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  1. Malachiuri

    Backpack Capacity (DaveBugg Bait!)

    After many years of backpacks I have come to the conclusion that pack manufacturers may all be either drunk or part of a Matrix level conspiracy. How in the Holiest of Hecks do they determine the Litre capacity of backpacks? I have 28L packs that hold as much as one of my 40L packs in the main...
  2. Malachiuri

    VDLP - Fall or Winter??

    For those who have walked the VdlP in the off season, would anyone be able to shoot me a recommendation on when to go? We are looking at either Oct/Nov of 2022 or Jan/Feb of 2023. Both of us are experienced Camino folk and I have done a Jan/Feb CF so kinda used to the winter thing. Any real...
  3. Malachiuri

    Looking for Jan from Copenhagen

    Hello all! Good to see so many of you still keeping positive and moving forward with things! I am looking for a super guy I met last January named Jan from Copenhagen. He is a multiple camino walker and an amazing font of knowledge. We walked together for a few days with a Korean woman named...
  4. Malachiuri

    Exos 38 Question

    I know there are a lot of threads on backpacks like this but I have a very specific question. Has anyone with a newer season(2019 or 2020) Exos 38 been able to use it as a check bag when flying? If anyone has one laying around can you whip a tape on it and get an overall length measurement...
  5. Malachiuri

    Lets Build an Albergue!

    A virtual building project. Sitting here on the farm with an annoying amount of spare time on my hands and got to thinking(always dangerous). Fired up my drafting software and started noodling around with floor plans and such. So, if you were designing the perfect albergue, what amenities...
  6. Malachiuri

    Winter Camino 2020

    It has been a few weeks since I returned from my winter Camino and I have really been trying to wrap my head around the experience. I still don’t completely know how I feel about my 3rd Camino, it was without a doubt a mixed bag. Due to a knee injury(torn meniscus) that I suffered early on...
  7. Malachiuri

    Winter Camino Equipment Dilemma.

    Not a serious one tho... I have my loadout determined and have begun my training hikes. So far things seem ok, my winter camino pack is running about 16lbs without water which is right in my target zone for comfort. There is room in my pack for one more comfort item, both weigh about the...
  8. Malachiuri


    Just wanted to shoot a big thanks out to the board here for helping me make up my mind about a winter Invierno to my Camino 202 experience. Looking forward to the solo trek during a much quieter season! Ultreia! M
  9. Malachiuri

    The Big Dander. Belfast to Fisterra for Charity

    A friend of mine from the Camino in 2017 has just completed a remarkable Camino experience! Neal Lindores began his Camino in Belfast Ireland with the goal of walking all the way to the sea in Fisterra(or Muxia), apart from that pesky Irish Sea thing he had to cross via ferry After months of...
  10. Malachiuri

    Jan 2020 Camino Frances

    Starting out from SJPdP on Jan 9. Just started thread so I could add my schedule to calendar. Have booked a shuttle from airport in Biarritz airport if anyone wants to hop on. Leaving sometime after 16:00. Cheers! M
  11. Malachiuri

    Winter Camino Water

    Howdy all, I am preparing for a January camino and have a quick question about water in winter that all my searches have left unanswered. Here in the midwest of the US the public water sources are typically closed down from October to April to avoid the possibility of freezing pipes. Are the...
  12. Malachiuri

    I should hike the Piemont Route. Change my mind!

    I am considering attempting the Piemont in early Spring of 2020. My second attempt at the Frances was fun, a challenge and I had a blast, but Im looking for a more quiet experience next time. So far I have read through what I can find here and elsewhere and the Piemont looks darn good to me. I...
  13. Malachiuri

    Don't buy a backpack!

    Why do you think you need a backpack to enjoy the Camino? What are you taking along that you really need all that room for? How long are you going to walk? 10 days? 30 days? 60 days? MORE?? What about your clothing? Will it be cold? Hot? Rainy? Sunny? What about your personal care needs...
  14. Malachiuri

    Calm Down

    So, after 2 trips on the Camino, 1 that was an abject failure and 1 that was an unqualified triumph I have a few thoughts for all you new pilgrims. Calm down. No, seriously... Calm down. Take a breath, quit worrying and over planning and analyzing everything. I am a compulsive planner and...