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  1. Kitsambler

    Why do we walk?

    David Brooks quotes the Greeks: "We suffer our way to Wisdom." I think that describes my multi-year, multi-stage pilgrim experience pretty well. How about you?
  2. Kitsambler

    Summer heat forecast

    Plan ahead, carry water ...
  3. Kitsambler

    Where to cross the Rhone?

    For those who have actually walked the section crossing the Rhone: where did you cross, and how did that work for you? I know there are two crossings marked in the FFGR guide: one west of Clonas-sur-Vareze, and one further north at Les-Roches-de-Condrieu. The latter one seems way out-of-the-way...
  4. Kitsambler

    Maps: a Basic Skill

    I was a bit horrified at the statistic quoted here, but I suppose it must be an issue. Are you comfortable with reading maps?
  5. Kitsambler

    Le-Grand-Lemps to Clonasu

    The plan for this year was to walk from Le-Grand-Lemps, where I stopped in 2017, to Le-Puy-en-Velay, where I started all this in 2010. I knew temperatures in September might be warm, so I delayed travel until the middle of the month. Flew into and out of Lyon and made connections by rail with no...
  6. Kitsambler

    Unrest in Catalonia What's a pilgrim to do? Stay alert to the situation where you are, and where you plan to be...
  7. Kitsambler

    Spanish Villages for Sale For those who want to continue their Camino experience ...
  8. Kitsambler

    EPW Route for 2016

    The EPW organizers have announced some revisions on the front end of the core walking route for the 2016 season. Details here: This does not affect the previously announced scheme of three separate 8-day starting windows.
  9. Kitsambler


    I'm starting to plan for 2016 and it looks like Austria. Anyone with recommendations, referrals, or resources?
  10. Kitsambler

    Whether ... weather (Switz Sept 2015)

    While I have been planning to walk the Swiss Via Jacobi from Einsiedeln to Lausanne in September this year, I am becoming alarmed at the prolonged heat wave that has struck (not only in Europe but also here in Seattle). In most years the September weather in Switzerland would be more moderate...
  11. Kitsambler

    Jakobsweg from Nuremberg 2013

    So I'm off, arriving Nuremberg on Thursday and starting this year's walk on Friday. My tale is at the usual blog, linked in my signature block and here:
  12. Kitsambler

    Religious and Cultural Tourism

    Business is booming everywhere! Religious tourism is the fastest growing segment of the travel industry.
  13. Kitsambler

    Cooling Clothing

    Here in the US, equipment makers have come out with new clothing lines that claim to have an endothermic (heat-absorbing = body-cooling) effect. Ex Officio ( uses Xylitol in their process. Columbia...
  14. Kitsambler

    iPhone maps for Czech-German area

    Like so many technology puzzles, I have several pieces and perhaps someone else can help me put them together. I have an iPhone 4S, and have loaded the Open Maps and Fernwandern apps. I know Peter Robins has the routes (Prague-Tillyschanz and Oberpfalzer Jakobsweg) on his site. I would like to...
  15. Kitsambler

    Prague to Nuremburg - May 2012

    So ... it appears I will be in Prague on 15 May (conclusion of a cruise up the Elbe with my father, bless him , he turns 83 in January). I want to be in Paris on 14 June (opera schedule). So I could walk Prague to Nuremburg, then take a train to Paris. Or, I could take train to Geneva, and walk...
  16. Kitsambler

    Blog: Le Puy to SJPP, Sept 2010-11

    I walked from Le Puy to Cahors in September 2010, and from Cahors to St Jean Pied de Port in Sept-Oct 2011. You'll find the details and a few photos in my blog ( The cuisine details are extensive; I'm told reading this has a tendency to make one hungry.
  17. Kitsambler

    Leaving in 2 days

    I'm back in the groove again. Leaving Sunday, will be walking from Cahors starting 6 September. I've applied many lessons from last year's walk - here's hoping I make it to Ronceveaux!
  18. Kitsambler

    Best Rest Days in France?

    Last year I had terrific rest days in Conques and Moissac. Where should I take a rest day this year? Condom? Montreal du Gers? Someplace else?
  19. Kitsambler

    Tendonitis: bane of pilgrims

    While I didn't need or seek medical attention on last year's walk, there were many days with considerable pain or discomfort. Here are some resources I found helpful (from Plantar fasciitis is pain in the arch or just in front of the heel of the foot...
  20. Kitsambler

    Market Schedules in France

    For the entire Midi-Pyrenees region: For Dordogne, Gironde, and Lot-et-Garonne areas: For Limousin and the Massif Central region...