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    Going to the Salvador in Oct. -- some questions

    Does anyone know if there are blankets in the albergues on the Salvador route?
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    Primitivo in oct.

    i am considering walking the Primitivo after the Salvador. I am a single women walking. Will the albergues still be open in oct?
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    Baggage storage in madrid

    hi everyone. I need to store a suitcase for at least a month while I walk the Camino Madrid. Can anyone recommend a hotel that will store luggage. Most hostels will only keep for one-two weeks. Thanks
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    Runners vs.hiking boots.

    i normally wear hiking boots, however this year I am combining a trip to egypt and a Camino. How is the terrain on the Camino Madrid. ? Are leather walking shoes good, or would you use breathable runners? I am taking a backpack and suitcase. Grateful if someone can recommend a place for left...
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    Hostel in madrid

    are there suggestions for a hostel in Madrid? I am not interested in partying. Is there a pilgrim albergue?. .I prefer to have a place with luggage storage . I am travelling to egypt first, then will return to hike the Camino Madrid . I am from Canada . Thanks Ishta
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    Camino de Cid -Burgos to Elche

    Looking for a new Camino?? Two elderly gentlemen (one Swiss, one Canadian) are seeking companions to walk the Camino del Cidwith them – Burgos to Elche – approx 1700 km in Spain. Both are very experienced pilgrims. Tom (Cdn) has been to Santiago 7 times, and walked almost every Camino route...
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    Toulouse to st. jean pied de port

    Hello, i am writing for my friend, she has a B&B and is VERY busy. She arrives in Toulouse on Sat. April 25 at 2:20pm. I did a search on this site with no success. it seems there is a train but it goes in the morning. Does anyone know the bus website for france. i haven;t had any luck. So she...
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    Pilgrim numbers Camino Frances vs. via de la plata 2008

    hi Ivar, i am doing a presentation on the via de la plata on saturday here in Canada. I am wondering where to find the totals for number of pilgrims for these 2 routes in 2008 (for comparrison.) can you help me?? thank you dawn
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    albergues on the via de la plata Pt.2

    Between Calzada de Valduncei and El Cubo the triail is torn up near the highway due to construction of a new highway. EL CUBO Pg.117 – New albergue 6E. cooking and hot showers. ZAMORA Pg 121 – An amanazing NEW albergue . 4E 32 beds, kitchen and hot shower. MONTMARTA. Pg. 122 – New albergue...
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    albergues along the via de la plata pt.1

    Greetings everyone , from Canada. I walked the via de la plata sept.18 -Oct.30 2008 I used Ben coles via de la plata guide book,. it is 5 years old now and here are some updates that can be added. questions, just write. now there are many places to stay, and only afew days to walk 35km. i...
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    prebooking bus or train from santiago

    ivar, i so appreciate you answering these questions. internet is limited on the via de la plata, so thank you for answering this. i need to return to madrid by oct.30. span air has a fare of 69euro. is it necessary to prebook the night bus or train for the 29th, santiago to madrid. thank you so...
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    ivar accomodation in madrid

    hi ivar, would you mind sending the link again for the pensions in madrid. i stayed at mad hostel which was great, but thinking now my last night in madrid i would like a pension. presently doing the amazing via de la plata. it is so well marked. this is so far one of the best trails. thanks...
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    night train from Santiago in October????????

    Hi Ivar, i was looking at my options for the end of my pilgrimage. Santiago - Madrid for Oct.29 or 30th. There doesn't seem to be a night train running. can you check. i was on the renfe site, but only the 13:57 train was scheduled. thanks dawn
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    Dormitory rooms in madrid

    Hi there. i have researched the forum for places to stay in madrid. Most are hotels. I prefer a less exensive room, so i have found these. has anyone stayed here:: 1. Cats hotel (10 beds to a room good location) 2. Los Amigos Sol or Los Amigos Opera good location 3. Mad hostel. Good...
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    Albergue closures in Extremadura

    hi everyone, the count down is on for my sept.14 departure to the via de la plata. i was reading on the godesco site, and a pilgrim had mentioned most albergues in this province are closed. i know monesterio is closed, how about ZAFRA, toremejia, or villafranca de los barros.? thanks to those...
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    train pass vs.single tickets.

    Is is best to buy single train tickets or a pass. I will travel from Madrid to Seville and then from Santiago returning to Madrid. thanks dawn
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    albergue in Alcuescar and Monesterio

    Can anyone confirm the albergue closing n Monesterio??? Is it possible to stay with the monks in Alcuescar. How about a hostel in Merida. thanks dawn
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    Discount airfares for pilgrims within spain

    Ivar, Thanks for your previous messages regarding the via de la plata. I was reading in one of my books that iberia offers 50% discount on airfares, booked by pilgrims. Seems vueling and spainair are limited in the service, and iberia offers ridiculous prices. dawn
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    transport to and from Madrid Airport

    Ok, i wanted to restate my last confusing posting. I am arriving into Madrid at 8:30pm. My departure is at 10:30am on Oct. 31. So for both of these times i will be able to take the train from and to the airport. Would you all recommend that i overnight in Madrid, or take the ave train at 10pm...
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    transportation to madrid airport

    Hi Everyone, Returning to spain Sept.15 for my 3 rd Camino. Venturing on the via de la plata. I am from western Canada and thinking of flying into madrid. Does anyone know if there is early transportation possible to arrive at the airport by 6am? I have a choice of a 8:20am or a 10:30am...