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  1. Maggie Y

    Don't stop thinking about tomorrow...

    With reference to what are we doing to keep fit so we can still walk the Camino, I invested in subscribing to a website so that I can do my beloved exercise regime, Body Balance. I used to do it at the gym but now do it at home on a yoga mat. I walk in local woods when I can but currently self...
  2. Maggie Y

    Something understood

    You have the same taste in listening as me x
  3. Maggie Y

    Something understood

    Thankyou all so much for comments on this thread. I think we are rather starved of Camino connections due to the pandemic so it has been good to know others listened to the Radio Programme and enjoyed it. Thankyou all
  4. Maggie Y

    Something understood

    I will keep this thread going as we can't go anywhere soon. As I said I was drifting in and out of sleep when lisyening but this programme contained some Gregorian chanting from Montserrat, talk about walking meditations and a poem by Margaret Atwood amongst other treasures. Well worth listening to
  5. Maggie Y

    Something understood

    In this context a good review
  6. Maggie Y

    Something understood

    Thankyou. I'm not so good with links. I wanted to say I was not sleeping due to worrying about pending lockdown in England and this lovely programme(I heard most of it) sent me back into a relaxed deep sleep!!
  7. Maggie Y

    Something understood

    This morning there was an episode of this programme on BBC Radio 4 called Pilgrim or Tourist, which in passing discussed pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela . Interesting and worth listening to.
  8. Maggie Y

    Dom Joly

    Hello I've noticed as less people can walk on the Camino we are having to walk wherever we can. Ramblings a programme on Radio 4 this a.m had Dom Joly as a guest. Apparently he is a comedian as well as travel writer. He was talking about a walk near Cheltenham to a Roman ruin. He also talked...
  9. Maggie Y

    What topics would you like to discuss on Zoom

    Hi. I haven't attended a Zoom on this Forum yet. I'd like to discuss Albergues on the Camino. Before all this Covid , I used to love the camaraderie of Albergues, the meeting and mixing with other peregrinos from all around the world. I often slept really well in communal dormitories, even with...
  10. Maggie Y

    OUF!!! The heat must be terrible. In Spain

    I'm in the North of England . Sweltering. Thinking of all those on the Camino and wishing you cool breezes
  11. Maggie Y

    Rely on the waymarking, ignore your apps!

    I am visually challenged and find following the yellow arrows far easier than getting out glasses ,mobile and bring challenged as well by bright sunlight. Far more relaxing imho to try and follow yellow arrows maybe with the benefit of a bit of prior knowledge gleaned the night before from...
  12. Maggie Y

    A personal appeal to the Camino 'community'

    Please pass on my best wishes to Pia for a positive recovery process Maggie
  13. Maggie Y


    No I haven't heard of any such scheme but it would be a good idea I'm part of the successful trees campaign in Sheffield UK to protest against the felling of thousands of heathy street trees. This has really raised my awareness of the importance and beauty of trees. #SaveSheffTrees
  14. Maggie Y

    Don Quixote and the Camino

    Thankyou for all your responses. We all seem to be on the same wavelength in terms of Spanish related reading materials and the travails of early travellers and the eccentrics and politically committed who travelled in Spain in earlier times
  15. Maggie Y

    Don Quixote and the Camino

    The Laurie Lee book is quite unforgettable. So sad at the end . Very memorable little classic
  16. Maggie Y

    Don Quixote and the Camino

    I may try and get hold of the Sun also rises as I haven't read any Hemingway. When are you starting on El Ingles. It is next on my list, fingers crossed when I'm closer to recovery from current injury. I have a pot on my leg but was hoping to try El Ingles later in the year
  17. Maggie Y

    Don Quixote and the Camino

    Thankyou for your reply. I hope to generate a bit of interest and see if a topic can be launched which isn't all about routes etc. Best Wishes Maggie
  18. Maggie Y

    Don Quixote and the Camino

    I will try and go for the original . Thanks
  19. Maggie Y

    Don Quixote and the Camino

    Who wrote the Sun also rises? Have you read Homage to Catalonia and also As I walked out one Midsummer Morning Laurie Lee? Maggie
  20. Maggie Y

    Don Quixote and the Camino

    As some of you may know I am recovering from an injury and have time on my hands. I decided to post this random thread. What do other peregrinos think could be the links between El Camino and Don Quixote de la Mancha. For me intuitively there are links. This summer I took the one book...