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  1. robermarbe

    Camino Mozarabe by horse

    There is also a equestrian route along the Camino de Santiago from Valencia to Santiago. 1100 km.
  2. robermarbe

    Another camino waiting to be discovered

    You are absolutely right. Currently there are several associations, along the route trying to promote this Camino, its marking and the logistics. I am quite quite sure that new albergues will be built in the short-middle term. The number of pilgrims is still very limited but growing. I will walk...
  3. robermarbe

    News Camino Olvidado

    Dear All I would like to update you in them development of the Camino Olvidado along the province of Leon. There are a few newly created associations which aim to make some improvements in the Camino. Some of the ideas are to set better signals along the way and to find paths which avoid...
  4. robermarbe

    Camino Aragonés with dog

    I am happy that you enjoyed the blog. When I have time I will do a version in English language. I guess the translator doesn't always give the proper meaning. 10 days before departing I started putting an special cream in my dog's pads. Once I was doing the Camino I used to put the cream...
  5. robermarbe

    Camino Aragonés with dog

    I am back from my Camino Aragonés. I even did a few days along the Francés. I took my dog with me and everything went fine. I met people, mainly foreigners who would had loved bringing their pets with them and didn´t do it because of what is written in the forums. I live in Netherlands, I took...
  6. robermarbe

    Camino aragonés

    Heading to Somport this Friday... Can´t wait!
  7. robermarbe

    Camino aragonés

    Thank you very much for your replies. I will give an update when I am back. I am definately very excited about walking this route.
  8. robermarbe

    Camino aragonés

    I will be heading on the 23rd May to Somport. I want to start my walk on 24th. I have read that this Camino is not too populated. Do you agree?... or do you think that I should have to book beds in the Albergues in advance? Thank you Robert
  9. robermarbe

    What about the albergue in Mieres Del Camino ?

    I have slept in that albergue doing El Salvador in 2012. It is not that bad. Not the best but not the worse. We were only two persons that day. We had the entire albergue for ourselves. It is not really close to the city center but you can still walk there if you want. They open late but we...
  10. robermarbe

    St Olav

    try this site
  11. robermarbe

    Equestrian Pilgrimage to Compostela Inn-to-Inn ride

    I don´t want to spoil your post, but the prices offered by two of the main Spanish companies delivering the route on horseback from O Cebreiro to Santiago are around 1800 euros for 7 days, which is much cheaper than the price you offer...
  12. robermarbe

    horseback SJPP to Santiago in 2013

    Another important tip is the travelling vet certificates for the horse. My advice is you to state that the destination point is Santiago. I am not sure but I think that the certificates have a validity of couple of weeks. After that time, you might need to get a new one. Travelling with horses...
  13. robermarbe

    horseback SJPP to Santiago in 2013

    Doing the Camino on horseback is crossing my mind since several years ago. This year might be the one when I finally do it. I have some info from Spain but nill from NL or BE. I will try to post some info from Spain later on. It would be easier if you tell me what exactly you need to know. The...
  14. robermarbe

    horseback SJPP to Santiago in 2013

    Hi Helen I also tried to get that guide but it was not possible. Have a look into this link It gives a very detailed information about all the stages along the Camino Frances. It is in spanish language but I hope it can be useful for you. The worst...
  15. robermarbe

    Viejo Camino de Santiago

    Hi Few days ago, I came to spend a few days to the village where my father comes from in the province of León. The name is Quintanilla. I was planning to do the Camino Primitivo but surprisingly I saw that in the door of my house somebody had painted some yellow arrows. I discovered that they...
  16. robermarbe

    On horseback

    Hi I would also love to do the Camino on horse on 2012, probably april or May. Later on I would say is too hot for the horses. Are you still into making the way on horse back?. I have prepared some kind of practical guide for myself with most of the things I might need for the horses, as...
  17. robermarbe

    Roads in Le Puy

    It sounds very good. Lets see whether I take a decision or not, but the Camino de Le Puy has many chances for this summer.
  18. robermarbe

    Roads in Le Puy

    Hi My name is Roberto. I planned to do the Camino de Santiago frances in Spain, but due to I live in The Netherlands and that I want to avoid crowds in Spain, I am considering to go for the Camino de Le puy or even the Via Turonensis. I would like to avoid roads as much as possible. Could...
  19. robermarbe

    New Guidebook for the Turonensis out this month

    Hi I have read in old posts from 2008 that the problem of this route "turinensis"is that it goes often through normal roads. Does anybody knows whether it has changed?. I would like to avoid roads as much as possible.