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  1. Peligro

    My stages on the Camino Primitivo

    Officially, the Primitivo starts at the Cathedral in Oviedo. You can get to Oviedo from Madrid by bus, train or plane. The airport is about a half hour out of the city so from there you have to take a bus into Oviedo (or a cab I suppose but that would probably be expensive). Several of the...
  2. Peligro

    Just when we started to feel somewhat optimistic

    Thank you for expressing my thoughts. I'd hate to see this Forum, which has helped me immensely in all things Camino for the last four years, become an exclusive club that runs off the very people that Ivar created it to help.
  3. Peligro

    A note on reserving beds and the spirit of the Camino

    Because of work and family commitments, it took me six trips over the course of four years from 2015 to 2019 to get from St. Jean to Santiago. It required an inordinate amount of planning and reservations and two of the trips were in January when lodging is hard to come by, there are fewer...
  4. Peligro

    A note on reserving beds and the spirit of the Camino

    There are no wrong choices on the Camino, just different adventures.
  5. Peligro

    COVID PCR & Antigen test in Melide

    I just contacted Clinica Medica Rosalmar in Melide by WhatsApp to ask if they do COVID tests with certificates for travel and they responded yes, PCR and Antigen, and immediately a woman from the clinic called me. She was concerned I would be taking the test too far in advance of my flight...
  6. Peligro

    COVID Simple question about Vaccine Card/Spain Travel Health

    I flew to Madrid on Delta on August 4. When we checked our bags at DCA they checked our passports and our vaccine cards. We flew to JFK then MAD. No other inquiries until we got to Madrid and after passport control there were tables set up where they scanned our QR codes on the SpTH app. No...
  7. Peligro

    COVID Camino in October, or postpone? Help us decide

    Exact same thing for me. My original Primitivo was scheduled for May 2020. In 11 days I start the same trip - cut and pasted from last year. I’m rooting for all of us!
  8. Peligro

    LIVE from the Camino Late July 2021 Primitivo!

    Nadine - fantastic helpful stuff in this thread, thank you! I’m in the final planning stages for starting the Primitivo in 10 days. I’m actually starting in Villaviciosa and walking two days before Oviedo. Reading all the posts on this forum my current plan is to stay at Bodenaya and Samblismo...
  9. Peligro

    COVID Camino in October, or postpone? Help us decide

    We just had to weigh visiting my elderly mother and father-in-law in Valencia whom we hadn’t seen for two years versus possibly having our daughter miss freshman orientation at college if we failed the antigen test to get back. Not an easy choice. We rolled the dice, got to spend quality time...
  10. Peligro

    sarria to santiago

    It will be the busiest part of any of the caminos so even by covid standards you will find places to eat. I’ve read that you should have reservations at the albergues since they are operating at reduced capacity. Buen Camino!
  11. Peligro

    How should we pronounce Ivar?

    Wasn’t the hump on the other side a minute ago?
  12. Peligro

    LIVE from the Camino Late July 2021 Primitivo!

    I'm going to be right in between you guys, I get to Villaviciosa on September 3!
  13. Peligro

    Walking in Oct 2021

    I haven’t walked it but my wife’s from Valencia so I know it well. The weather in Valencia in October will be fantastic. I don’t know at what point of your trek rain may start to be a factor as you get farther from the coast and into higher elevations but I cannot imagine it should deter you...
  14. Peligro

    Sleeping mats

    I have a Nemo tensor ultralight short mummy for backpacking that I’m happy with. I concur that there is no need for it on the Camino. A guy I was walking with carried a full size pad all the way to León, never once using it.
  15. Peligro

    Casa Ivar The 5th wave is here, but is it different this time?

    Thank you for the very detailed report Ivar.
  16. Peligro

    Primitivo - Any updates on the albergue situation?

    Are the albergues at max capacity? How many pilgrims? Are any of the albergues doing communal dinners? Things will change between now and September when I go, but I'm trying to get a sense of the current situation. Any info would be a huge help, thanks!!!
  17. Peligro

    Primitivo - Any updates on the albergue situation?

    Would you recommend trying to make reservations now for September, or would a day or two in advance once I'm actually walking be enough? I have secured my first night's reservation in Amandi (just outside of Villaviciosa) and Sergio there has been very helpful so I'm sure he could help me line...
  18. Peligro

    Primitivo - Any updates on the albergue situation?

    As in booked in advance or are they still first come, first served?
  19. Peligro

    Primitivo - Any updates on the albergue situation?

    When you say “Covid full” do you mean that they are allowing fewer pilgrims and reaching the maximum each day?