what I needed and now I need a new way to go or a different Camino to walk? Any suggestions would be appreciated so please...
  4. NorwegianWalker

    Camino is a no go

    I will pray for you, and I wish you health and prosperity. Sincerely NorwegianWalker
  5. NorwegianWalker

    Hi, I saw dolphins in Finisterre, but I don't remember the name of the beach the dolphins were in.

    Hi, if you have sighted a group of dolphins and know the name of the beach, please let me know? Sincerely NorwegianWalker
  6. NorwegianWalker

    Has my Camino dream been broken?

    Hi you do not have to walk it again, but if you do 10 to 20 kilometer per day will get you there I'm hope and pray for you.
  7. NorwegianWalker

    I will be back.

    Thankful for the Camino Frances. I pray for love and Universal order. To my Padre I pray. Sincerely NorwegianWalker
  8. NorwegianWalker

    Finisterra at 0540 today.

    At time this morning I did not know. But the place special. I went to closed to public or perigrino. To go to the best places but also some prohibit are very beautiful that time and that's why I knew. Was ment to be there and I had to cry. Sincerely NorwegianWalker
  9. NorwegianWalker

    LIVE from the Camino End of the road...Santiago de Compostela (desde 31/05)

    Hi, what is Your top 3 amongst alot would you recommend me doing? Heard about The Familia? Take care Sincerely NorwegianWalker
  10. NorwegianWalker

    thanks to all my Camino family. I need advice?

    Hi Rachel I would absolutely love to do more things here in Fisterra. I would even love to do a walk with you here in Fisterra today or tomorrow? Sincerely Norwegianwalker
  11. NorwegianWalker

    thanks to all my Camino family. I need advice?

    Hi, I have come to Finisterre, I have spent 2 days and now I'm ready to San add Sebastian for 6 days before our journey ends. Any, advice will be respectfully greeted. Buen Camino! Norwayoa pi lo n
  12. NorwegianWalker

    Dear Camino family

    I'm two days walk from Santiago What a beautiful Journey. Love you all. Any last advice for my stay here in Spain would be greatly appreciated. I'm going back 10 of June and thinking of spending a few days at the end of the world. Buen Camino Sincerely NorwegianWalker
  13. NorwegianWalker

    Bad experience Logrono

    I see your point but he was angry and violent towards a pilgrim, so as I see it he would be perfect volunteer for bad prisoners. Pilgrims should not experience angry behavior, but told in a manner so whatever wrongdoings can be corrected in a orderly manner and not by yelling and nasty behavior...
  14. NorwegianWalker

    Bad experience Logrono

    I I think I know who you talking about, awful person with no regard for anyone but himself. Old man like that should work in prison and handle criminal inmates. He is an awful hater towards pilgrims and I do not know why he is involved with an albergue Shame on him :-(
  15. NorwegianWalker

    I'm in Léon and would like to know how the Camino Frances is all the way to Santiago.

    Dear Camino family please let me know what to expect and if I should be aware of things I should be prepared for? Thanks for any information that may be of interest. God bless you all, Amen Sincerely NorwegianWalker
  16. NorwegianWalker

    Spending the night in Navarrete.

    Hi, and yes the tapas are amazingly delicious.
  17. NorwegianWalker

    Spending the night in Navarrete.

    Hi Camino family, I'm spending the night in Navarrete and everything is right on schedule. If anyone can tell me a little of what's to come or look forward to seeing or doing I would appreciate? Take care you all and Buen Camino Mvh. NorwegianWalker
  18. NorwegianWalker

    Information for a place to overnight in Biarritz

    I came in late to Biarritz airport and got great information about a youth hotel for 22 Euro breakfast included, the place is Auberge de Jeunesse d'Anglet (pilgrim passport is accepted), it was after 2100 in the evening so no busses, but only two kilometers away. Being tired after flying all day...