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  1. fraluchi

    Santiago de Compostela YouTube video

    Posted two days ago: Latest Camino video
  2. fraluchi

    Santiago to Rome

    Two days ago Sara started Santiago to Rome from Murcia. The Camino "backwards" so to speak, though in the past (before GPS etc.) many pilgrims obviously had to find their way back home. The initiative is Italian, and thus you can brush up your linguistic knowledge before going to Rome. Shall I...
  3. fraluchi

    Logroño protest

    The El Pais newspaper ran an article yesterday (22 July 2917) about the protests in Logroño with the purpose of changing the "Camino" away from the town center. The following is a (partial) translation of the article: [They did not seek to end the ancestral pilgrimage route, but to denounce that...
  4. fraluchi

    Pilgrim arrivals statistics 1st semester 2017

    For the first semester of 2017, the Pilgrims’ Office in Santiago de Compostela recorded 112.120 arrivals. Compared to the same period in 2016 (101.064) this represents an 11% increase. The trend over the last 5 years has been an average 10 % increase compared to each previous year, except...
  5. fraluchi

    Pilgrim arrivals statistics 2017

    Pilgrim arrivals – January to April 2017 Total arrivals for the first quarter of 2017: 35’155 This is an increase of 20% compared to arrivals during the same period in 2016. The mix of locals and foreigners has not changed from last year’s: (45% Spanish, 55% foreigners). However the mix in age...
  6. fraluchi

    Pilgrimage back home from Santiago

    Next year (2018) I'll be 80 young and after many Caminos since 2007 I think it to be time and return "home" from a last pilgrimage. I should fly to Santiago de Compostela, walk to Pamplona, from where to fly back home. I hope to still be very fit for walking, but the transatlantic flights...
  7. fraluchi

    Camino statistics Jan - Apr 2016

    Pilgrim arrivals in Santiago between 01.01.2016 and 30.04.2016 were 29’203, up 14% (3’640) compared to the same period in 2015 (25’563). The largest increases, compared to last year’s numbers, were on the Portugués, the Via de la Plata (25%), the Inglés (29%) and the Primitivo (7%). Amazingly...
  8. fraluchi

    Credencial in Lugo (primitivo)

    From today's Voz de Galicia: (February 17, 2016) The Archbishop of Santiago rejects pilgrims leaving Lugo with a credential endorsed by the bishopry of Lugo. This was announced by the coordinator of the Pilgrim Office of Santiago de Compostela, Montserrat Diaz, in a public statement to the...
  9. fraluchi

    Pilgrim arrival statistics - August 2015

    Pilgrim arrivals registered at the Oficina de Peregrinos in Santiago during August 2015 were 54’795. Those numbers represent a 7% increase compared to the arrivals in August 2014 (51’219). 33’759 Pilgrims walked the Camino Francés during August (65% of all arrivals), 220 less than those during...
  10. fraluchi

    Pilgrim Statistics Jan-Apr 2014

    All statistical information can be found on January to April 2014 arrivals at Santiago de Compostela Pilgrims’ Office During this year’s first 4months, 22’354 people registered at the Camino pilgrims’ office in Santiago de Compostela. This represents an overall...
  11. fraluchi

    Internet in Galicia albergues

    The Xunta de Galicia approved yesterday (March 13) that by 2015 all albergues (in Galicia) shall have WiFi, and that by 2016 it would be possible to obtain the Compostela electronically. Read the article...
  12. fraluchi

    Pilgrim arrivals in Santiago - 2012

    According to La Voz de Galicia newspaper, 192'560 pilgrim arrivals were registered in 2012. For a comprehensive update, check
  13. fraluchi

    Pilgrimages are booming On the occasion of an exhibition on pilgrimages until March 2013 in Basel (Switzerland), this article elaborates on changes in intents and purposes of the Camino de Santiago. “Pilgrimages are booming” exhibition until 3 March 2013, Museum der Kulturen, Münsterplatz...
  14. fraluchi

    Weather forecast - Pamplona week 37/38

    It looks like hot weather again this year: :o ... na-id31201 Use this link for constant weather information and weekly forecast in all municipalities of Spain. Pretty good predictions in my experience. :)
  15. fraluchi

    Temperatures forecast - first week of September 2012

    It looks as if this year's September is going to be like in 2011: often unbearably hot. Aemet daytime temperature forecasts (Centigrades) for this coming week are: Pamplona between 28 and 32 degrees Burgos between 24 and 28 degrees Leon between 24 and 28 degrees Santiago between 25 and 27...
  16. fraluchi

    Pilgrims statistics - July & August 2012

    The pilgrims' office in Santiago has already published the statistics for August. :D July and August 2012 figures, compared to those of 2011, show a few interesting changes: 1) Foreigners have increased, both in comparative numbers and in percentage of the monthly totals; (Spanish pilgrims...