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When you walk the Camino, and suddenly a pandemic appears
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  1. Dadhairday

    LIVE from the Camino Stopping my Camino and going home

    Very sorry, tough personally. I was booked to travel to Irun yesterday but obviously did not. I’m disappointed but worse for you. On a brighter note we will be back at a better time.
  2. Dadhairday

    Walking in cooler temperatures.

    Agreed! You will probably catch me as I’m not aiming for a hurried experience. I’ll probably switch to the Primitivo at Oviedo as fancy the variety.
  3. Dadhairday

    Spring weather CF

    Quandary for me setting out from Irun on 21st March. I have a compact down jacket and man-made fibre equivalent. I’ve decided on the latter as I’m expecting significant wet weather and down + wet = chill. My man-made fibre equivalent is almost as light, almost as packable, almost as warm so...
  4. Dadhairday

    Walking in cooler temperatures.

    I’m setting out from Irun on 21st March so have the same equipment challenges. I’m also checking local weather and note maximum day temperature in Bilbao varies from 10 to 24 degrees at the moment. That’s quite a challenge to deal with so layers and a mix of warm and cold weather gear seem...
  5. Dadhairday

    Essential Camino Spanish?

    Very helpful, thanks
  6. Dadhairday

    April Camino

    I’m starting from Irun on 21st March and there looks to be enough aulberge accommodation open then. As others suggest a good waterproof is essential. I’m taking a brolly too but I know only for days when winds are not prohibitive,
  7. Dadhairday

    Accommodation between Irun and San Sebastián

    Thanks for all the replies. I’ve updated my travel plan to arrive in Irun on e evening if the 20th then set out to start on 21st so hopefully I can use the albergue the first night they open!
  8. Dadhairday

    Essential Camino Spanish?

    Thank you, appreciated.
  9. Dadhairday

    Essential Camino Spanish?

    Thanks. I’m not worried, just like to get my limited Spanish right.
  10. Dadhairday

    Essential Camino Spanish?

    I got the suggested book Camino Lingo and it covers lots of useful basics but misses obvious stuff like: Can I have a bed here for tonight? I can think of many ways to ask this question in English. Can anyone help with a simple commonly used Spanish translation? I don’t want to end up buying a...
  11. Dadhairday

    Accommodation between Irun and San Sebastián

    My plan is to start from Irun mid-March. However, I think sensible to plan for a gentle first day. Any suggestions for accommodation somewhere around half way?
  12. Dadhairday

    Disrespected my feet

    Good luck with recovery and your continuing Camino. Take things at your own pace. Enjoy.
  13. Dadhairday

    Do I need rain gear in April and May on the Via de la Plata. What kind of sleeping gear I need?

    Rain protection essential as rain unpredictable at that time of year. Personal view would be to walk in shorts on wet days rather than carrying waterproof trousers. Tend to get hot and condensation damp in them and my legs don’t feel the cold at that time of year. Good luck.
  14. Dadhairday

    Are Walking/Trekking Poles neccesary? Sleeping bag or Sleeping Bag liner

    Poles take some strain off knees so worthwhile if you have any fragility there already. At my age, 60+, I’d take as a preventative anyway. However, beware if you don’t do manual work and don’t already use poles using them all day can lead to sore, blistered hands. Do some practice, shorter walks...
  15. Dadhairday

    Waterproof walking shoes or not for early Spring?

    Very helpful and practical advice. Appreciated.
  16. Dadhairday

    Waterproof walking shoes or not for early Spring?

    Very helpful, sound advice based on experience. I’m certainly leaning towards well-ventilated rather than gtx at the moment. Fully agree with comments about waterproof pants. I will just wear shorts on wet days.
  17. Dadhairday

    Waterproof walking shoes or not for early Spring?

    Thanks for the advice so far. I don’t mind walking with cold or wet feet. I am worried about blisters which tend to develop more rapidly when feet are wet in my experience. I regularly do two day trail events in non-waterproof shoes and often suffer from blisters. I also get that waterproof...
  18. Dadhairday

    Waterproof walking shoes or not for early Spring?

    Good thought. I have a pair of gtx trail shoes and similar that are not waterproof. Frankly don’t mind wet feet for a weekend on the fells. My query was really trying to explore best option for what will be two months’ daily walking - something I can’t test. I do plan to take sandals to...
  19. Dadhairday

    Waterproof walking shoes or not for early Spring?

    I plan to walk in trail shoes, nothing heavier. Expecting lots of rain March and April. What are experiences of gtx and similar waterproof or non-waterproof alternatives? I don’t want feet to overheat but don’t want to walk in soggy socks all day?
  20. Dadhairday

    March Accommodation and Experiences

    Thanks Jan, that makes sense.