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  1. Liz Drew

    What did you love best about walking la Plata?

    I loved the semi isolation of towns. It’s a route with less numbers of pilgrims so amenities aren’t what you see on the busier caminos. For example there were a few instances where cafes in the town I was staying in didn’t open until mid morning which is far too late to get going. I also loved...
  2. Liz Drew

    Camino Norte + heights

    The del Norte is just so beautiful! Sure, you climb EVERY day and the views are worth it! The paths vary from rocky to almost paved but you are well protected from going over the edge! Enjoy!
  3. Liz Drew


  4. Liz Drew

    I am still walking my Camino

    That is a fantastic idea!
  5. Liz Drew

    Picos de Europa

    Wow! That is absolutely stunning! I knew they would be as I was walking within dinner got of them recently! Good on you. Really inspirational
  6. Liz Drew

    Vueling Airline

    Last week I flew with them from SdC to Barcelona and on to Bologna and they were on time and everything was good. I fly with them again next week Rome to Split. I will come back to you if it’s a different experience
  7. Liz Drew

    Towns with albergues but no shops

    I walked it this time in 2018 and always managed to find a meal. Mostly not menú del peregrinos but a meal. The hardest thing i found was finding something opened for breakfast!! some places will get ve you a packed breakfast the night before but it was the coffee I craved! Enjoy it!!!
  8. Liz Drew

    Xunta albergues - increase in price to 8 euro

    I have been informed that it is to force pilgrims out to eat in the local restaurants but that doesn’t make sense as it takes trade away from local supermarkets. It is only happening in Galicia. Young pilgrims, who are students on tight budgets will stop coming
  9. Liz Drew

    What's going on? Camino del Norte hard?

    I also have just finished walking all the del Norte as well. I finished on the 9 th October and I agree with you. I have also done a few other Caminos and this one was by far the most physically challenging. The day walking into Gijón was a killer! It is relentless, day after day of hills until...
  10. Liz Drew

    Do I need rain gear in April and May on the Via de la Plata. What kind of sleeping gear I need?

    I walked last April and May and got bitterly cold. It snowed 2 days as well. So, yes rains gear is essential plus a warm sleeping bag. My sleeping bag covers temperatures from 6 degrees and I was warm enough. Not all albergues provide de blankets
  11. Liz Drew

    Warning to Women Walking Solo

    I really think it’s a shame that such paranoia has set in, particularly from many who live in the USA which had clear evidence of the high rates of physical and sexual violence against women. I am soon to start my 3rd Camino and like the previos two, my only means of self defence is my voice and...
  12. Liz Drew

    What's going on? Camino del Norte hard?

    I have never done the Frances and probably never will as there are far too many people for me! The Portugués was my first and last year the Vis de la Plata which does have quite a bit of road walking, lots of solitude and quite a few hills. I start the del Norte in September. I expect it to be...
  13. Liz Drew

    Camino del Norte from Australia

    Request accepted. The photo of the dog confused me!
  14. Liz Drew

    Camino del Norte from Australia

    Hi Dan, You will find me on Facebook at Elizabeth Drew, . I would stay in both those places for at least an extra day. Why the rush? I look forward to hearing from you. Liz
  15. Liz Drew

    Following the coast from Santander to Boo

    Great info and I have looked at your FB page. Many thanks
  16. Liz Drew

    Safe journey

    Safe journey
  17. Liz Drew

    Camino del Norte from Australia

    Hi Dan, I live in Brisbane and the del Norte will be my third camino. I fly into Madrid, from there I will train it to Irun. You might consider flying into Paris and train from here - it's just slightly longer. It won't matter how far from Bilbao you are, you will find it easy to return there...
  18. Liz Drew

    Phone phobia and speaking foreign languages

    I am an Aussie so bear with me here. I phone ahead, usually on the day, and ask in Spanish whether they speak English. When they sa no, I say Bugger! Then in about 10 seconds I turn on the Spanish part of my brain and stumble through. So, my advice is have a go and speak clearly and slowly,
  19. Liz Drew

    Sleeping bag del Norte in September

    Thanks David, I will take it. I don’t cope with cold weather well.