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  1. GunnarW

    Camino Lemovicensis / section Vézelay - Limoges / sept-oct 2016

    Hello, I did the section Vézelay till Limoges in september/october 2016 in 14 days. The walked distance was 447km. I will post some pictures and leave some comments on regulary base. The guide I used is distributed by Lepère Editions. It's also written in French. Like in the Miam Miam Do Do...
  2. GunnarW

    Some info about the Via Campaniensis (Rocroi-Vézelay)

    I walked from Couvin (border Belgium) to Rocroi (border France) till Vezelay. This route is called the Via Campaniensis. The association RP51 which means Randonneurs et Pélerins (from the department) 51 is taking care of the camino. They made a guide with maps, addresses and things to see. The...
  3. GunnarW

    The camino between Holland and France - part 6

    I still have 20 days of vacation to spend this year so I decided to walk the Via Brabantica in stages. This means I take the train/bus till the start point and take another train/bus back home after the walk. A few days later I start walking where I stopped earlier. I started in Zandvliet just...
  4. GunnarW

    GPS tracks available of El Salvador select EDITION choose SECOND EDITION Follow link below: GPS tracks Download the zipfile. In 2011, when I did the Camino Del Salvador, I recorded the route. There were some errors in the tracks because the receiver shut down a few times. I corrected the errors manually...
  5. GunnarW

    Radio Buen Camino on El Salvador in 7 parts

    Our adventure on El Salvador in 7 parts (15 till 21). Part 15: Esmine & Gunnar arrived in León and will begin their camino the day after. Click on the link. Spoken in Dutch and some other languages. Always subtitled in English. More will follow the coming weeks. UPDATE...
  6. GunnarW

    Starting the camino in BRUSSELS (Belgium)

    During the lunch break at work, sometimes I go out for a little walk. I noticed on the Grand Place of Brussels a camino shell marker, so I start to search for the way. It's not so easy to spot the markers. The camino to Santiago follows the GR route but not for 100% The shells are pointing the...
  7. GunnarW

    Did someone already take the train between Oviedo-León?

    Did someone already take the train between Oviedo-León? The train track follows +/- the N630. Except between Pajares and Campomanes. It seems that the track engineers had fun during the design/construction. If you look at the map. After Pajares, the track curves in the mountains and has a lot of...
  8. GunnarW

    The things I missed ... and now found

    I missed two things during our Camino del Salvador, both just after Olloniego. 1) I missed the old "dried" bridge. I took a picture of the 2 towers but didn't notice the bridge. If I would walk a little bit further and look behind me, I would see the bridge. Here is the picture from Google...
  9. GunnarW

    Samiguel Del Río

    San Miguel Del Río. It's the pueblo you will reach when you carefully walk down (early in the morning) after Pajares. When you quit San Miguel, you will see this agglomeration sign. Well you have to look behind you as you quit the pueblo. On the sign is written "Samiguel del Río". I know that in...
  10. GunnarW

    Quiz El Salvador - Ave Maria

    Let's do a little quiz. Let's see if our members do remember the places where they noticed little statues and other artful creatures about Maria & Jesus. I uploaded 6 pictures in random order. Can you remember the place where I took the pictures? Each good answer will give you points. In case...
  11. GunnarW

    Map "Buiza - Arbas del Puerto" - download here

    And here is the map Buiza - Arbas del Puerto to download. Thank you to all the members to post beautiful pictures. (if there is someone who downloaded the map <4 min after the creation of this message, please download again and you get the latest version)
  12. GunnarW

    HELP -- from Buiza till Arbas del Puerto

    And here we are again to discuss on an important section of the Camino del Salvador. Buiza till Arbas del Puerto. This is the first section in the mountains. Only Poladura de la Tercia has an albergue and a casa rural/bar. Can all of you write down your adventures on this section? When did you...
  13. GunnarW

    Map "Puerto de Pajares" - download here

    Please find here as promised a detailed map at the Puerto de Pajares. It's 3 pages.
  14. GunnarW

    From the Puerto de Pajares to the Pueblo de Pajares on the Salvador --- PART2

    I open a new thread to check if there isn’t a fourth way to walk from the old parador till Pajares. Please check to understand the history. Yesterday I started editing...
  15. GunnarW

    Santa Cristina and her corners

    I counted the corners of the old raman church Santa Cristina from pictures and videos I took. It should be 365. Started counting from the corner of the door (corner 83) till the half of the church at the opposite direction. I counted 83 corners. Multiply by 2 is 166 corners. Where are the 199...
  16. GunnarW

    Oviedo - audioguide

    In the oficina de turismo of Oviedo, there is a leaflet available that promotes the audioguide of Oviedo. There is a QR code you can scan with your smartphone if you have one. You can also listen to the audioguide here: 6 languages available. You can listen to it...
  17. GunnarW

    Pictures of El Salvador on

    Hello, Surf to, select NEWS and select Second edition (read more). The first 52 pictures of the Camino Del Salvador are available. UPDATE 29/08/2013: the first 76 pictures are available
  18. GunnarW

    El Salvador con mi mujer

    For the moment, I m doing the Salvador with my wife Esmine. This is a very nice camino. We are now in Pajares. There are something like 5 peregrinos doing the camino. If everything goes fine, there will be a second Radio Buen Camino. Till soon.
  19. GunnarW

    washing machines on El Salvador?

    I would like to know if there are albergues/hostals where a washing machine is available. Or did you notice a laundry in one of the small villages?
  20. GunnarW

    Site a link with a huge library!

    I don't think this info is already shared. On the portal site, there is a lot of information. Also about the Cami Catalan. Finding the right information is not so easy (for me) starting from the home page. But within 24 hours, I got the info I needed from the Direcció...