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  1. billbennettoz

    How many rest days did you take & where did you take them?

    Hi Melensdad - I would have to agree with the other posters, in that Burgos and Leon are both fascinating cities, and well worth some time spent exploring. Also the Cathedrals in both places are breathtaking - particularly the Burgos Cathedral - and could easily eat up a couple of hours. But...
  2. billbennettoz

    The Camino has changed my life fundamentally...

    The Camino has changed my life fundamentally...
  3. billbennettoz

    A training schedule that suits me...

    Hi Johnny - yes, I was a few months shy of 60 when I prepared for the Camino Frances. I found the training useful not only in a physical sense, but also it gave me emotional strength. There were times when I looked ahead and saw a mountain or a very high hill, and I knew from my training that...
  4. billbennettoz

    Me and my mole.

    This is a fascinating story. I find it extraordinary that a farmer one day would ask what would happen if you fell, and the next day that actually happened! And the significance of the mole? For me there are deeper things at play here other than what merely happened. And your getting bitten by a...
  5. billbennettoz

    Opinel knife in SJPdP

    I had no problem buying an Opinel knife in SJPP. They are sold at most of the shops that service tourists and pilgrims. I would imagine that these kind of shops would be open on a Sunday. I too wanted an Opinel for my pilgrimage, and couldn't carry one in my backpack in the plane, that's why I...
  6. billbennettoz

    Leaving Porto Tuesday April 8th

    Thank you Albertinho! We are staying at the Porto Mar - there will be 11 of us in total walking to Santiago. We are several Australians, a couple of Americans, and one lady from Basque. We should not be hard to miss! Hope to see you along The Way! Bill
  7. billbennettoz

    Leaving Porto Tuesday April 8th

    I'm starting April 8 from Matosinhos, Porto - going coastal up to Vila de Conde, then cutting in to Barcelos. Walking with a group. Hope to see you! Bill Bennett
  8. billbennettoz

    Porto to SdC - the hardest stage?

    I will be walking from Porto to Santiago in April. First time on the Portuguese. Can anyone tell me what is the hardest stage? And which stages are the most difficult because of a lack of way markers? Thanks, Bill Bennett
  9. billbennettoz

    A training schedule that suits me...

    On April 8th I begin the Camino Portuguese, from Porto through to Santiago. I've been training now for some time, and taking detailed notes. I'm comparing these notes to my training notes at the same time last year - before I walked the Camino Frances. It's fascinating comparing the two sets...
  10. billbennettoz

    Would I, had I known...?

    I subsequently went to an orthopaedic surgeon who looked at the MRI of my knee, and he recommended a knee brace, costing about $700. I now wear this brace on my daily walks, and I've had no pain since. I used panty-hose on that leg to stop any rubbing of the brace against my skin, so I've had no...
  11. billbennettoz

    My Camino Story - St. Jean Pied du Port to Santiago - May 2013

    I walked the same time - from April 10th to May 10th. I'd be very interested to read your posts and see your photos.
  12. billbennettoz

    Australia and New Zealand Class of 2014

    I'll be walking from Porto to Santiago on April 7th. I should add that I'm from Mudgee, in Central NSW.
  13. billbennettoz

    Camino flashes...

    Is it just me? I walked the Camino Frances in April/May of this year, and since returning I keep having these recurrent "flashes" of moments from my pilgrimage. Often they are triggered by absolutely nothing - just out of the blue a vivid memory will hit me. This happened yesterday - for no...
  14. billbennettoz

    How many pilgrims walk the whole way, with their packs, and does it really matter?

    It depends what your expectations are. And what you want from the Camino. I wanted to walk the whole way, with my belongings on my back, and that's what I did. And it was tough. Really tough at times. But I will remember the experience for ther rest of my days. It changed me, for the better...
  15. billbennettoz

    About letting go - post Camino

    For clarity, I'm not saying that people are mean and arrogant and rude on this forum. I've always found this forum to have a wonderful benign tone, set by Ivar and his moderators. I'm talking generally about forums and blogs, and what I see as being an intrinsic issue with usernames. And as I...
  16. billbennettoz

    About letting go - post Camino

    I don't mind anything. I'm just offering a personal point of view. I operate with full transparency but why would I expect other people to do the same? It's their choice.
  17. billbennettoz

    About letting go - post Camino

    I've had some bad experiences with people hiding behind user names. I believe in full transparency. My comments weren't intended to be harsh, and I'm sorry that you took them that way. Bill
  18. billbennettoz

    About letting go - post Camino

    Good for you Jenny. So many people hide behind user names, and then they feel that gives them the right to be rude or arrogant or just plain mean. Let's see your name, let's see your picture. If you've got nothing to hide, then why hide? Stand behind what you say. Bill
  19. billbennettoz

    About letting go - post Camino

    Thanks Beatrice. And it's great to see someone on this forum actually using their name. I think transparency on these forums is important. I believe you should stand behind what you say, and what you believe. Bill
  20. billbennettoz

    About letting go - post Camino

    I notice that a thread I posted in February of this year has come back on this forum. It's called About Letting Go - and I raised the notion of having to let go of certain preconceptions if I were to have a successful Camino in September. In fact it must have been shortly after that I...