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    Best blog ever - Camino de Madrid

    If anyone (not too many please) wants to walk this way then Ali's is the finest blog about it. Articulate, chatty, with excellent pics, you'll do no better. Thanks Ali - I admit to being a bit choked when I read your blog; this is a fine route, isn't it?
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    Never give up

    In Bourgogne there is a church, and this is its history: 1131 built 1180 burned 1190 rebuilt 1350-1364 burned, robbed 1475 destroyed by Louis XI 1495 -1560 rebuilt 1563 damaged by Huguenots 1582 restored 1799 damaged during 'The Terror' 1894 restored
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    The Narrow Road to the Deep North

    Those who like Japanese literature will recognise the title...I read it before this camino and felt an affinity somewhat with this 16th century (?) poet. You might care to read it, for the Camino de Madrid is also a narrow road to the deep north. Inspired by Basho, I wanted to keep a wonderful...
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    Canal route alternatives

    I was asked in a PM about alternatives to the canal route from Medina de Rioseca....there is a old rail line from Medina to Cuenca which is marked on the map as a camino. There is also the route to Burrueces, then Moral de la Reina, then Cuenca. The map I have is from the Association Amigos de...
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    Some points on the CM.

    CMac has posted great up to date info which I can only confirm. In Manzanares go to the Casa del Paroccia Cura off the main Plaza for the key of the ermita. See my earlier post for snags. Cercedilla -there are two albergues juvenil. At the top of the pass of FuenFria pause a moment at the...
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    Tres cantos and Manzarenes albergues

    Hi Peregrina and anyone coming here; . This ajust rapid note to help you avoid an end of day problem. The Alkbergue in Tres Cantos will only let you in at midnight, and you must be out by 7 am. The alb is in the Ayuntamiento building and you have to get the attention of the policeman at the...
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    This morning...

    This morning as I sat up in bed, I looked through the window and saw two pilgrims winding their way up the lane - an older couple, guidebook in hand. It was early, the start of their day, so I simply wished a 'bon chemin' from an upstairs window and gave them the right direction, as they...
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    The Turin Shroud enigma, OK; but the camino mystery?

    Both are mysterious to me, at least. Like many people here, I've walked some interesting paths of the world, and like many here, I've walked a number of caminos, I return, and continue to do so. Yet - I can't quite put my finger on what it is that makes the caminos special. I hope I've passed...
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    Three reasons to go on pilgrimage; you may have more

    1 The Mayan calendar says the world will end in 2012. That's one reason. 2 A US preacher, (forgot his name,) promises that the world will end this May 21st. Then, he says, all those who believe in the Bible in the way that he does will be "raptured", ie will ascend into heaven, leaving the...
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    Camino de Santiago - a wake up call

    When you wake in the morning in a refugio, would you prefer to be wakened by music? Such as.. *Gregorian chant *Syrian Christian sacred chant (Melchite) *No music at all... A very long time ago in San Juan de Ortega, I was wakened by Gregorian chant...I have never forgotten that. Some may...
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    Pensionistas+ALSA+reduced fares

    If you are over 60 and want up to 40% reduced bus fares in Spain go to and find the 'Offers' section on their home page. You can sign up online for your free "BusPlus" card. I've just found this today so I don't yet know if the card comes by post or as an online printoff.
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    Destruction of pilgrim trails in France?

    I thought I'd get involved in marking (balisage) the way- the GR, in France and then I remembered that the marked footpaths are being destroyed by offroad motorcycles. These motos use the GRs, and I wont take part in helping them ruin the paths. I saw a magazine which wrote of riding up from...
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    Mme Lourdes/Debril/1st pilgrimage/ 1st time pilgrims

    A while ago somebody made a post complaining that some people made one camino and then moved on to other things. It was a bit dismissive, at least. I think that those who do one camino and move on have the right idea, taking their camino back to their normal lives, leaving behind the memories...
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    Via Lusitana....

    Has anyone any comments on this inland way from the south of Portugal, from Faro i believe. Its written about in German pilger guides.
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    Flights and walking poles a no-no

    I was unable to take my walking pole on as cabin luggage with Ryanair from SDC to Madrid. It has been said on the forum that there was no problem here, but I had to dump mine. The only way they do it is as hold luggage. 40 euros. I wasnt a happy bunny. I´ll go back to cutting a stick next time.
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    Stephen Hawking on the Camino? or how the SJ told porky pies

    On the 22nd Feb, coming out of the cathedral, I saw a poster for a talk that evening, in a building on a square (Immaculada?) next to the cathedral. It said "A Talk with Stephen Hawking and Professor X ?; -Confessions of Faith by Scientists-, presented by (I forget the name) someone of the...
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    An astonishing book on 'deep Spain'

    Now in SDC, I visited the Museum of Contemporary Art - well worth the visit for the building alone. In the bookshop there I saw a book of black and white photographs named "Transtempo" by Cristina Garcia Rodero, 40 euros. This is a collection of photos which reveals a Spain which few, if any...
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    Camino Ingles- a few comments on bits of a winter walk

    The beginning of this way is rather urbanised. Its not inspiring on a very wet and stormy day. Coming into Pontedeume turn right after the bridge to the Antiguas Longas to find the albergue. I think these are old storage depots from earlier times. Tel 981733039 or 630 609 756 to have it opened...
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    Isn't it a shame?

    On 23 Jan, there was a thread started about camino buffs i.e. fashion on the camino. Many women contributed. In fact , to date, there were 2500 views and 70 responses. There was excitement about design. Someone said they were so excited. On 4 February, there was a thread started by a woman...
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    Camino Francés to be abandoned?

    It's been a long time since I last walked the CF, from Le Puy, and also from Jaca. Especially in France, I hardly met another pilg. In Spain I met many more, but never, even in July/August was there a bed problem (or bedbug problem) even tho' there were a lot less refugios. The nearest figures I...