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    All the alternative routes on the Norte - prepare or wing it?

    I just completed the Camino del Norte and often traveled along the GR route - Grand Recruiddo - marked by a red & white horizontal stripe and sometimes by "GR." It is a "local" route for tourists who are not necessarily doing the camino bit simu want to hike along/ near the coastline. It often...
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    Pictures from the Norte

    I just completed my camino in Santiago, having spent the month of June on the Camino del Norte. I highly recommend the route. It was my first camino, I'm 50 and in decent shape but not a runner or hiker. There were days that were a bit tougher due to the ascent, but I tried to stick with 20-25km...
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    LIVE from the Camino Ramblings from the Norte

    I just completed my camino in Santiago, having also walked the Camino del Norte. I agree with you 100%. I spent nights in albergues at first with little issue, but eventually found it did not make for a good camino for me. At 50 years old, I did not feel I needed to get up at 6am to get to the...
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    LIVE from the Camino Live from Camino Norte: to Baamonde

    Arrived in Vilalba last night - yesterday was that chilliest so far. Started out of Abadín at about 48F and actually had to put on a jacket for the first time for being cold. It lasted but about 20 minutes, as I walked I warmed up. But the skies are cloudy, sun peeking thru occasionally, so it...
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    LIVE from the Camino Live from Norte: closed albergues

    Thank you! I am blogging to keep my huge family back in the US from worrying about me. And it seems like it will make a great script for the photo album I plan to make after I return. At rest stops and at day's end, while relaxing, I type a text to myself. In the evening I copy the texts and...
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    LIVE from the Camino Live from Norte: closed albergues

    Today I found the albergues in both Gondan & Xusto closed. Also, a constant light rain - all day - so be prepared.
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    Socks with toes

    BTW I have not had blister with my WrightSocks and no other liners, Vaseline or other things needed.
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    Socks with toes

    I'm on Camino del Norte and have walked over 500 km so far. I brought SmartWool socks, Ininji toe socks, Darn Tough wool and WrightSocks with built in liners. The sock that I began to wear almost every day - unless it is still drying - is the WrightSocks. My feet stay completely dry. Today I had...
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    Anyone else walked without staying in Albergues?

    Also, we didn't always stop at the "listed" towns, wanting to go a bit further or make a shorter day, so out only choice is a hotel or pension. With the exception of one hotel in Navia, none have been more than a "one star" accomodation. Do not think that experiencing other forms of...
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    Anyone else walked without staying in Albergues?

    My friend & I are currently walking Camino del Norte and have stayed in both albergues, pensiones, hospedajes & hotels. Sometimes albergues were full or closed. Other times we found the nearby hospedaje (like a bed & breakfast) was only a few euros more and gave us the luxury of a bathtub for...
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    LIVE from the Camino Live from Camino del Norte: Not to miss abergue

    En route to Soto de Luiña we stopped at a 2 month old albergue, Casa Carmina, in Muros de Nalón. It is run by Señora Carmina's family and has a wonderful jazzy vibe. It served as a bar for locals and they offer wonderful array of drinks, coffee and food. The place is at once simple and sleek...
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    LIVE from the Camino Live from Camino del Norte: Oviedo

    In Ribadesella we decided that going this far and not visiting Oviedo would be something we'd always regret. Not sure we'd have the time for the trek, we decided to take the train to Oviedo for a day and go back to resume our walking along the Camino del Norte. While we struggled with the idea...
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    Newbie Packing List

    I bought pink diaper pins - so I knew which were mine, just in case - and have used them often as many albergues do not have enough clothespins to hang clothing to dry. Also useful to pin small items to my pack to dry while walking. And I have had to buy more sunscreen along the way - very...
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    Newbie Packing List

    I'm walking the Camino del Norte right now and have not used my lightweight down blanket yet - I've only used my silk sleep sack. Every place I've stayed has had pillows and blankets. I did bring along a king size pillowcase and am glad to have had it even thought my sleep sack has a pillow...
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    LIVE from the Camino Love from Camino del Norte: closed albergue

    NO ALBERGUE IN UNCHERO Arrived in Unchero last night & found albergue closed. Not sure of any details but ended up staying across the bridge at a delightful hotel El Rincon de Bustio for 38 euros for two pilgrims. Extremely clean, good beds, great bathroom w an extra long tub to soak! Very quiet...
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    LIVE from the Camino Live from Camino del Norte - Boo to Santillana

    Yesterday the trek from the wonderful albergue in Guemes to Santander seemed to be a bit too short so we continued on to Santa Cruz. Apparently many of the 20+ peregrinos that stayed in Guemes did too. By the time we reached Santa Cruz, there were no beds at the Albergue Santa Cruz at 5p. (Many...
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    List your pilgrim blog URL Here - we want to read your story

    I'm on the Camino del Norte and find blogging a great way to keep my family updated without having to text to everyone. Using tmobile (from the US) I have not had to pay for extra data. And all texting is also free. You are welcome to follow along.
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    LIVE from the Camino Live from Camino del Norte

    Walking from Bilbao to Pobeña last night we added 3km to our walk following the arrows from Playa las Arenas into Pobeña. Space your feet and walk along the beach - it's not marked but there is a bicycle path there. The albuergue will be on your left as you approach the park. Great host, comfy...
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    LIVE from the Camino Arrived in Barcelona - en route to Bilbao

    Can't believe I've begun my Camino. Weather all of a sudden has warmed up - looking at upper 70-80s. Ready w rain gear and walking to Portugalete tomorrow from Bilbao. Seems like I just left Denver.... Fiund so many cool things to tempt my wallet in the Barcelona airport. Then I found this...