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  1. Felipe

    Translate into Galician

    Yes, "botafumeiro" has been adopted in Spanish. But I have seen it applied only to the one in Compostela. The generic Spanish name is "incensario" (from "incense"), because, you see, it is no common smoke.
  2. Felipe

    4-5 days in April, where would you walk?

    Roncesvalles to Estella. Five days, and it has it all: starting in a monastery high in the mountains, Basque food in Zubiri, the tradition of vibrant Pamplona, picturesque Puente la Reina, wonderful old buildings of Estella, which is quite well comunicated to Pamplona, Logroño or San Sebastian...
  3. Felipe

    Coping with heat on the Camino

    In late May, early June you may expect not so suffocating heat, according to AEMET, Spanish Meteorology Agency. See here (data for Leon). The worse comes ( usually) in late July and early August. Obviously, with weather you never know... I have been in summer in Spain (not in the Camino). I...
  4. Felipe

    Bike depository in SJPdP

    Not an usual request, and consequentlly not an usual service. I noticed that there was the same post some time ago, and it went unanswered. Trying to help...I would ask an albergue or hotel (preferably one placed out of town, so with more storing space). I woud also try the shops that rent and...
  5. Felipe

    Camping-- Concern

    Obviously, I am not an authority in the matter, but you can use my post at your discretion. I have been looking at the distribution of wild boars in France, and Gers and Hautes Pyrenees are particularly mentioned. For the Podensis, that means after Saint Antoine, as the landscape becomes...
  6. Felipe

    Camping-- Concern

    No experience with camping, but I can assure you that wild boars are very present in many regions of rural France. They roam along creeks and brooks, from one foraging area to another. They have become less shy and more used to humans; you can occasionally see them when you are going by car, in...
  7. Felipe

    LIVE from the Camino —Nájera

    I had an odontological problem (a broken teeth) and went to a private specialized clinic in León, apparently belonging to chain. Looking now at the map, I believe it was a Dentomedic, but I am not sure. The doctor told me that the problem was not grave, but could not be treated on the go, So he...
  8. Felipe

    What I Learned from Walking Alone

    I walked my first Camino with my son, and I enjoyed sharing the company of the younger pilgrims he very soon befriended, although I did not talk much. In my following Caminos I walked mostly alone; with the random company of another pilgrim(s), generally just for one or two days, or some...
  9. Felipe

    Sept transportation- Madrid to Pamplona/Logrono to Madrid

    It may be more practical a flight to Madrid, then train to Pamplona, and then Logroño to Madrid. As it happens in many countries, it is easier to come and go to the capital than to find "transversal" transportation. Both Pamplona and Logroño are important cities, with many options. As per a near...
  10. Felipe

    Pamplona to SJDPP

    There is not a bus service in Pamplona airport. There is a kind of shared taxi, but it does not take you to the bus terminal, but to Paseo de Sarasate (not close to the bus terminal). Considering your tight schedule (you need to add 10 or 15 minutes to your estimated arrival hour to leave the...
  11. Felipe

    Best Chocolate?

    I tasted a chocolate cup in Astorga, and discovered the reason of the proverb "Me gustan las cuentas claras y el chocolate espeso" (literally translated: "I like accounts crystal clear and thick chocolate"). I fancy you can flip a cup, and your chocolate stay firmly in place... Btw, remember...
  12. Felipe

    Flights from CDG to Biarritz

    If I live CDG at around 8:20 hs, I would take the RER (train) to Saint Michel station, leave there, have a little stroll by the Seine, marvel again at the Gothic facade of Notre Dame, and have a café au lait in one restaurant with a nice view. Everything with just a few steps. Then RER again...
  13. Felipe

    Any pilgrims for summer 2021.

    Hope you can go to Portugal....but if you are stuck in Munich (not a bad place to be stuck, incidentally) you can consider the simplest and obvious solution: take the u-bahn to the jakobskirche (Santiago's church) and start your pilgrimage there, right away, in the wonderful Münchner Jakobsweg...
  14. Felipe

    The metal pedestrian bridge

    Here, in all its gorgeous weirdness, in google street view I was there in one of my worst walking days. So I was happy to cross it, as a sign that I was finally arriving.
  15. Felipe

    What is the nicest thing that anyone has said to you on the camino?

    Same words. Said by an elder señor, very properly dressed, after walking with me (with some difficulty) a couple of minutes. Just after Irotz. Very touching.
  16. Felipe

    Bored walking

    Bored? Never. Every day is different, a new challenge, renewed expectatives, the anticipation of a new place to rest, other people to meet. Bad days? Yes, they arrive. The weather is awful, my knee is nagging me again, I lost the path and walked many miles along a highroad, I shared my diner...
  17. Felipe

    What to see and do, or eat, for a few hours in Madrid?

    After the hassle of airport, buses, planes, deplaning, safety checks, queues, I would like a quiet place to rest, in a place with trees and flowers, and do nothing. El Retiro park is close to Puerta de Alcalá, El Prado and a few steps from Atocha, the main station. It has a lake and some...
  18. Felipe

    Luxury train service for the camino

    Right now, I would pay whatever price is asked just for an usual walk in the Camino...
  19. Felipe

    COVID Trouble contacting Orisson.

    Orisson is well known for answering mails when they are in the humour for it. They do reply, eventually...just be patient.
  20. Felipe

    ALSA Bus tickets - Pamplona to St Jean

    A longer but less uncertain option: train from Madrid to Bayonne, next the regular connection to SJPP.