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  1. lizlane

    Best way to Get to Roncesvalles Without Entering France

    What is the best way to get to Roncesvalles NOT coming from SJPP? With the announcement of June 7th border relaxation, I finally after 8 LONG years of waiting, longing, hoping and dreaming, I have the money, the time and most importantly a dog-sitter/house-sitter lined up and ready to go. I'm...
  2. lizlane

    Pilgrims And Tourists to PAY, Except to Pray, to visit the Cathedral in Lugo

    Here is the link for the article I just read: I'm really not sure what to think except what I'm reading can't possibly be true but I keep reading and re-reading to make sure I'm reading it...
  3. lizlane

    Fear NOT...Solo Hiker's Best Whistle for Safety

    I bought this whistle for personal safety for my training and to wear on the Camino. It weighs one ounce. If a flasher exposes their person to you in the city, this whistle is so supremely loud, I only blow it at public pools to scare the kids and out in the country so I will be practiced in...
  4. lizlane

    For the Women Only...Walking With DD Breasts

    Greetings from America, ladies! Due to circumstances beyond my control, I will not be free to leave the country to walk my Camino until after June 3rd. I was hoping to walk in May but I'm required to be here to finish settling my mom's estate, which won't be possible until after the June 3rd...
  5. lizlane

    Best Camino Videos...EVER....IYHO!

    I searched the threads but could see nothing related to this particular topic. Beyond the movie "The Way" which I have watched so often I can do the dialogue of whole scenes, I was curious to what other youtube videos (besides your own that you lived/walked/filmed) that keep you motivated. Here...
  6. lizlane

    Is Courtesy Still Alive on the Camino? A Pre-Bookers Rant and more...

    This post is going to contain some ranting. It's coming from fear. I've waited 7 years to finally have my opportunity for the Camino. I am hoping to leave in May but given what I've seen in all the FB groups on the Camino, there is a new trend that wasnt around in 2012 when I first got the call...
  7. lizlane

    Hiking Through... by Paul Stutzman

    "Hiking Through: One Man's Journey to Peace and Freedom on the Appalachian Trail." This book, while it is not a book about walking the Way of St. James, is a great book for anyone who is examining their reasons for walking a spiritual journey. The author shares his experience of walking the...
  8. lizlane

    Did your Camino fail or exceed your expectations?

    Did your Camino fail to meet your expectations? If so why? The good, the bad, the ugly. Or...Did your Camino exced your expectations? If so why? The good, the bad, the ugly. All views are welcome but please discuss your experience not other henceforth nameless bloggers. (Please it's time to...