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  1. Pathfinder075

    Passport control issues - Are they affecting inbound pilgrims

    More specifically, has anyone entered Spain via the ferry terminal at Santander/Bilbao in the last week. Have you been subject to these multi-hour waits that are being reported at present? For foot passengers entering at Santander I don't see their being any possibility of a multi-hour wait...
  2. Pathfinder075

    Should be starting Primitivo at the start of October

    All my plans this year fell through, took on a bunch of unsuitable jobs, and everything essentially went to hell. But life is now back to normal. So I am going to do a short session this year. I have a month to play with. Booked a ferry to Santander at the start of October, and will get a...
  3. Pathfinder075

    Intention to walk Madrid to Santiago in May

    Been musing over whether to do Primitivo in May or just rip out something larger, and I've decided to try the Madrid route. I am looking at a route that will take in several routes. For starters, Madrid to Sahagun. Then follow Frances to Ponferrada. Then the Invierno route until somewhere...
  4. Pathfinder075

    The mess that is my first camino

    It started with lots of plans to walk this and walk that, and do a full camino, and now I finally reach a point where I will be committing to it, albeit a much smaller cut down version. So my history and issues are scatted throughout threads on this forum. I found a job I enjoyed doing, then...
  5. Pathfinder075

    Lisbon to Santiago via Fatima (in Oct/Nov)

    So i guess i should start a thread. I was originally going to walk a hybrid of the Norte/Primitivo, but since im walking somewhat later in the year (on the advice of some of the veterans of the site), I am now in thinking it may be better to start more southerly and try and pick up some warmth...
  6. Pathfinder075

    Wild camping and legal alternatives

    Is their an alternative to wild camping for those that have to wild camp out of necessity? Do certain albergue allow a person to pitch a tent outside rather than sleep inside. Through necessity i cant sleep in shared sleeping space, and am not rich enough to afford hotels. Also from what ive...
  7. Pathfinder075

    Multiple Severe Allergies and other problems

    My intention is to walk from Lourdes in early September, but at the minute my medical problems are putting a dampener on the planning. Has anyone (on here) done the walk with a severe anaphlaxis problem to multiple allergens? I am allergic to nuts, olives, sesame, almonds and a multitude of...