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  1. Olivia Luna

    My equipment that people coveted

    Are you kidding??? I have to go confess I am so jealous of your pack LOL ¡Buen camino!
  2. Olivia Luna

    Privacy in alburgues/seeing more than one wants to see

    LOL, the snoring bit got me one night!! I no longer think my husband is the worst snorer in the world. This guy, in the lower bunk next to mine snored, snorted, and farted all night. I almost hurt myself trying not to laugh out loud. Thankfully, I sleep through anything so I eventually slept...
  3. Olivia Luna

    Rethinking plans (and baggage transport)

    We used transport when my knee gave in and then when my husband's shins could barely carry him, let alone his pack too. I was going to go on with my backpack as I was well by then... Until I caught a glare sent my way from the man (who probably should have been in a taxi too) that said loud and...
  4. Olivia Luna

    Why are you walking so slow, or did you train for this?

    Well, we walked slowly and stopped frequently. We did not want to miss a thing! It was so breath-taking and beautiful that at times I just had one word come through my thoughts, grace. I am so grateful, so deeply grateful for our camino.
  5. Olivia Luna

    A Blessed Feast of St. James to all!

    celebrated by making my first tarta... The stenciling needs further work, but the taste was perfect!!
  6. Olivia Luna

    Macabi skirt - I'm taking the plunge

    I wore my Macabi skirt every day I walked toward Santiago! The skirt kept me warm during the cold mornings (I wore leggings that doubled up as sleep wear on colder days), cool during the blistering heat, and dry when it poured rain because it dries before your eyes! I threaded a scarf through...
  7. Olivia Luna

    Swollen feet....

    Try compression socks or calf compression sleeves. I wore the sleeves every day and never had a moment's trouble with swelling, not even my feet. The farmacias might have them. I brought mine for the trip. I could feel my calves tingling along while I walked :-) ¡Buen camino!
  8. Olivia Luna

    Help Me Drop Some Pack Weight!

    I agree, one should not ditch everything assuming it is easily available in farmacias. Not all towns have farmacias and they might very well be closed when you find them.
  9. Olivia Luna

    Anyone do round trip out of Madrid?

    I Heard them speaking and advising a young couple in English and they were very helpful. So yes :-) The train ride was lovely! It was our Anniversary so we went first class - thus the nicer hotel in Madrid and such.
  10. Olivia Luna

    Disappointed with my hiking shoes

    I have to totally agree. I had no problems with my boots, no blisters, no shin splints, no swelling (I know freakish right?) except that I kept wishing I had running shoes instead of boots (ungrateful too LOL).
  11. Olivia Luna

    St.Anthony of Padua

    Sorry about the garbled message above. My key board bounces around in three different languages and the auto correct goes crazy. What I meant to say was that you could find San Antonio in just about all the churches as well as at the cathedral in Santiago. His capilla is to the left as you...
  12. Olivia Luna

    St.Anthony of Padua

    There was At just about every little. Hutch I stopped, as we las T the cathedral in Santiago, a capilla or retablo of San Antonio. He is recognized by several features. See some in the attached. ¡Buen camino!
  13. Olivia Luna

    Anyone do round trip out of Madrid?

    Train from Santiago. There is a RENFE office right next to the pilgrim's office in Santiago where we bought our tickets. We flew in and out of Barajas. In Madrid we stayed at Hotel Europa, they are pilgrim friendly and have a lower rate for us, but it is pricier. However, the location was worth...
  14. Olivia Luna

    Mold for top of tarta de Santiago

    Go into one of the bakeries and ask. If all else fails, buy stencil material and you can probably make one. Though it would be nice if yo can find it ready-made. Wish I had thought of that when I was there :-( I had to make my own. It works, a bit delicate to pull it off but it works. Burn camino
  15. Olivia Luna

    Help with lodging for the last few days into Santiago

    Hope this is helpful. Xan Xulián. Albergue A Obrigadoiro 34 676 59 69 75 Ribadiso de Baixo. Albergue Los Caminantes 34 647 02 06 00 (there is also a very nice municipal albergue there as well, it was full though) O Pedrouzo. Casal del Calma 34 680 910 676. 34 680 910 678 ( if you decide on...
  16. Olivia Luna

    How Does the Food Rate? Poll !

    I was not picky, but dear God!!!!! I was more concerned about the amount of food I was being served and the fact that I was eating it with no concern as to taste, contents, looks, or anything else except that I was ravenous LOL
  17. Olivia Luna

    Thefts of money in the municipal albergue in O'Cebreiro

    Perhaps, but then we will never know how many people we might have helped :-)
  18. Olivia Luna

    LIVE from the Camino When your Camino doesn't go 'as planned'

    Nine years ago, I was working out of the country in a country that holds my heart. I was so happy to have the chance to work there for one year and then one beautiful morning, while I was headed to buy fresh daisies from the flower vendor on the street, I fell, shattered my left ankle and...
  19. Olivia Luna

    21 days equipment checkout

    Two suggestions: 1- eyeglasses repair kit (small and handy for your sunglasses) 2 - consider using the smart phone flashlight app instead of a head lamp. ¡Buen camino!