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  1. Pieces

    The lesson of the cow

    The first time I heard of the Camino was back in 98 when I was responsible for the travel book department in a large bookshop. I did not really give it much thought, and the books we stocked seemed a little bit strange and not really able to give proper guidance. Also, they seemed to be of a...
  2. Pieces

    more on backpacks size vs weight

    Hi, I am really og seven minds. I have 2 backpacks, one large and one small. The small weighs 600 grams less than the larger one. All my stuff fits in both but in the small one there is not much extra room so I would maybe have to cut my baquette in 2 in order to fit it. Which would you choose...
  3. Pieces


    Was planning on doing the Salvador-primitivo-Muxia starting sept. 21st but due for different reasons I never got any trainong done and I would be kidding myself if I thought that was going to change much in the next couple of weeks. I have done the CP & parts og CF incl SJPDP to Roncevalles...
  4. Pieces

    Convent of the Madres Benedictinas Leon

    Would anyone know how late it is possible to arrive I come into the train station at 10,30 pm. Also what time will they open in the morning. Not for staying but for buying passports please if it is not possible to arrive that late
  5. Pieces

    Stages website

    I used to know this great website where you could plot in your starting point (by marking it in a premade scheduele) and then plan your stages from here. It was a fairly simple tool. But I cannot seem to find it. Anyone please?
  6. Pieces

    The Camino Curse

    In 2011 I walked my first Camino, something I wanted to do since the midnineties, but kinda forgot about for a while. Due to an injury I ended up walking from Porto to Santiago instead of walking the Primitivo as planned, and then having time to spare went to Burgos and walked to Astorga before...
  7. Pieces

    Camino da Fe

    Have anyone any experience with this route ?
  8. Pieces

    Osprey Hornet

    I have my eye on the new Osprey Hornet 32 which is only about 600 grams, does anyone have experince with this model ?
  9. Pieces

    The Camino Space-time continuum

    Just returned from 3 weeks on the Camino Frances and it feels like I never left my house... I look at the pictures my friends are uploading on facebook and think that I must have seen that too... But I don't remember... While I was there it felt as if I had no other life and as if I had...
  10. Pieces

    Checking in - no checked luggage

    So, have become uncertain if I will have to go to the check in counter if I check in online and have no luggage. (I always have previously as I have always had luggage) Or do I just go straight to security ? Flying out of CDG Paris with Easy Jet domestic
  11. Pieces

    How do you continue if you are injured

    Finally finished with exams I have the energy to focus on the fact that I will begin walking in just under 2 weeks. Having had both a job and been studying I have had absolutely no practice walks what-so-ever which leaves me a bit apprehensive (and with shoes that hasn't been broken in) Thing...
  12. Pieces

    Transport Biarritz - SJPdP evening of June 15th

    Hi All I have booked transport for SJPdP on the evening of Friday June 15th arriving on the easy jet at 19,55 I can see Caroline still has more space, so If you arrive at that time you can still book at €33 less if there are more of you...
  13. Pieces

    Music to keep you going

    Last year, when i was walking injured, i found that one of the things that kept me going was music. Especially music that made me want to sing and walk in tune, also because the change in gait that comes from bend knees actually releived my pain immensely. So, this year I will make a playlist...
  14. Pieces

    Suggestion for the transport forum

    seems like a lot of people are looking for people to share rides with on the transport forum, would it be a good idea to make a stickypost with a calender where one could note place, date and time for when one was searching for sharers. I dont know of such a calender but I think there must be...
  15. Pieces

    New shoes

    I think I have decided that new shoes are in order for this years Camino even if i was very happy last year with my Salomon speed cross (no blisters and all together happy feet). I do however, think they wear down a bit too fast and also I am afraid that the fact that they were made for people...
  16. Pieces

    Getting to Oviedo (Asturias)

    Does anyone know how difficult it is to get from the Camino Frances (app due south of Oviedo +/- 100) to Oviedo and also from Santiago to Oviedo by public transport ?
  17. Pieces

    connecting the dots

    so i have booked my ooutbound flight, and will be landing in Biarritz on the evening og june 15th. After readin a few posts i tried to book a bed at E'sprit de chemin, but they dont take reservations for noneaters, my next choice was L’auberge du pèlerin but the case seems to be the same here...
  18. Pieces

    The Change

    She knows something has happened, but she isn't sure quite what it is. She feels it when ever she meets other people. The women are more open and talkative the men more forthcoming and smiling. She has changed and she knows it, but she doesn't know exactly how. Sometimes when she sits alone at...
  19. Pieces

    The mugging of the mad Peregrina

    I wasn't really sure if I wanted to share this story as I don't really think it is a camino incident more of a "big city" incident, but as it has allready been written I may as well. Hopefully the turn of events will prevent the culprit from like actions in the future... So, it is very very...
  20. Pieces

    Fitting my backpack

    I bought an Osprey Tallon 44 and am very happy with it. I can easily carry what I want to bring on the sholders, but figured the hipbelt is there for a reason. Now, twice, when I have been out training I have ended up with bad pains in my hips pulling down towards my knee, and somewhat towards...