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    Do they live up to the name

    I walked 500 miles of the Appalachian Trail wearing Lowa Renegade mid-high boots without a single fall or ankle twist. I then switched to a low version of the boot and fell/rolled my ankle three times the first day, with very similar trail conditions. Therefore, I am a mid-high boot wearer to...
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    What's happened to the Buen Camino app?

    I checked the Apple App Store and did not see a link for the old version. Maybe only available for Android?
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    What's happened to the Buen Camino app?

    Does anyone know if the bugs to the new version of the Buen Camino App have been fixed?
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    Update on Anniesantiago

    Ahhh! Deep breath of relief for you, Annie! Prayers for an excellent Camino for you. Laura
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    First Camino-April/May 2020 CF

    Thanks for the well-wishes. We're excited!
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    First Camino-April/May 2020 CF

    We are planning our Camino for April-May 2020, departing from SJPdP on April 14th, and spending our first night at Orisson. Three of us will be walking together - Duane and Laura, who have been married for 47(!) years and Laura's brother, Mark. The three of us are from Colorado. We plan to take...
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    Camiño Finisterre Bed bug warning!

    I am carrying a mini ultraviolet flashlight and plan to inspect our bunks before we even take our packs off. Hoping that will be adequate, as I puff up like a blowfish with most insect bites! ...
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    SURGERY UPDATE Post #8 and 15 : in this thread to my Updated foot issues

    I'd suggest talking to your doctor about getting Platlet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections. It is possible that insurance would pay for it. If not, and you can afford to take a 2 week vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, you could get PRP here. Three injections over a 12 day period would cost...
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    2020 TAXI SHARE Thread Biarritz/Bayonne to SJPP

    Three of us are booked on Express Bouricott from Biarritz airport at 18 00 on 13 April. There's room for more Peregrinos to join us :)
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    We use a small fleece pillow case from Thermarest and stuff it with our down jackets to make a pillow at night. Of course we will be walking in colder weather and will be taking the jackets anyway, so this may not be an option for you.
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    Foot pain before Camino - advice needed

    Thanks, Carole! I am in Mexico now, and PRP is quite affordable here ($300- USD for 3 injections over a 3 week period). I had it done in February last year, and I had great results - until i wore heels to a wedding in August. Of course I wasn't walking as many Km then as I am now... I think...
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    Foot pain before Camino - advice needed

    Carole - I have Morton's Neuroma that flares up at about the 7KM point. I plan to get PRP injections next month, and if that doesn't help, and get a cortisone injection from my podiatrist a week before i leave for my Camino. I have custom orthotics with MN pads placed that help, but I need to...
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    Minor Glitch Hopefully - Asking for Prayers

    Prayers for all three of your requests, Annie! And lots of positive energy is coming your way!
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    Easter 2020

    Easter week will be very busy. If you plan to do this, you should make reservations right away.
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    Monkey Butt

    I had a really painful case of chafing when hiking the Appalachian Trail years ago. The problem was sweat running down my back and into that region, which led to wet skin rubbing against wet skin. The solution I came up with was to absorb the moisture before it could enter my shorts. I used a...