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  1. Marc S.

    Arrivals in Santiago - statistics for april

    For those interested, the Oficina Peregrino has published its statistics for April In April, 977 pilgrims arrived in Santiago. This is a significant increase compared to March, when there were only 194. Not surprisingly, a majority was Spanish (783), of whom a majority was Galician (666). For...
  2. Marc S.

    Some recent statistics on arrivals in Santiago

    For those interested. The Officina Peregrino has published its statistics about arrivals in March. It turns out that 194 pilgrims arrived in Santiago, (not surpisingsly) the majority of those being Spanish, and (not surprisingly) the majority of those being Galician. As some of the 'Officina...
  3. Marc S.

    Maria's Way : short documentary about Maria (Felisa's daughter)

    I just found this short documentary about Felisa's daughter Maria, the woman many of us have seen when entering Logrono, and who recenly died. see also this thread : I do not know how many...
  4. Marc S.

    Monte de Gozo - statue commemorating visit of pope has been removed

    I was not aware of this, but apparently the statue of Pope John Paul 2 at Monte de Gozo has been removed. The plan was to renovate but it - according to this article - it will not return. This will also mean there will be a clearer view from the hill towards the city of Santiago...
  5. Marc S.

    1986 documentary on the history of the camino by Cees Nooteboom

    Came across this lengthy (75 min) documentary about the history of the camino, made in 1986, which may be interesting for some. The documentary is featuring Cees Nooteboom. He wrote the book 'Roads to Santiago' - which some of you may have read. It is a not your 'typical ' camino video - as...
  6. Marc S.

    Via Kunig (alternative route Herrerias de Valcarce - Lugo)

    So there always turns out to be a camino I did not now about: the Via Kunig, which goes from Herrerias de Valcarve (just before O Cebreiro) to Lugo (where it connects with the Primitivo). It is another option for those wanting to avoid the Frances crowds. The route is based on the pilgrimage of...
  7. Marc S.

    Alternative (historical) route Arzua - Pedrouzo

    Apparently there is an alternative route from Arzua to Pedrouzo. I was not aware of this (but maybe I have missed something). More information can be found here: To what extent this is a "historical variant" (as is claimed by the website) I do not know...
  8. Marc S.

    Article by Nancy Frey about the rise of Korean pilgrims on the Camino

    Anthropologist Nancy Frey, writer of the 1998 book 'Pilgrim Stories. On and Off the Road to Santiago' (which will be published in Korean soon) has also just published a very interesting article about how and why the camino became popular in South Korea. Hope some of you find this interesting as...
  9. Marc S.

    Nijmegen - Cologne: Any advice ?

    Next week I am off to walk another German camino, the Nordrheinische Jakobsweg from Nijmegen to Koln. Planning is all rather straightforward: hop on a train to Nijmegen and start walking (including the pleasure of crossing a national border). I have a good German guidebook - but do not expect to...
  10. Marc S.

    Elisabethpfad (Eisenach – Marburg)

    I have just returned from walking the Elisabethpfad in Germany. Having walked the Via Regia from Gorlitz to Erfurt previously, this time I started in Erfurt and walked the Via Regia until Eisenach, and then continued on the Elisabethpfad to Marburg. There is a wealth of information available...
  11. Marc S.

    Where pilgrims share and learn.

    Okay, it might be I just have too much time on my hands. But this week I suddenly noticed the text on the frontpage of this forum, which says: Where past pilgrims share, and future pilgrims learn. And I was pondering what this implies. Imho, a future pilgrim may also share, and a past pilgrim...
  12. Marc S.

    Which German pilgrimage to do next ? Looking for advice.

    Dear forum members. I am looking for advice : which German pilgrim road to walk this summer / autumn ? Last year, inspired by SYates:), I walked the Via Regia (from Gorlitz to Erfurt), and really enjoyed it. And it got me inspired to explore the German pilgrims roads further. However, browsing...
  13. Marc S.

    Albergue in Poladura

    For those of you currently walking the Salvador, the albergue in Poladura de Tercia seems to be closed from March 1 untill March 15 - but maybe a little longer. (my Spanish is very basic so please correct if I misread). Exciting news. Having stayed there last year, I have to say the place could...