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  1. DanfromSydney

    American writer and blogger Cathay Reta walked the Camino to imagine the third phase of her life

    This week's podcast is LIVE!! Cathay Reta walked the Camino to decide what to do with the next third of her life. She came home with a book...Keep Walking, Your Heart Will Catch Up. Cathay Reta - My Camino the Podcast Many thanks Dan
  2. DanfromSydney

    Bryan Steward walked - and crawled - the Camino. A journey of joy!!

    This week's podcast is LIVE!! Bryan Steward walked - and crawled - the Camino. His muscular dystrophy defines his dedication. Walk on. My Camino - the Podcast Bryan Steward I hope you enjoy the podcast Dan
  3. DanfromSydney

    American YouTuber Kate Paine talks about why we care more as pilgrims

    This week's episode is LIVE!! Kate Paine is an American blogger and YouTube vlogger. We talk about how and why the Camino lures us.....and why we care. My Camino - the Podcast KATE PAINE Enjoy Dan
  4. DanfromSydney

    American author and blogger Meg Maloney's new book is Slow Your Roll

    Great chat this week. You'll love it. Keep dreaming.....!! Meg walked a Camino of discovery in 2019 and kept a blog to diarise the journey. She was convinced to write a book on her return. The result is the five-star rated 'Slow Your Roll: Ruminations and Reflections On My Walk Across Spain...
  5. DanfromSydney

    A double episode with Will Parsons, co-founder of British Pilgrimage Trust

    Will Parsons is a true traveling minstrel. He has walked the by-ways and highways of Great Britain as a genuine pilgrim, singing for his supper and sharing the message of simplicity and spirituality. Week 1 Will Parsons Week 1 Week 2 Will Parsons Week 2
  6. DanfromSydney

    Laurie Ferris and I talk about mindfulness and finding wellness on the Camino

    You're going to love Laurie. (It's her birthday too!!!) My Camino - Laurie Ferris enjoy dm
  7. DanfromSydney

    Australian pilgrim Juliet Clark walked for discovery and found much, much more

    It is possible to transform, even the most ordinary journey into a sacred journey, a pilgrimage. Juliet's is no ordinary journey. It's about discovery. Enjoy peregrinos.... My Camino - the Podcast Juliet Clark
  8. DanfromSydney

    Canadian pilgrim Rocco Rossi has walked 13 Caminos - four in other people's names. We find out how and why.

    This week's podcast is LIVE!! Canadian pilgrim Rocco Rossi is a gifted storyteller - and his story is incredible. Enjoy this incredible journey My Camino - the Podcast - Rocco Rossi
  9. DanfromSydney

    The German pilgrim Steffen A Pfeiffer joins me to talk about love and life!! And losing your Dad!!

    What does the Camino look like TODAY? What if we just believed in ourselves to take us to where we're happiest. Enjoy this chat about future....not past. My Camino - the Podcast Steffen A Pfeiffer Enjoy Dm
  10. DanfromSydney

    A look back at 2020, the year that was. Some music and inspiration to take us into 2021

    This week's podcast is LIVE!! A tribute to 2020. The year that was. Some music and inspiration. My Camino - the Podcast A Look Back at 2020 Happy New Year from down under Dan
  11. DanfromSydney

    Australian pilgrim Peter Thomas talks about finding S.P.A.C.E and time on the Camino

    Peter Thomas' love for the great outdoors lured him to the Camino. This is a great chat about finding S.P.A.C.E and time to do the things your heart tells you to do My Camino - the Podcast PETER THOMAS Enjoy DM
  12. DanfromSydney

    American author and anthropologist Beebe Bahrami talks about her new book - and our collective Camino journeys

    This week's podcast is a special discussion about the energy, inspiration and the enveloping of the Camino My Camino - the Podcast Beebe Bahrami Beebe is so fantastic. I'm really proud of this interview I know you'll love it!! Buen Camino Dan
  13. DanfromSydney

    Canadian pilgrim and poet Ricardo Moretti. The lure of the Camino

    Ricardo sent me his Camino poem The poem follows. Here is the podast: My Camino - the Podcast Ricardo Moretti The Camino by Ricardo Moretti It started as an idea that became a dream. Fondly, I embraced the adventure of the Way Etched by the footsteps of a 1,000 years and more. It...
  14. DanfromSydney

    My 200th Camino podcast!!! Sweden-based, Indian-born sea captain Vivek Bhasin

    Treat yourself to a story about LIFE!! My Camino - the Podcast VIVEK BHASIN My 200th podcast. Thanks for all your support over the last four years. Here's to the next 200!!!! Buen Camino Dan
  15. DanfromSydney

    Rowan and Margaret Bouttell have created a Camino experience in Australia

    This week's podcast is LIVE A Camino experience in Australia Rowan & Margaret Bouttell - MY CAMINO - THE PODCAST
  16. DanfromSydney

    A new Camino book!! 'Keep Pressing On, Brother' is Noel's Braun's third Camino book.

    You'll love this interview with the 80+-year-old Noel Braun A wonderful Australian. An inspiring story. Enjoy Dan Noel Braun - My Camino, the Podcast
  17. DanfromSydney

    We're approaching 200 podcasts.......!!!! 200 Camino interviews!!!!

    We come with nothing, we go with nothing, but one great thing we can achieve in our beautiful life is......a little remembrance in someone’s mind and a small place in someone’s heart. Canadian pilgrim Olivier Sauve joins me to talk about the Camino Sureste.... My Camino - The Podcast OLIVIER...
  18. DanfromSydney

    Wheresoever you go, go with heart....

    This week's podcast is LIVE!! Wheresoever you go, go with heart....and take your family with you. My Camino - the Podcast, Jacki Rubendall Bruchert Enjoy, DM (quote from Confucius)
  19. DanfromSydney

    The midnight pilgrim. The Camino provides!!

    Matthew Merten walked the Camino at night, beneath a field of stars. The Camino provides. Enjoy his journey of transformation - and providing comfort and guidance for others. Dan Here is the link.... Matthew Mertern - My Camino - the Podcast
  20. DanfromSydney

    This week we talk about cancer - and a call to arms for pilgrims....

    Cancer can touch you, but not your soul; neither your thoughts, nor your heart My Camino - the Podcast - BELOW THE BELT #YOUR WAY