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    a story to share

    hi there... it's buena! (aka pamela). i returned from my camino not too long ago, and wanted to share a story about one of the gifts i received from my walk. i thought i would post it here for anyone who cared to read it... it's about life, loss and letting go (popular themes along the way ...
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    fanny pack/waist bag alternative

    I happen to not be a "fan" of fanny packs (those guys you wear around your waist with a pocket big enough for a camera, snacks etc). BUT i'm thinking that taking off my pack every time i want to take a picture or eat something is going to be a pain IN the fanny and i might wish i had a...
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    geneva to st jean?

    hi there! any suggestions how to get from geneva switzerland to st jean? buena.
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    another pack list :)

    I'm leaving mid-may and will be walking for 40 days. I continue to tweak this list and welcome your feed back! Gear: backpack camelback pack liners (2 garbage bags) sleeping bag & stuff sack mini mini flashlight Clothing/Wearables trail runner shoes teva sandals (want a reliable...
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    drain plug, guidebooks, soap, ear plug and knife...

    Hiya! These are my last minute minutia... 1. Is a universal plug needed?? (I belive i've heard yes and no) 2. Is a simple knife enough to suffice? I'd rather a lightweight real-ish knife than cut cheese or salami or bread with a 1-inch swiss army blade. 3. Is a watch a good idea, if...
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    the naggy knee

    I've had on and off "sensation" in my right ankle (and knee) for many years, nothing too horrificic. I continue to plan and believe that i can make it to the end of the earth. I've been training as best as possible, and it is very manageable but of course the great unknown is adding 500...
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    may babies unite!

    okay you zillion people walking the camino in may... i thought it would be cool to have our own (non-exclusive) exchange. drop a post about what's on your mind, how you're training (or not), your packing list, your funniest pre camino moment, ANYTHING...
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    ryan air

    After my camino, I am going to fly from Santiago to Rome and found a flight (pre taxes) on ryan air for 15 euro. However i've heard pretty crappy things about them (like they were voted worst airline by trip advisor...) anyway i don't care about strict luggage restricctions but i'm...
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    pilgrim meltdown

    gosh i'm such a mess... although i long to be on the camino, i have two months yet to go and sometimes all this planning is starting to feel more like a form of escapism. the excitment over going is such a contrast from my 'real life' where day to day i'm moody and full of self doubt...
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    sleepbag/sleepsac dilemma.

    i'm weighing every piece for my camino that will commence may 10. even my 'fancy' small, lightweight sleepingbag weighs 2lbs...i know a sleepsac would be lighter. but i'm usually COLD! are refugios really that hot? even in the higher elevations or in mid may? the flip side: i also hope...
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    a list of places along the camino/france starting point

    this may be silly...but i get so lost trying to follow descriptions of the camino. there's so many towns, and while i'm starting to recognize some names, i never know where along the route they are. even reading the CJS is hard to follow without a visual. so... 1. can anyone recommend a...
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    your body in santiago...

    i am wondering how your body feels after completing the camino. Of course, you experience a huge surge of joy and accomplishment. But how are your legs?? Your stamina? your blistered feet? Have you grown stronger from the daily walking or do you need a week to chill out? I have 6 weeks...
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    shoes, shorts and umbrella

    i'm reading a few books on lightweight hiking. a few questions... 1. the sandals for walking around towns- did you use the strappy teva-type or the lightweight shower thong type?? (&if you used the tevas, did you shower with them?) 2. ray jardine (the founder of Golite) thinks the world...
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    securing a bed

    i will be starting the camino about may 10. is this well enough into the high season that i will have to worry about finding a bed? or have to stop at 2pm to ensure i have one? can anyone who went in may last year tell me of their experiences with this? does anyone know how busy camino...
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    your MVP

    What was your most valuable posession on your camino?
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    leaving luggage in europe

    I will be spending 3 mos in europe and will have some gear that I won't need on the camino that I will need to store for the duration. Not sure if I could leave it in a train station locker, or how much stuff I will have either. I fly into Geneva switzerland and will probably walk the...
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    air mattresses and cook pots!

    Hello all! This is post #1 for me. I just got my CFJ camino guide and it suggests (maybe) bringing a thermarest or similar air mattress in case you end up on the floor at a refugio. I'm not sure if I want to take up the space with this, and leaving from from st jean de pied approx may 11 i...