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    Astorga-rejoining route from uk

    Thank you, when I left last time I did this , I was hoping there might be an alternative, I found Madrid airport a nightmare! I was traveling with a Norwegian airline that was quite a distance from where bus from astorga dropped me at one part of airport, got home eventually!!
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    Headed out mid October. Anyone else?

    I’m going to complete my Camino starting end of September from astorga, guess it’s a bit early for you?
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    Starting from Astorga on 24 Dec - request for input

    Hi falcon am doing astorga route in October any suggestions of getting there am travelling from SW UK
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    Astorga-rejoining route from uk

    I left the Camino 4 years ago at astorga due to personal circumstances, now I wish to complete this, any suggestions of easiest, cheapest, quickest routes to get to Astorga so I can complete this? I live in the south west of uk, any suggestions really welcome
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    Just the Backpack and Me

    that's amazing you are training with that already, I have always hated carrying a load, but put myself in training just increasing my load gently, I know the coast you walk on so if you can do that - you will be fine, it was a bit of a shell shock (mainly the heat in September when I did it) but...
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    Sock problem

    I never got blisters - so here are my thoughts thin liner sock and then top sock pref the type you have been recommended, and I took out the original inner soles of my boots (forget the inner soles that all these manufacturers tell you they have put in them) and bought the best soles I could...
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    September-October 2015

    I went at that time last year and found it pleasant for walking, do take some wet weather gear (I didn't have a great success with poncho) also get good insoles for your boots , an additional expense but worth it, never had a blister, travel with a light pack, I weighed everything fastidiously...
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    Medical Insurance

    I too am from the UK , and walked the Camino last year, got my EHIC (not really adequate) but did take additional insurance for a pre-existing condition with PJH in Sussex adventure/sports insurance specialists - very reasonable and worth the peace of mind - approximately £90 for 5 weeks
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    So nervous about first night in SJPP

    Hotel remparts - very affordable
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    3 days is this normal

    that goes some way to be reassuring!
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    Offering Spanish Sim cards ("pay as you go")?

    thank you and offering this service for the future is a great idea
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    3 days is this normal

    me too! leaving on the 20th from St Jean
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    Offering Spanish Sim cards ("pay as you go")?

    is there anywhere in St Jean I can get one? Or do I have to wait until I am in Spain - thanks Annie
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    Offering Spanish Sim cards ("pay as you go")?

    Ivar is there anywhere I can get on asap ? I am starting on the 20th from St jean - thank you Annie
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    'Camigos' in south Devon 2014

    thank you so much jenny for your good wishes - I so hope that I can do it! A x
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    'Camigos' in south Devon 2014

    Hi starting the 20th ! nervous etc! Look forward to meeting you
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    Starting in SJPdP over the pyrenees for the not so fit

    that small road you mention, how much longer is it?