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  1. Marc S.

    Poll CdM vs CdF for a first timer in march.

    There are enough albergues between Somport and Puenta la Reina on the Aragones (some really nice ones), although you may want to check how they are doing because of covid. You can find an overview here. But I realize now that there may be snow in March (at...
  2. Marc S.

    Poll CdM vs CdF for a first timer in march.

    I am not putting in a vote, as I have not walked the Madrid (so I can not really say anything about it). But - concerning the crowdedness of the CF - I do not think it is very busy if you walk in March. I do not have the crystal ball for March 2022 of course. But in 2019, 3700 pilgrims arrived...
  3. Marc S.

    Pros and Cons of Portuguese Caminos

    Nick, looking forward to reading your future article & it is really nice to learn more about the Portuguese caminho's. I have only walked the CP from Porto (not the VE) and would definitely include the historical towns (Ponte de Lima, Padron) as a pro - but that is my personal opinion. Apart...
  4. Marc S.

    Del Norte ? Frances ? Or Portuguese ?...Oh no it’s Ok I think I’ve made up my mind

    Hi James. Of course I do not have the crystal ball, but I enjoy playing around with numbers. So... In August 2021, 7736 pilgrims arrived in SdC (via the Camino Portuguese). In pre-covid August 2019 this was 12.795. So although it is a decrease of 40 %, this still seems a decent amount of people...
  5. Marc S.

    Via Regia/ Der Ökumenische Pilgerweg - I'm starting a new thread

    Seems there are many ways to get lost near Tauscha. There is a cabin in the forest where one has to turn right. I didn't, but went straight ahead as it seemed the logical way to go. After walking for an hour, I was relieved to leave the forest and to enter a village, only to find out it was not...
  6. Marc S.

    Via Regia/ Der Ökumenische Pilgerweg - I'm starting a new thread

    Hi florrod. Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing your experience. I totally agree with your appreciation of the beauty and heritage of the Via Regia & of the albergues as a more 'grassroots' experience. You mention some other things that I experienced differently. Food was not a...
  7. Marc S.

    Jacobs Way (Jokobswege), Germany

    Perhaps I am going slightly off topic, but - as the topic of this thread was rather general anyway - I think it is worth adding the following. For anyone considering walking the Via Regia, it is worth stressing that there is still a wide range of pilgrim lodgings available. The list of...
  8. Marc S.

    Jacobs Way (Jokobswege), Germany

    Since I discovered the Jakobswege in Germany, a whole new world has opened up for me as there are just so many possibilities. Do you know this website - it gives you an idea. Some knowledge of German is probably necessary though for...
  9. Marc S.

    Advice requested for solo pilgrim - Somport start

    Really good decision to walk the Aragones - I enjoyed it very much. I started from Somport and found waymarking excellent, so I would not worry too much about getting lost or the terrain being too mountainous. I did not walk to San Juan de Pena though, so I can not comment on this particular...
  10. Marc S.

    Some recent statistics on arrivals in Santiago

    Thank you for this update. BTW. I was the guy holding a medal, in fact a coin commemorating das Wunder von Bern, because I was asked to do so by a German pilgrim (why, that is another story). My current photo is taken somewhere along the Frances - I wonder if you can detect where... :):cool:
  11. Marc S.

    LIVE from the Camino SJPP to SdC

    It is worth realizing that the Roncesvalles team is quite special. These people are volunteering for two weeks, paying their own travel expenses, and trying to assist pilgrims the best they can. And then they are, being insulted on a public forum for being nasty people and stupidly arrogant, by...
  12. Marc S.

    Man arrested for triple homicide while walking Camino !!!

    Not sure if I understand your comment or perhaps we just do not share the same sense of humour. Anyway, let' stick to the facts. This is what Interpol says about Red Notices : Red Notices are issued for fugitives wanted either for prosecution or to serve a sentence. This follows judicial...
  13. Marc S.

    Man arrested for triple homicide while walking Camino !!!

    The OP already made clear that the arrest was connected with a crime committed in Brazil some years ago. It is not clear to me how you arrive at this conclusion. I do not see any evidence of this in any of the news articles published. But if you have a source, please let us know. Interesting...
  14. Marc S.

    Which guide?

    The Rother guidebook also includes the Aragones (from Somport). I used the German version & found it very usefull. It has now also been translated into English.
  15. Marc S.

    Maskless walkers

    I am sorry but this is not about the right to disagree. You give factually wrong information about current Spanish legislation and policy & some members (who actually live in Spain) have also confirmed this. Or maybe you were referring to common practice instead of policy, I don't know. (but...
  16. Marc S.

    Maskless walkers

    I am sorry, but I don't think your interpretation of the current official policy is correct. As @amancio stated, in towns a mask is compulsory - not just when you can not maintain 1.5 meter seperation. (this was the wording in the government decree of June 2020). However, the March 2021 law...
  17. Marc S.

    Peanut Butter on the Camino Frances?

    Which translates as 'fries at war' (mayonaise, peanut butter sauce and onions). We have a rich culinary tradition..
  18. Marc S.

    Places to stay in Villamayor de Monjardin

    According to their website they are open since the 1st of June.
  19. Marc S.

    COVID Any websites tracking albergue openings for 2021?

    According to they will open in July. This is maybe why they do not answer emails at the moment.
  20. Marc S.

    Puerto de la Pedraja

    And this is a photo of the inscription. (I took it from this website article, with some more background information - it is in French though)