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  1. Thomas@Albany

    Confusion between Hostels Juan de Yepes and Santa Brigida in Hontanas

    I like the camaraderie of serving together, prepping & cleaning for meals.
  2. Thomas@Albany

    COVID Wearing a mask on the CF

    This looks like a really great protection, I'm going to buy one.
  3. Thomas@Albany

    COVID Wearing a mask on the CF

    In the US, having a good medical reason for not wearing a mask does not mean a license to do as one pleases. It just means that the store, for example, must provide "reasonable accommodation (" which can be asking you to stay outside, jotting down what you want to buy, and picking it up for you...
  4. Thomas@Albany

    Survey from Grañón

    I stayed in Granon the night of Oct. 14 to 15, 2018. I must say that most albergues were memorable, some more, some less, but this night was the best of my journey. I think preparing the food as group (I peeled potatoes for 30) and then cleaning together, instead of only eating together, brought...
  5. Thomas@Albany

    One Albergue that you’d recommend

    That night in the church attic, with the communal meal, and the late night spiritual service, was indeed the highlight of my Camino. There were many other great albergues, but this one was the one that touched my heart the most.
  6. Thomas@Albany

    Completing the French Way in 28 days

    Doable but you might feel deprived of the comradeship of the road. I feel in with one group and then another, with similar speeds, and adjusted my daily mileage to enjoy meeting the people if not at the same albergue, then in the same hamlet at least and socialize.
  7. Thomas@Albany

    Confusion between Hostels Juan de Yepes and Santa Brigida in Hontanas

    I stayed there overnight in mid-October 2018, it was clean, nice, had a computer for me to use, and the pilgrims meal (shared meal only, no shared prep or cleaning, alas) was a heartwarming experience. The place is small, not much to explore. The chairs outside are good to relax and have a...
  8. Thomas@Albany

    Significance of burning personal items at Finisterre

    All traditions have to start some day. There was a time when some old Roman sniffed when hearing of Christmas as a new invented holiday. It is a tradition now and makes sense.
  9. Thomas@Albany

    Hospitalero (again) in Grañon

    My best wishes and my humble thankx for your service, especially in this cold season. The night in Granon in October 2018 was the most healing night during my Camino.
  10. Thomas@Albany

    Schengen Question

    Thankx for the official link--as with any regulation, it may take longer.
  11. Thomas@Albany

    Best place to stay in Santiago De Compostela

    My last night was at the Hostal As Margaritas. Peaceful atmosphere, clean rooms, inner courtyard. I will go there again when I do the Portugues in 2021.
  12. Thomas@Albany

    When did a Refugio become an Albergue?

    My night in that church attic, the communal dinner, and the prayer service in the choir at night, was the most touching night in many years, I will remember it for a long time.
  13. Thomas@Albany

    When did a Refugio become an Albergue?

    Thankx for the clarification. I walked the Frances in two parts (October 2018 and May 2019). For my birthday, a high school friend gave me Hape Kerkeling's book on walking the Camino in 2001, and it's all "refugios." I was wondering about whether it was merely semantic, or not. The postings here...
  14. Thomas@Albany

    "About: Caminos past & present" line vanished

    Thankx! Ima klutz with electronics.
  15. Thomas@Albany

    "About: Caminos past & present" line vanished

    My "About: "Caminos past and present" does not show anylonger. Is there something I can do about it, so it will show again?
  16. Thomas@Albany

    Mosquitos on Camino Frances in Sept/Oct?

    I walked the first 230 miles of the Frances in early October, and scarcely encountered a gnat or mosquito.
  17. Thomas@Albany

    German pigrim died in Burgos

    Mein herzliches Beileid, Landsmann! Ruhe sanft.
  18. Thomas@Albany

    Someone died from the car accident today

    My hearfelt condolences. There were indeed parts of the path, when straight along the road itself, that worried me.
  19. Thomas@Albany

    Snow on the Norte in June?

    Walking in early/mid May along the Cantabric Mountains, I saw snow on the tops (big patches). So, yes, I guess it can happen.
  20. Thomas@Albany

    CF Massage services list?

    In Triacastela, I got a very effective shoulder and back massage in the salon next to the laundromat for 25 Euros for 30 minutes. It felt indeed like a "milagro."